Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare digs into the trenches with an explosive new action experience. Blast zombies, plants, and new characters across a mine-blowing world that delivers the depth of a traditional online shooter blended with the refreshing humor of Plants vs. Zombies™.

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Garden Ops

Jump into a co-op game as a plant and stop the zombies from destroying your gardens!


Join in competitive team warfare as a plant or a zombie in Welcome Mat, Team Vanquish, Gardens & Graveyards, and Classic modes.


View characters and their abilities, appearances, and gestures.

Sticker Shop

Purchase Packs with in-game Coins.

Want to know more about what items are available from the packs in the Sticker Shop? Please visit


Review characters and stats to keep track of everything you’ve collected so far in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. When you collect five stickers to make up a character image, you unlock that new character in each class. Come back to the Stickerbook whenever you want to see your progress towards unlocking characters.


Adjust controls, gameplay, and audio settings. Press or to scroll through categories, or press to reset your settings.


Need help getting into the swing of Garden Warfare? If you’re reading this, you’re already off to a great start! Return here anytime to brush up on your knowledge of the game.


View the credits to see the talented team behind Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.

Garden Ops

Planting a garden isn’t all sunshine and roses when zombies are on the loose! Plant a garden and defend it from waves of invading zombies with up to three of your online friends. You can also set up a private match to go it alone and rely on your potted plants to help stop the incoming horde.

To get started, choose your plant character and a garden location, and then work to keep your garden from being trampled into dust by the zombies!

NOTE: Garden Ops mode supports one to four players, and the number of zombies you fight will adjust according to how many people are playing.

If the zombies have sucked all the life out of your health bar, there’s a limited time window during which your teammates can revive you. If all players are down or the garden’s master health bar completely drains, you lose—at least until it’s time to sow more seeds and seek your revenge in a new match!

Bonus Objectives

Occasionally, Crazy Dave will give you bonus objectives during some waves, so pay attention and complete these objectives to earn extra Coins.

Be prepared for Dr. Zomboss to occasionally deploy his latest invention to try to weed out the plants. He calls this invention Zomboss Slots, and it will unleash the most powerful of his zombie horde against the plants! If you get three of a kind you’ll trigger a Super Boss Wave, so ready your petals for a challenge.

Play as your favorite plant or zombie in competitive multiplayer matches against live opponents. This mode supports up to 24 players at once in fun-fueled battles. Do you have the guts to get a win for the zombies? Or maybe you have the daisy dukes it takes to lead the plants to victory.

Welcome Mat

If you’re new to Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, get your feet wet in the Welcome Mat. This mode is a great place to get started and learn the ropes.

Team Vanquish

Playing as plants or zombies, see how many of your enemies you can send to the compost pile! The first team to vanquish 50 members of the opposition wins the round.

Gardens & Graveyards

Plants and zombies square off in an epic turf war! Zombies attack gardens and turn them into graveyards, while plants defend their gardens from a withered fate by fighting off the undead invaders.

See how many gardens the zombies can capture before the time expires. Each time they capture a garden, the timer resets. Each team earns Coins based on how many gardens they were able to capture or defend. Get them all for an Epic win!

Classic Mode

Ready for a more traditional Plants vs. Zombies challenge? Play without any customization or upgrades in Classic mode, available for both Team Vanquish and Gardens & Graveyards modes.

Boss Mode

Are you ready to make it rain ammunition? In the Xbox One exclusive Boss Mode, command the battlefield from the skies as Crazy Dave in his flying RV or Dr. Zomboss in his ZomBlimp. From your aerial perspective, you can spot enemy targets, deploy airstrikes, and revive and heal your teammates on the ground.

To get started, select BOSS MODE from the character spawn screen. This is available for every game mode in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, but only one player per team can play Boss Mode at any given time.

Once you’re ready to unleash your bossy side, use your abilities to aid your team and be the best commander Suburbia has ever seen. After using abilities, collect resources to recharge them—that means catching Sun Drops as Crazy Dave or eating Brainz as Dr. Zomboss.

NOTE: Got your head in the clouds? In Boss Mode, that’s good—but no boss is invincible! Beware of enemies on the ground, who will try to shoot you out of Boss Mode and plant your feet firmly back on terra firma.


When playing Boss Mode with Kinect, hover your hand over resources to collect them. To use an ability, hover your hand over it and close your fist to grab it. Drag your fist to the desired target and open your hand to unleash the ability.

Xbox SmartGlass

When playing Boss Mode with Xbox SmartGlass, tap your finger on resources to collect them. To use an ability, drag your finger from the ability to the desired target.

NOTE: Want to conquer the leaderboard the same way you conquer the suburban battlefield? Use Xbox SmartGlass to keep an eye on the current session’s leaderboard when you’re not in Boss Mode.

Split Screen

Team up with a friend and see how many waves of zombies you can survive together in the Xbox One exclusive Split Screen mode. Share a screen, share an adventure—but try not to let the zombies turn you into chopped salad! You can also have a third person join in as Crazy Dave in Boss Mode using Xbox SmartGlass.

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Heads-Up Display

  1. Team HUD
    (Garden Ops only)
  2. Objective
  1. Health
  2. Abilities
  3. Ammo/Current Weapon


Don’t let the opposition make a meal of you! As you take damage, the screen reddens to indicate that you’re injured and your health number decreases.

For an easy way to check on your status, take a look at the heart symbol in the lower left corner of the screen—when it starts beating hard and becomes heavily bandaged, you’ll know you need to heal up fast! Move yourself away from direct combat to regenerate up to half of your overall health, or look for a Sunflower or Zombie Healing Station to regain health.

When you fall in battle, your teammates have a limited time to revive you.

Enemies Vanquished

Want to keep track of how many flowers you’ve trampled or zombies you’ve composted? Press to see the number of foes you’ve vanquished in the scoreboard. In Garden Ops, you can keep track of this in the Team HUD on the left side of the screen. As you take down enemies, the number will increase!


Unleash your character’s three unique abilities in battle. Special abilities need to recharge after each use, while other abilities can be used more than once before recharging.

Keep an eye on the ability window in the lower right corner of the screen to see when abilities are refreshed and ready for action!

Pause Menu

Need a breather from the battle? Press to view the Pause Menu. Here, you can see your rank, current character, and the Challenges you have available to complete.


Leave the Pause Menu to resume your current match.


Respawn as another character of your choosing.


Adjust controls, gameplay, and audio settings.

Quit Game

Leave your current match and exit the game.

Complete Challenges and earn stars to level up each character and your overall Player Rank. A character’s level increases when you fill in all of the stars in your current Star Card. This also increases your Player Rank and awards you with Coins and special Packs!

What Are Challenges?

Challenges are special objectives you can fulfill to earn stars and, in turn, fill out your Star Card. Challenges can be anything from resurrecting a certain number of teammates to vanquishing a certain number of foes.

You can track your progress for your current character’s Challenges in the Pause Menu. When you beat a Challenge, a status bar appears onscreen to show that you’ve completed it, and you’ll instantly receive your reward in stars!

Skip Challenge Star

When you have a Skip Challenge Star in your hand, no Challenge is safe! Skip Challenge Stars let you skip Challenges that don’t interest you and play to your skillset. When you earn a Skip Challenge Star, you can apply it to any Challenge to automatically beat it and earn its star reward.


Whether you need a new weapon or just some doodads and whatnots, you’ll find all kinds of goodies in Packs. They contain consumable and customization items. Consumables are limited use and include things like Skip Challenge Stars, NPCs to aid you in battle, and Self Revives (Garden Ops only). Items contained in these packs range from common to super rare. You can purchase Packs with in-game Coins (PvZ Coins) earned as you play the game.

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