Welcome to Shape Up. To get started, just stand in front of the Kinect Sensor!

You will sprint on the roof of a train, lift elephants and squat to the moon! Even your abs workout can become a space adventure. Now that’s real fitness for real gamers. Coaches
Your coaches Jake and Lily will be with you every step of the way. They'll guide you through quick workouts, help track your progress and motivate you to reach your goals and even compete against you in challenges!
The information presented is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical or therapeutic advice. Consult a doctor before using this software if you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, or you have been instructed to restrict physical activity. Avoid strain or fatigue and immediately stop and consult a doctor in case of any pain. Not suitable for pregnant women or children. Read the manual carefully before using this software.

Play space
As long as you remain in the play space, the game will track your movements and provide you with helpful feedback.

Note: To improve the responsiveness of the game, set your TV to Game Mode.

To engage, raise an open hand and keep it still until you see the cursor appear.

Move your hand over an item to target it. To select something, push it, then pull back.

To scroll, grab the screen and drag it.

Alternatively, you can use the Xbox One Wireless Controller to navigate by using the Left Stick to move the cursor and the A button to select.
Move Select
Depending on the activities, you must perform specific movements.
To see the tutorial again, you can pause the game and select the Tutorial button.

2 local players
When a second player enters the play space, you can play with them.
If the second player has a profile signed-in, his progress is saved (except for the Quest).
The main player must be positioned on the left.
The second player must be positioned on the right.

Online Matches
This mode allows you to play online with a friend.

Face Off
A confrontation with one friend. It's composed of 1 or more matches against this opponent. You can have 4 face-offs maximum at the same time.

A match is a confrontation of one challenge.

You can create a Face Off or a Match or receive one from a friend.
When you receive a new match from another player, the face-off button linked is updated.

Quick Play mode
Quick Play mode lets you jump into any challenge or training available in the game.
You can beat your high scores!

- Challenge duration: 90 seconds
Each challenge is based on a specific fitness move (for examples: do squats, do push up …)
- Practice duration: 4 minutes.
You must reproduce the moves of your coach.

Launch a challenge or training randomly.

Training quest
Training Quest begins a whole month of training!

Each week has 3x15 min session and after completing a week, you face a Champion on a specific Challenge.
A 15 min training session is composed of: 2 Challenges + 1 Training + 2 Challenges + 1 Training.

For each training session, you obtain a grade. Try to get 3 stars by collecting Bolts.
In your Historic Screen, the total of each statistic is displayed.
During your Welcome Back Daily and in your Player Profile, the Weekly statistic is displayed.

Number of Bolts collected.

Upper Body
Number of Bolts collecting with activities focused on Upper Body.

Core Body
Number of Bolts collecting with activities focused on Core Body.

Lower Body
Number of Bolts collecting with activities focused on Lower Body.

Time played
Indicates the amount of time played.

Calories burnt.
If you want more accuracy on the calories calculations, you can update your personal information in the Option Menu (weight, height, age and gender).

Number of kilometers/miles traveled. Linked with the Mobile App (see Shape Up Battle Run App section).
Each week, you can try to reach the Weekly Objective! You need to collect bolts to fill up the Weekly Gauge.

7000 bolts are required to reach the Weekly Objective.
The weekly objective can be doubled during the week, you can win different statues and awards!

Streaks: If you don't reach the Weekly Objective, you don’t gain a streak but don't lose your streak. You lose your streak if you don’t come back for an entire week.
A rePLAY is a recording of your performance.

Warning: Do not pause or press the Xbox button while recording a challenge or it will be interrupted.

Your performance is recorded the first time you play a challenge and when you set a high score. (Workouts are not recorded)

You can send your rePLAYS to your friends! And your friends can send you rePLAYS.
The game provides also rePLAYS with the Coaches and Champions this means that you will never be alone to play! And you can buy it thanks to the Xbox Store.

The difficulty of each rePLAY is showed: Easy, Beatable and Mighty to help you to select a rePLAY based on your own performance.

You choose a rePLAY in the game lobby selecting Change Replay Button.
Note: If you play with a friend, he takes the place allocated to the rePLAY.

You can delete your rePLAYS directly in the rePLAY selection or in the Options Menu selecting Save Game Button.
Xbox Store
Purchase downloadable content for the game: New quests with new challenges and trainings, new rePlays.
You can also buy a subscription for Shape Up Coach.

On the Shape Up Coach website, you can access your personal dashboard that contains game activity, daily summary and more!

But you can go further with Shape Up Coach!
- Define your own playable quest in-game! Select your goal (for example: lose weight), the content, duration and more!
After saving your settings, return to the game, go to “Training Quest" mode.
The game automatically downloads the last data.
- Configure your own food plan. Select your goal weight, special diets (Gluten-Free, for example), plan your meals and more!

You can create a Shape Up Coach profile on the website using your existing Uplay account if you already have one.

When you set your personal information in the website is automatically updated in the game and vice versa.
Ready to be chased by a lion?!
Shape Up Battle Run is a running tracker that uses competitive games and music to enhance your workout experience.
It is available on phone (IOS, Android, Windows) and it is free.
You can link your profile to a new or existing Uplay Account by going to the Uplay button in the main menu.
To unlink your profile from a Uplay account, please go to account.uplay.com

An Uplay Account is required to access custom quest, web service and companion app.

Uplay offers in-game rewards when you earn units by completing Actions. You can gain units by unlocking the following Actions:
  • Challenge Completed!: Finish a Challenge
  • Working for the Weekend: Finish a Weekly Objective
  • Ten Fancy Badges: Earn at least 10 Gold Badges
  • Veteran Quester: Finish a Quest
Message shown when losing your recording during a challenge. The recording of your replay was interrupted and could not be saved. In order to record a replay, you will need to retry this challenge.
To avoid losing your recording do not pause, go outside the play space or press the Xbox button during a challenge.

Message shown when attempting to use an online functionality restricted by parental control. Online service is disabled on your Xbox Live account due to family settings restrictions.
Message shown when trying to launch an Online Match or a Custom Quest while you have active your privacies. Change your privacy and online safety setting to have a full access to this mode.
To access Shape Up online services, certain Privacy & online safety settings must be unrestricted, they are available via the Xbox One console in Settings.

Message shown when trying to use the Uplay button without being connected to Xbox Live. Sorry, Ubisoft servers are not currently available. Please try again later. For more information, visit http://support.ubi.com.
Try again later or visit http://support.ubi.com for more information regarding Ubisoft servers availability.

Message shown when your connection has been lost to Xbox Live. Your connection to Xbox Live has been lost.
Message shown when trying to upload a match and your connection has been lost. Upload failed. Your connection to Xbox Live has been lost.
Message shown when trying to download a match and your connection has been lost. Download failed. Your connection to Xbox Live has been lost.
Verify your network connection and try to connect to Xbox Live. If successful, the title will proceed accordingly.

Message shown when there was a problem notifying your opponent. Notification failed. The match could not be created.
Try again later to create a match against this opponent.

Message shown when trying to play online match with a friend who has not given his consent. Your friend does not consent to collect and share exercise information, you cannot play with them until they give their consent.
Message shown when trying to see the information of your opponent. Your opponent is not sharing his profile information.
Tell your friend to give their consent to share their exercise information, via the options menu, to be able to play with them.
If you experience difficulties playing your Ubisoft game, please contact our 24-hour online solution centre at http://support.ubi.com.


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