Carmageddon: Max Damage is the driving sensation where pedestrians (and cows) equal points and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. It’s the antidote to racing games!

Your goal will vary depending on what Game Mode you’re currently playing.

In ‘Classic Carma’ you’ll have three ways to finish the event – wasting all your opponents, killing all pedestrians in the level or completing the required number of laps. You will undoubtedly notice that there is no display of your position in the race. This is because you don’t have one, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Your opponents will cheat at least as much as you will and in this mode it doesn’t matter who gets to the ‘finish line’ first – it just matters how much damage you did and how many internal organs you liberated on the way.

During a ‘Ped Chase’ you’ll be hurtling across the many environments in Carmageddon: Max Damage chasing down targeted pedestrians before your opponents get to them. ‘Checkpoint Stampede’ will see you doing the same but reaching checkpoints. Did we mention cheating? Destroy an opponent and you’ll end up stealing a point, so let them do all the hard work and see them off with a repulsificator!

‘Fox ‘N’ Hounds’ mode will see the one player trying to escape the ‘Hounds’ – a friendly nudge into the Fox and you’ll then be getting chased! Don’t try to be clever though and hide – this is about high speed pursuits!

If it’s classic racing you want then ‘Death Race’ provides. Though if you get bored of that you can always turn round and race head-on to wreck a few opponents and steal their laps!

Destroying all your opponents is the aim of ‘Car Crusher’ mode. Use the many PowerUps dotted about the level to pulverise your opponents into submission.

How do I unlock new events, vehicles and modes?

Your progress through Career is determined by the credits you earn. Each chapter has a target amount of credits required in order to unlock the next. Unlocking chapters opens up new environments, new Game Modes and also the possibility to find new vehicles to steal!

You can go back and play events from previous chapters again if you like, but be warned – you won’t earn as many credits and your opponents will be tougher!

How do I upgrade my car?

You can visit the parts shop to make improvements to your vehicle using tokens found whilst exploring environments in Carmageddon: Max Damage. During the game, you’ll find that some vehicles are a marked as ‘Stealworthy’. Wreck these vehicles and you’ll find they’re available for you to drive during the next race and all subsequent races.

How Do I Buy Stuff?

The credits you earn can be used to purchase PowerUps using the PowerUp Instant Selector (PIS). Only PowerUps that you have discovered will be available to purchase. The PIS will allow you to quickly access your favourite PowerUps for wrecking your opponents or reducing the population but make sure you have enough credits left over for emergency repairs!

It won’t take you long to notice that all your opponents have the mentality of an angry bull. If you ram them, there’s a good chance they’ll see red and go for you (which can be great fun if you’re on the edge of a precipice and you time it right). Just remember to give as good as you get - they do frighten, particularly if you rise to their challenge and simply hit them back even harder. If you hit them hard enough there’s a chance they may be stunned for a short time - enough for you to turn around and finish them off! However, don’t be surprised if the next time you share a race with that opponent, they seem to be making a career of trying to kill you.

You may find some vehicles a bit of a handful, but they’re all fun. If you’re really good, you might just lay your hands on something rather special during the latter stages of the game; something with the dimensions and weight of a small house but which has the performance of a fighter plane.

During your assaults on your opponents, and your inevitable close encounters with walls, lamp posts and the hard bits at the bottom of sheer drops, your car will become damaged. There is a status indicator, which shows you the state of your car’s systems. As they become more bent, they start to malfunction or fail altogether.

After a race, your car is fully repaired automatically and for free. However, you might not want to wait that long. You can repair your car at any time during the race by holding down to repair. The longer you hold it down, the more your car is repaired - but the more it’ll cost you. For speed you can also double tap for a full repair.

You will soon discover that sometimes your car lands on its roof or its side. In this case, hitting the button will recover your car (at a cost) and let you continue. If you can’t remember this, just press the button - there’s a ‘Recover & Resume’ item in the menu.

There are over 90 different PowerUps available during races, some of which are fantastically useful, a few of them are really more like power-downs, and many are just downright silly. Some PowerUp effects last for the entire race, although most are only active for a limited time. Icons down the left-hand side of the game screen show which PowerUps are currently in effect. Those with a time limit display an orange bar around the PowerUp indicating how long until its effect wears off.

Some of the more conventional PowerUps available include:

  • Bonus points
  • Bonus time added to your timer
  • Turbo boost
  • Frozen opponents (activate the power up from behind an opponent and hit them while you can!)
  • Acme damage magnifier (increases the damage you do to opponents on impact)
  • Underwater ability (lets you drive underwater with relative ease)
  • Invulnerability (no damage on impact with walls or other cars)
  • Instant repair (repairs all damage at the moment of picking up the PowerUp, without charge)

We’ll leave you to find out what the others do for yourself.

The PIS allows you to purchase PowerUps that you’ve previously picked up with credits you’ve earnt. Once you have picked up a PowerUp you can purchase it at any time using the PIS. It also it allows you to switch quickly between your favourite PowerUps as well as purchase them.

The PIS allows you to bind a PowerUp to one of four shortcuts. To bind a PowerUp, press in any direction. On doing so the selection flower expands out to fill the screen.

The selection flower is separated into three levels (In this order):

  • PowerUp Categories (the default level)
  • Sub Categories
  • PowerUps

The selection cursor initially points to the topmost icon on the PIS rebinding interface. On deciding on an item you simply press the button to go down to the next level, or if you have a PowerUp highlighted then map it to the desired direction, then close the selection flower and return back to the game. Pressing the button at any point will move you back up a level. If you are at the top level and press the button one more time you’ll back out of the PIS interface with no changes saved or applied.

These are the default controls but there are alternative setups that can be changed in the Options menu.

Activate PowerUp
Manual Repair Hold
Full Repair Double Tap
Scroll PowerUps Left
Scroll PowerUps Right
Assign PowerUp to empty slot/Switch current PowerUp to slot
Purchase bound PowerUp Double press
Select new PowerUp for this slot Hold
Open Doors/Horn
View Map
Action Replay

In Action Replay mode you can toggle between Playback and Edit Camera modes. In Edit Camera mode the playback controls are removed and will give you more control over how the camera is set up in Playback mode.

Action Replay Playback Mode

Pause/Play Forward
Cycle Camera
Pause/Play Reverse
Edit Camera Mode
Frame Backward
Frame Forward
Fast Rewind
Fast Forward
Move Camera
Orbit Camera
Go To Start
Go To End
Exit Action Replay
Action Replay Options
Show Help

Action Replay Edit Camera Mode

Place Target (Placeable Cam Mode)
Cycle Camera
Place Camera (Placeable Cam Mode)
Playback Mode
Roll Left
Roll Right
Free-Look Up
Free-Look Down
Change Car
Exit Action Replay
Action Replay Options
Show Help

In Career mode you’ll find yourself competing in a variety of Game Modes across 16 chapters. In each chapter you’ll need to win the target amount of credits required to move into the next chapter. The target amount of credits to unlock the next chapter is shown next to the chapter you’re playing and a ring around your current chapter will show your progress to unlocking it.

Each chapter will contain a variety of events which will aid you in reaching the target credits required. You can cycle through the chapters by pressing the button and the button and cycle events within a chapter by pressing the directional button or the directional button.

TIP: Completed all the events but still not got enough credits to proceed to the next chapter? Replaying an event will add the credits received to your total and allow you to progress.

If you have stolen other cars during races, pressing the button takes you to a screen where you can select which one to drive for the next race. When you are happy with everything, select ‘Start’.

You will sometimes get a screen at this point which reminds you to upgrade your vehicle to remain competitive against your opposition. You’ll be able to visit the Parts Shop to make these upgrades yourself, have the game automatically make upgrades for you or allow you to ignore the message and start the event anyway. Note that any upgrades you have bought in the parts shop are bound to that car.

From within your garage you’ll be able to customise any cars you have unlocked with new parts, rims and skins.

Parts Shop

The parts shop allows you to upgrade the Armour, Power and Offensiveness (known as APO) of your vehicle with upgrade tokens. You’ll find upgrade tokens whilst exploring the many environments in Career Mode.


Affects how much damage is inflicted upon your car during impacts, both with opponents and the environment.


Increases the power of your car’s engine, and automatically improves its road-holding abilities to match.


Allows you to increase the damage you do to other people’s cars when you hit them.

Use the directional button and the directional button to scroll between the different parts categories. For each category there are five levels of upgrade parts. You will only be able to fill twelve out of fifteen available part slots.


Here you’ll be able to change the skin on your chosen vehicle with any that have been unlocked. Skins can be unlocked by completing Missions (See ‘Missions’ section).


You’ll be able to change your vehicles rim design from here. You can unlock more rims by completing Missions (See ‘Missions’ section).

This screen shows you where in the grid line-up your car has been placed. You have a certain amount of choice regarding where you start. You can move your car anywhere from last place up to first. You can do this by pressing the button or the button, or by clicking your heels and whistling (no actually that’s a lie). After the grid screen there is no turning back - you’re in the race.

The only way to combat the relentless violence inflicted on you and the innocent pedestrians by these despicable monsters is to rise above them and out-violence them all. The more opponents you waste, the more pedestrian meat will be left over for you.

Note: Some events will spawn you in a random location regardless of your position on the grid screen.

When you finish an event you will see all the damage you've inflicted during the event in the Wrecks Gallery and can also find a summary of objectives achieved during the event.

Wrecks Gallery

This shows the carnage you’ve inflicted by displaying the cars final state, so that you can gloat over the damage you’ve caused your opponents.

Press the button to inspect a wreck and press the button to return to the gallery. Hit continue when you’ve finished, and it's back to the Career screen, ready for another round of wrecking and whiplash.

Objectives Reviewed

The next screen shows what you achieved in objective terms from the race. It shows your wrecks, laps and pedestrian kills over time depending on the Game Mode you were in, as well as your total event credits and token total.

If you restart a successfully completed event you will keep any already earned credits.

TIP: As you progress through Career mode you’ll also be able to unlock additional content such as opponents, locations and Game Modes in Freeplay.

You can access the pause menu during gameplay by pressing the button.


Closes the menu and gets you back into the action.

Recover & Resume

If your car has become stuck (i.e. lying on its roof at the bottom of a ravine) then this will recover it so you can continue with the race, but it will cost you! Wobble recovery is free – you just hold the button and wobble the left stick. You could alternatively just abort your current race which wouldn’t cost you anything, but just think of the money-making opportunities you might miss. Some game modes will delay your recovery for a few seconds.

Action Replay

Allows you to access Action Replay mode.


Quick access to the Options menu. Not all options will be available to change during an event. There are various driving camera views such as Bumper Cam and Chase Cam which you can change via this menu.

Restart Event

Restarts the event you’re currently participating in.

Abort Event

Aborts the current race, and returns to the Start Race screen ready for the next event.

Freeplay mode allows you to set up custom offline games using any levels and vehicles unlocked from playing Career.

Playlists allow you to create a series of events to be played in sequential order. To add new events just press the ‘Add Event’ button. You can cycle between events in your playlist by using the directional button and the directional button. You can add up to ten events in your playlist.

You can select your level and game mode. Only levels and game modes you’ve unlocked whilst progressing through Career mode will be available for selection.

You will also be able to set some advanced options such as:

Event Order

Decide whether to have sequential events or a random event chosen from the playlist.

Starting Credits

Choose how much each player will have at the start of the event. The more credits available, the more likely carnage will ensue!


Options can set PowerUps to respawn or be turned off.

PIS Purchase

Turns the ability to purchase PowerUps from the PowerUp Instant Selector on or off. Additional options will be available in this menu depending on your current selected Game mode.

Multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold membership.

If you’re lucky enough to have some friends, why not challenge up to five of them in one of the four different Event Types? Believe us, by the time you’ve finished they won’t be your friends! This option can be selected from the Main Menu.

Quick Match

This option will get you into an event quickly playing any event in any environment.

Choosing an Event Type

You will be able to select from Death Race, Checkpoint Stampede, Car Crusher and Fox 'N' Hounds.

Multiplayer Grid Position Screen

The Multiplayer Grid Position Screen will show all the players currently in your game. Each player has an indicator to inform the host they are ready for the next game which can be toggled by pressing the ‘Ready’ button. You’ll also be able to change your current vehicle if the game settings allow by highlighting your car and pressing or by quickly pressing whilst having your vehicle highlighted, and using and to cycle through the available cars.

Note: The Parts Shop is unavailable to use whilst in Multiplayer mode. Any upgrades you have made to vehicles during your Career progression don't apply.

This is the classic Carmageddon mode where you can complete the event in three different ways; by wrecking all the opponent vehicles, killing all pedestrians in the environment or by completing the required number of laps.

NOTE: This event is not available in Multiplayer mode.

In this mode you need to be the quickest to reach a designated checkpoint. Get there ahead of your opponents and you win a point, then the checkpoint re-spawns elsewhere in the level. Reach the target points or have the highest tally when the timer reaches zero to win. If the settings allow, you can steal points by wrecking your opponents.

A straightforward race spiced up with Carmageddon’s PowerUps and violent behaviour! Win by finishing the required number of laps first.

If lap stealing is turned on, by wrecking opponents who have already completed one or more laps you steal a lap from them.

Chase down pedestrians! Get a point for each target pedestrian killed. The first player to reach the target score or have the highest number of ped target kills when the timer reaches zero wins.

If point stealing is turned on you'll be able to steal points from opponents by wrecking them.

NOTE: This event is not available in Multiplayer mode.

It’s Deathmatch time! Wreck your opponents and get a point for each kill. You’ll lose a point for getting wrecked or wrecking yourself. The first player to reach the target score or have the highest number of wrecks when the timer reaches zero wins.

The Fox has to evade the Hounds! On event start a random player is selected as the Fox. The Fox must evade the other players (the Hounds). The Hounds must hunt down the Fox. Being the Fox will cause the player’s clock to count down to zero.

If you hit the Fox you then become the Fox. While you are the Fox, slowing down or hiding isn’t an option – for your timer to continue to tick down you must be on the move! If you manually or automatically use the Recover option you will lose Fox status (although you can still use “Wobble Recover” – + ).

The Fox will be able to steal time from the Hounds by wrecking them or a Hound can steal time by wrecking the Fox, if the game options allow. Hounds cannot steal time from each other.

At any time during the race you can enter Action Replay mode by pressing . You can then play back your events and watch your antics again. Press to get assistance with the controls.

Note: Action Replay is not available during a Multiplayer game.

Camera Types

Changing the camera type gives you five alternative views:

Action Camera (default)

This camera automatically frames the action in the Action Replay, for instance a pedestrian being hit.

Panning Camera

This mode pans the camera from a series of set positions on the player car’s path, automatically jumping from point to point, following the car.

Placeable Cam

Allows the player to position the camera anywhere in the scene and then select a target; the camera will then track the movement of the target from its selected position.

Chase Cam

This camera is the normal viewing camera in game – following behind the vehicle of interest.

Bumper Cam

This camera allows the player to view the replay from the bumper of their car.

In-Car Cam

This camera shows the view from a driver’s perspective

Playback/Edit Camera Modes

You can toggle between Playback and Edit Camera modes by pressing the button. In Edit Camera mode the playback controls are removed and will give you more control over how the camera is setup in Playback mode.

You can use Action Replay options to hide the HUD if you want to record a particularly satisfying Game DVR clip.

Pressing from the main menus will bring up the My Stats menu. My Stats shows information about your progress in Carmageddon: Max Damage, from individual player stats to missions completed.

Criminal Record

Your Criminal Record shows all your game stats across Career, Freeplay and Multiplayer including total play time, cars wrecked and pedestrians killed.


Carmageddon: Max Damage introduces missions which players are free to attempt or not. They encourage exploration, experimentation and reward you for it! Missions can be completed in Career, Freeplay and Multiplayer modes. Completing missions will reward you with new skins and rims for vehicles in your garage.

Each mission can have multiple levels to complete. You can see a description of each one by highlighting it and reading the information provided in the ticker at the top of the screen.


This screen allows you to check out what new skins and rims you’ve unlocked. We’ve also hidden Smelly Bushes around the levels of Carmageddon: Max Damage and you’ll be able to see how many you’ve found here too.


Selecting this option will display your current Achievements.


Carmageddon: Max Damage has a variety of leaderboards so players can proclaim their vehicular dominance!


You’ll be able to change which driver to use – Max Damage or Die Anna.

You have a number of Career save slots but your stats and missions are global.

Carmageddon: Max Damage

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