The Competition

Welcome to Kinect Sports Rivals! Enjoy the sporting life in this stunning, action-packed setting: an island out of legend, an arena for contenders from all over the world to match their skills in top-tier showdowns.

In this new age of bleeding-edge technology, competitors arrive on the island in the form of virtual Champions. Now it's your turn. Will your ambition lead you to glory alongside the greats of your day, or higher still to a pedestal among the most lauded Champions of all time?

The Teams

Joining one of the island's three top teams at the conclusion of Kinect Sports Rivals' story events will allow you to stand shoulder to shoulder with like-minded teammates.

Eagle Legion: Loyal, honorable and dedicated. Help high-flyers Blake and Carmen to reaffirm Eagle Legion's hard-won reputation as they counter hearsay and underhand tactics with integrity and pure sporting skill.

Wolf Clan: Proud, primal and uninhibited. Join Vargu and Eve as this father and daughter strive to impress clashing leadership tactics on each other, always remaining fiercely loyal to the island they call home.

Viper Network: Crafty, cutting-edge and opportunistic. Enter the corporate Viper world to explore shades of gray and earn the trust of a naturally distrustful team through ice-cold captain Zara and low-profile CEO Max.

Your Champion

Kinect for Xbox One will scan your face and body to unleash you onto the island as a mighty one-of-a-kind Champion. Then you'll take on other Champions from across the globe - some directly controlled by players, others competing in their stead while they're offline.

If you choose to share your Champion with others, your friends may still see your Champion competing in their races even when you're not online, replicating your own play style as closely as possible!

Starting the Game

Once Kinect Sports Rivals is installing, you can launch it for the first time by selecting it from your Home screen. It can also be found within My Games and Apps.

Menus and Settings
Start Screen: From here you can optimize your Kinect settings before playing. When you're ready to join the action, reach out your hand to bring up the hand icon, move it over to Play, then push and pull back to select.

Sign-In Screen: The primary player's progress and preferences are used when playing the game. To add another player, select an empty button and choose a profile or guest. To change the primary player, select their button and choose a profile to replace them. To remove a player, select them and choose Sign Out. Removing the primary player will return you to the Start screen.

Options Screen: This can be accessed from the island map by highlighting My Game and selecting the Options recommendation. It allows you to review Coach's training sessions, turn in-game subtitles on or off, launch Game Help and more!

Pause Screen: Kinect Sports Rivals can be paused by pressing the Menu button on your Xbox One Wireless Controller. From here you can Resume the current event, Restart it from the beginning or Quit the event without finishing.

Key Gestures
No controller is required to play Kinect Sports Rivals. Kinect for Xbox One picks up your body movement and gives you full control of your Champion through the use of gestures.

Navigation Gestures: Reach out in front of you with one hand to bring up the on-screen hand icon. Be sure to show your palm so that Kinect recognizes the gesture.

To make a selection, move the hand icon to the relevant option, then push forward and pull back as if pressing a button.

To scroll through recommendations or rotate the island map, grab the relevant area by closing your hand into a fist, then swipe to the side.

Power-Up Gesture: The power-up gesture is used in-game and is the same across all sports. When your power-up is fully charged (by playing well and performing Crowd Pleasers), lift your knee high and stamp your foot to activate it.

Seated Play: Some areas of Kinect Sports Rivals (such as the island map and Wake Racing event) can also be enjoyed from a sitting position, using the same navigation and control gestures as if standing.

Voice Commands
Various options including your personal recommendations can be selected using your voice. To see a list of voice commands available to you at any time, just say "Listen".

Voice commands are not available in all locales. Check for a list of supported regions.

Champion Creation
Creating your very own Champion is the first thing you'll do in Kinect Sports Rivals. Just follow the instructions, moving into position and holding it there when described so that your body and face can be accurately scanned to give you the best possible likeness. If you want to tweak the details, you can customize your Champion towards the end of the process.

You can return to the Champion creation process from the island map whenever you want to create a Champion for another player or rescan your own.

Pre-Game Lobby
Your next stop is the island where all the action takes place (see The Island Map section for full details). Selecting an event generally takes you to a Lobby screen with more information. To change equipment (if available), select a Champion to go to their Locker. You can only change the equipment of players in the same room.

Not all events support four in-room players. To determine who takes part in the next event, select Change Players. Note that this may also adjust your opposition to keep the playing field level! Some events, like a challenge from a Rival, require a specific Champion to be involved.

Training and Story Events
Before you can dive headlong into a sport, Coach will make sure you know what you're doing by leading you through a training event. Watch the brief video to understand the key gestures and goals of each sport, then take over. Breeze through the training to open up more play options for that sport.

Eagle Legion, Wolf Clan and Viper Network story events will also start to pop up in your recommendations on the island map. Only the completion of an active story event will bring the next one into play. Taking part in a story event doesn't align you to a team at first - you're just getting to know each other. When it's time to pick a side, Coach will let you know!

Event Results
At the end of an event you'll see all contestants' final standings. A first place finish is usually your goal, but sometimes there are other aims to achieve!

Any XP earned will also be awarded after an event. You have an XP total for each sport which is increased by competing, winning and performing Crowd Pleasers. Accumulating XP is crucial to obtaining new equipment, unlocking new event routes and patterns, and generally revealing new ways to play.

The map acts as your hub, where you can keep track of your personal progress and available events. You'll soon see pop-ups appear at the island's many locations. Rotating the map will reveal themed recommendations, from Wake Racing in the harbor to changing your options in the My Game area.

When you start the game, the map will show your Top Picks. These are recommendations based on your play history, your Rivals' activity and the players currently in the room.

Your recommendations appear above the island and show a selection of the events open to you. Reach out to highlight one, then push and pull back to select it. If there are more available to view, scroll through them by closing your hand over the recommendations list and swiping to the side.

Some recommendations may be closed off at first, but Coach's training will usually fix that. Note that recommendations may not be immediately available if Kinect Sports Rivals is still installing to your Xbox One console.

Player Profile
The player profile button in the lower-right corner of the map acts as a summary of your progress through the game, showing coins, League Fans and team allegiance. Select the button if you want to change the primary player or add/remove additional players.

Note that you must be connected to Xbox Live while playing events to earn League Fans, or the Fans counter will not be displayed. Coins and XP can be earned at any time.

All Champions need a competitive edge, and the Locker is the place to find yours! Each sport has its own range of equipment and outfits. Outfits allow you to stand out from the crowd, while equipment determines your power-up: red gems display the power-up's strength and blue gems indicate how quickly it can be recharged by Crowd Pleasers (sport-specific moves such as jump tricks performed in Wake Racing).

All items in the Locker are yours and can be equipped right away. To browse through the outfits and equipment, close your hand over a row and swipe to the side. Hold the hand icon over equipment to see a preview. When you've found an item you like, just select it to gear up!

You can reach your Locker from the My Champion area of the island, or by selecting a Champion in the Pre-Game Lobby.

This is where you spend coins earned in events. Browse the outfits and equipment on sale just as you'd browse your Locker, then select any priced item to buy it. If an item is locked, select it to see the unlock conditions. Purchased items appear in your Locker.

To start shopping, navigate to the Store area of the island or select the Store shortcut from your Locker.

Your Rivals
Champions representing your Xbox Live Friends are automatically marked as your Rivals so that you can battle them in unique Rival Challenges. They also appear on the island map as pop-ups. Select a Rival to see their recent activity, take part in challenges or send an Xbox Live invite. Go to My Game to see your complete Friends list when connected to Xbox Live.

Xbox Live Play
Select a Friend from your Friends list or the island map and you'll see an Invite to Game option beneath their recent activity. If a second player in the same room as you wants to join a four-player game, the invited Friend will be asked to add a second player of their own.

When playing together over Xbox Live, the player who sent the invite (the Host) selects events from a list of recommendations. The match can be ended at any time by selecting End Session.

Rivals League
If you want to take part in the real league action, get onto Xbox Live and grab the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub!

From here you can view and share images of your Champion by using the gallery, compare your progress with Rivals and view the latest news stories and prizes to be won. Boost your league standing by taking part in frequent Rivals League Challenges as you pick up more and more Fans on the road to glory.

All this in one tasteful package. When you have the Hub installed, select the pop-up from the island map to fire it up.

Coming Soon
The world of Kinect Sports Rivals is one of ever-changing competition. Check back regularly while connected to Xbox Live to see what new opportunities await your Champion!

Speed and steering are the most important factors in getting you to the finish line. To take control, reach out in front of you with both hands as if taking hold of the wake racer handlebars. Close your right hand to accelerate. Open it again to slow down and stop.

To steer left or right, pull one hand back toward your body and push the other forward. Keep both hands on the same vertical level. Imagine handlebars rather than a steering wheel. While doing this, you can make sharper turns by leaning to the side.

Going over a ramp will, of course, launch you into the air. This is your chance to perform a trick and impress onlookers by leaning forward or back to flip your wake racer. Just be sure to finish the job and land the right way up!

Reach for a grip with an open hand, and close it into a tight fist to grab on. Then pull downward to climb as you reach up with your free hand for the next grip. Be sure to pull your arm all the way down to the waist to haul yourself up. To pass vertical gaps, jump and grab on to a grip above.

Climbing Sideways
Reach out to the side and close your hand tight over a grip. Pull your arm back to your chest and use your free hand to grab the same grip. Then reach out sideways for the next grip to continue climbing.

You can grab your opponents and pull them off the wall. Watch your own back: if you get grabbed, climb fast to break free!

Falling and Recovery

Look after your stamina gauge. Hold on and rest when you need to. If you run out of stamina, you'll fall; if this happens, act fast and grab back on before you drop too far. Be careful if the wind picks up or you grab an electrified grip. If you fall in these situations, you can't grab back on!

Reach out and grab a pistol with the hand you want to use. With your arm straight out at shoulder height, point at the screen and position your crosshair over a target to fire automatically.

Targets appear in waves. Shoot as many as you can before they disappear. Different targets have different point values and strategies: some come in sequences that must be shot in order for maximum score, some have shields that you have to break down, some are avoidance targets that shouldn't be shot at all.

Your turret will energize over time. Shoot the activator to trigger the turret and fire at your opponent. If they don't dodge, you'll steal some of their points! If the opponent activates their own turret, dodge left or right to avoid being hit and having your own points stolen.

Swing your leg to kick in the direction you want the ball to go. Control the strength and height of your kick by using the side of your foot for low passes or bringing your leg up for high passes.

Pass the ball to different positions to close in on your opponent's goal, going around or over their defenders. You'll jump to each new position in time for the next action.

Shots at Goal
Certain positions are ready to take a shot. You can perform an epic volley by meeting the ball with your leg as it comes in (or even go for a stunning header). Experiment with aftertouch by swinging your leg in different directions as you shoot.

You can energize the ball multiple times by passing to special positions. Energize the ball enough times and your opponent will be left reeling when you let that shot fly!

Your turn ends when you score, miss, lose possession or let the shot clock hit zero. When it's your opponent's turn, you'll take the role of goalkeeper. Use your hands and feet to defend your goal against incoming shots. Be ready at all times, as some of your opponent's shots can be punched out for a counterattack! Successful goal defense keeps the ball energized as you start your next turn.

Reach out with your left or right hand, and close it to pick up a ball. Keep your hand closed. Step from side to side to line up a throw.

Bowling the Ball
Swing your arm forward and open your hand to release the ball. As you bowl, swing your arm in the direction you want the ball to go. To add spin, rotate your wrist as you release and move your hand in the desired direction.

Bowling matches usually take place over 10 frames. Try to score strikes (knock all pins down in one throw) and spares (knock all pins down in two throws) to amass the most points and ultimately win the match.

Reach out with your left or right hand to grab a racquet. Throw the ball up in the air with your free hand and swing overarm to hit it with your racquet.

Shot Timing
Hit the ball when it reaches the 'sweet spot' to make it tougher for your opponent to return. A red trail on the ball indicates a badly-timed hit, blue means good, gold means perfect.

Shot Direction
Swing left or right to aim your shots in that direction and make your opponent run to reach the ball. Keep your shots within the white lines on their side of the court!

Shot Types
To add top spin, swing your arm from low to high. To add back spin, swing from high to low. When your opponent's close to the net, lob the ball by scooping your arm upward.

You'll struggle to reach shots if you get tired. When your stamina runs low, play softer shots and use back spin to buy yourself some recovery time.

The harder you swing, the more difficult it'll be for your opponent to return the ball, but if your shot timing is off then the ball will go out. Softer shots are less likely to go out, but easier for your opponent to reach. Mix up your game by using both.

Play Space Calibration
If you step out of the Kinect sensor's view during play, the game will pause and display an overview of your play space. Red dots represent players outside the play space. Please ensure all players are back inside the play space before selecting Continue.

General Tips
For help with the common gestures needed to navigate through Kinect Sports Rivals' menus, see the Getting Started section of this Game Help.

If you need a reminder of the in-game movements and corresponding gestures for a specific sport, see the Playing the Sports section and select the event that you want to brush up on. Or you can revisit Coach's training videos from within the game by highlighting My Game on the island map and selecting the Options recommendation.

Contact Points
If you need help with this game, Xbox Live or your Xbox One Console, visit us online at or on Twitter @XboxSupport.

For community support, visit

If you have any general feedback on Kinect Sports Rivals, you can submit it to the developer on Facebook at KinectSportsOfficial or on Twitter at @KSRivals.

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