Welcome to Layers of Fear!

Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror-adventure game about a madness-engulfed insane painter striving to create the work of his life.

The idea of the game is to traverse vision-induced hallways of an ever changing house, while gathering the protagonist's personal items that tell his dark and unsettling story.

Layers of Fear focuses heavily on exploration, but you can play for the sheer satisfaction of experiencing refined scare tactics and mind bending visual effects.

We hope you will enjoy our game!

Bloober Team
You start the game in the hall of your house. The first part of the game prompts you to explore your surroundings and get you accustomed to the game's mechanics. After you get the key to the protagonist's workshop the real part of the game will begin - the house will shift, leading you to corridors and rooms, which previously didn't exist. There are a series of rooms connected to key rooms where you will find key items that will move the story forward. After each completed key room the next room that will spawn will be the workshop again.

You're not alone in the house. Throughout the game you will occasionally encounter an enemy. Beware, you are not armed, but you will be able to avoid the encounters altogether if you plan your moves carefully.

Remember about your surroundings - they play a vital role in the game!
Buttons Description:
Fast Walk
Interact (Hold +)
Look/Zoom (press)
Switch Profile
Options / Menu
Xbox Home Menu

You can invert the X and Y axis from the Options Menu.
You can set the sensitivity of the analogue sticks from the Options Menu.
Each Xbox Profile has its own save file.

The game is saved automatically when you reach a checkpoint. Each new room is considered a checkpoint. Loading/Continuing the game will put you in the Workshop, but the next room you enter will be the one in which you have left the game.

Some sequence of rooms are considered as a single room and the game will load at the beginning of the sequence.

Attention! The game won't be saved until you leave the Workshop for the first time!
If you encounter any issues and/or bugs in the game, please send us an email to


the title of the email should start with the platform name, in this instance please use "[Xbox] title". Please describe the problem as thoroughly as you can. If possible, attach a screenshot of the problem to the email.

The list of known bugs and issues can be found on our forum at

under the Layers of Fear Xbox Board (you have to register an account on the Forum to see the Board)
Contact us at support.aspyr.com

You can reach our office at: biuro@blooberteam.com