In Ziggurat, your goal is to complete each floor of the dungeon and defeat the final boss in the last floor.

Each level is guarded by a boss, and you'll need to find the portal key to be able to face him.

On your journey you'll find challenges, surprises and tough decisions. Death in this game is permanent, so watch your step and be cautious.

After each play you'll unlock new content such as characters, weapons and perks, that will enhance variety throughout your plays, making each run a fresh and challenging experience. Good luck!
Move (Press to sprint)
Aim (Press to zoom)
Alternate fire
Upgrade / Character sheet
Use amulet
Last weapon
Switch weapon
Select weapon (Up: Wand, Left: Spell, Right: Staff, Down: Alchemy)
Show map
Pause menu
Controls can be customized in the game settings.
Ziggurat features the following modes:

Easy: Perfect for beginners, enemies won't deal as much damage and will drop more items when killed. You also get more mana and health from items. The dungeon has 5 floors.

Normal: Difficulty balanced for most players. The dungeon has 5 floors.

Hard: Unlocked after beating the game in Normal mode, on this mode mana, health and experience are more scarce, and the dungeon has 6 floors.

Endless: Unlocked after beating the game in Normal mode, on this mode the game doesn't end until you die, and enemies keep getting stronger as you advance through the Ziggurat.
Ziggurat dungeons feature several room types:

Start: You start each floor on this room. You will find a new weapon on this room.

Standard: Most rooms are combat rooms. Doors close when you enter and you won't be able to get out until you defeat all enemies. The Minions bar shows how many enemies are left.

Key: On this room you'll find the portal key you need to fight the boss.

Boss: On this room, the boss awaits. Once you find the key you will be able to face him. If you defeat him, a portal will open. Enter the portal to get to the next floor.

Danger: This room is full of deadly traps and dangers. Take care when going through these.

Challenge: These rooms are optional areas with harder and more punishing traps. An interesting reward awaits at the end of the room.

Treasure: Treasure rooms have a mystery box. There can be anything inside it, from health potions to a trap!

Scroll: Library rooms have useful information on the Ziggurat. Reading these scrolls will grant you additional experience.

Obelisk: Obelisks placed in this room will spawn enemies endlessly until you destroy them.

Shrine: On these sacred areas, you can pray to the elder gods for assistance. They won't always grant your wishes, and you may even displease them. You make different offerings on each statues. The higher the offer, the more likely you are to get a good reward.

Secrets: They say the Ziggurat has secret rooms telling tales of other time and place, but nobody has managed to confirm it until now. Will you be the first one to do it?
Weapons are divided into 4 categories. You can only carry one weapon of each category. Weapon attacks use up mana.

Wands (Purple): You always start with a magic wand. Weaker compared with the other weapons, but they have unlimited energy so you can always rely on them.

Spells (Blue): Spellbooks are usually powerful short range attacks, or with unpredictable behaviors.

Staves (Green): They usually fire high speed accurate attacks, but with high mana usage.

Alchemy (Orange): Alchemy weapons are slow, but their attacks cause big explosions and can harm groups of enemies.
When you defeat an enemy, they can drop useful items. They disappear after a while, so don't wait too much to pick them!

Experience: Knowledge orbs grant you experience. Once you get enough, you will level up, improving your health and mana pools, and granting you a new perk choice.

Health: You recover some health. The amount obtained depends on the game mode, your character and other factors, but it's usually 10.

Mana: Mana crystals will recover energy for the corresponding weapon type.

Goblets: Goblets will improve your final score. They disappear faster than other items.
When starting a game, you can choose the character you want to use.

In the beginning, only the Apprentice will be available, but others will unlock when you meet the requirements.

Each character has its own skills and features an specific play style, as well as different difficulty. Experiment and see what characters better match your playstyle!
When you level up, you will be able to choose one perk, improving your skills in different ways.

Some of them have instant effects that apply as soon as you pick them, while most of them are passive and their effects will remain for the whole game.

Cards with a number on the upper right corner can be chosen more than once, increasing their effects up to level 5.
In the Ziggurat you can find amulets. They can be used to trigger different effects.

Amulets store enough energy for one activation, after that you have to refill their energy by killing enemies.

The more powerful the amulet is, the more energy you'll need to refill it.
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