How to Play

Move Pac-Man around the maze, eating Pac-Dots and fruit as you go! When you eat a Power Pellet, the ghosts will turn blue and you'll be able to eat them! When Pac-Man's lives reach zero, it's game over!


Input a direction before you reach a corner, and watch the sparks fly as you turn faster than normal.

Follow the Pac-Dot Path!

In general, Pac-Dots appear in a single line that runs to the left from Pac-Man's starting position. Following this path will minimize the risk of colliding with ghosts, and it's best to stick to it, at least until you get used to the game.

Bomb Jumps

Use bomb jumps to leap to the safe zone. Recommended for when you're surrounded by ghosts and need to clear the stage in a hurry!


Braking will help you avoid head-on collisions with trains, saving you precious lives. When Pac-Man's speed is getting out of hand, don't be afraid to slam on the brakes!

Ghost Minions

When a ghost passes by a sleeping minion, the two will combine and turn into a train. The ghost will use the minions like a shield as they move around the maze.

The Danger With Angry Ghosts

Touching trains twice in succession will anger the ghosts, after which you'll lose a life if you bump into them.

Eat the Train Leader!

A train will speed up when it turns blue. When it does, try to cut off its route and gobble the leader! You'll eat the ghosts in succession, earning tons of points in the process!
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