DIGITAL DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT LLC PRIVACY POLICY Last updated on May 21, 2018 The privacy of your personal information is very important to us. Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC (“Digital Dreams”) has prepared this Privacy Policy to provide our users a clear understanding of how we operate our games, applications, software and websites, including our products and services that directly reference and/or link to our Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Service”) and how we collect, store, share, disclose, and otherwise use information of or concerning those individuals who elect to access and use the Service. Digital Dreams reserves the right to amend and otherwise modify this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time, at its sole discretion, whether by updating the Privacy Policy itself or by providing notice on the Service. Please regularly review the Privacy Policy in order to ensure that you are knowledgeably aware of the terms and conditions set forth in the most current version of our Privacy Policy. Collection and Use of your Information By using the Service, you acknowledge and confirm your agreement, until you formally indicate otherwise, that Digital Dreams is entitled to collect and process the personal information (that can be used to contact or identify you) that you choose to provide to Digital Dreams or that we may request during the course of registering and creating an authorized account for yourself, when accessing or using the Service (such as ordering or making a purchase in connection with the Service), and/or during any interaction with Digital Dreams or its authorized personnel with regards to your account or otherwise with respect to the Service. As used in this Agreement, references to “personal information” and “personally identifiable information” shall mean data that is unique to any individual, including you, and that could be used to contact or to otherwise personally identify you, including, without limitation, your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, or billing information. We collect, store, share, disclose and use such information so that we can provide the Service, to contact you and otherwise reply to any communications made by you, to process your purchase(s), and to improve the Service along with our other services and products. For your protection, please be advised that Digital Dreams will not share any of your personal information with any third parties except as referenced in this Privacy Policy. In order to improve the Service, Digital Dreams may process anonymous statistical data relating to the demographics of our users and their computing equipment and/or their actions and activities in connection with the Service. Please be aware that Digital Dreams' collection, storage, sharing, disclosure and/or use of any such anonymous data and related information (whether aggregated or not) that does not personally identify any particular individual or individuals are not subject to the restrictions set forth in this Privacy Policy, and Digital Dreams may disclose such data and related information to third parties without violating its obligations pursuant to this Privacy Policy and without any liability or other obligation to you or to any third party. Google Analytics Digital Dreams uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information in connection with how the Site is used. This information is not personally identifiable. If you wish to prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, Google provides a Browser Add-on for all major browsers that enables you to opt-out of allowing data collection by Google Analytics. Alternatively, because Google Analytics requires JavaScript to work, you can prevent the Site from sending information to Google Analytics by disabling JavaScript in your browser for Cookies and other Tracking Technologies Cookies are small files of data stored on the hard drive or internal memory of your personal computer or computing devices that are used to identify you and to obtain information regarding your computer or mobile device, browser, internet connection, and/or use of the Service. Cookies have become an industry standard and are used by most major websites to improve their services. Digital Dreams and the Service may use cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons and pixel tags, to improve the Service, for marketing and promotional purposes, and to customize users’ experiences with the Service, such as, for example, pre-populating your username for an easier log-in experience. We also collect certain technical information about your computing device and your activities and interactions with the Service in order to: (i) monitor website and device traffic; (ii) analyze trends; (iii) troubleshoot technical problems; (iv) enhance operations and the administration of the Service; (v) report aggregated information to third-party sponsors, advertisers and other business partners; (vi) gather general demographic information; (vii) enhance website integrity and security; (viii) provide our users with improved experiences when accessing and using the Service; and (ix) manage third-party sponsorships, and advertising, marketing and promotional activities. We also analyze network traffic in order to make the Service available to our users, and to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise attempt to cause damage or to undermine the integrity and security of the Service. We use third-party metrics tools and other analytics technologies to collect and analyze usage data and related information. Digital Dreams uses log files and other tracking technologies, such as cookies, to collect and analyze certain technical information and related data regarding your hardware system, including, without limitation, IP addresses, device types, device identifiers, browser types, browser language, landing and exit pages, website usage, domain names and URLs, feature usage, user statistics, number of clicks, click paths, pages viewed and viewing order, the amount of time spent on particular pages, the date and time of activities, and other such information that relates to your access and use of the Service. In certain cases, we associate such information with your specific user ID number for our internal use. We also link such information to personal information for purposes such as improving your experiences and activities while using the Service, and in connection with Digital Dreams’ evaluation of future additions, enhancements, improvements and other modifications of the Service. By accessing and/or using the Service, you consent to Digital Dreams’ use of cookies in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy. We do not use cookies or other tracking technologies to collect personal information unrelated to your device and/or your access and use of the Service. While many web browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, and we hope that all of our users are aware that they can adjust the settings of their particular web browser so that a warning is provided when attempts are made to place cookies on your mobile or non-mobile computing device. You can reset your web browser to reject or decline all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent to your personal computer or mobile device. These settings may also enable you to limit the type of cookies that you allow. Please be aware the flash cookies operate differently than browser cookies. As a result, the tools that are made available for managing cookies in a particular web browser might not prevent flash cookies from being reproduced within your computing device. In order to learn more about managing flash cookies, we recommend that you visit so that you can knowledgeably make changes to your privacy settings (as you deem appropriate). Please be aware, however, that if you disable cookies, certain features of the Service may not work, and you may lose access to certain features or functionality that are offered as part of the Service. Additionally, please be advised that unaffiliated third parties may display or perform advertisements in or around the Service and may also use cookies or other tracking technologies. The policies and practices of such third parties are outside of the control of Digital Dreams and are subject to the separate privacy policies of each third-party advertising company or other such legal entity. Third-Party Providers Digital Dreams may establish business relationships with third-party businesses that we believe are trustworthy and that have confirmed that their privacy practices are capable of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of the information that is provided to them (collectively, “Third-Party Providers”). Digital Dreams may allow such Third-Party Providers to have access and use of certain personally identifiable information, but only in connection with the provision of their respective services for the benefit of Digital Dreams and those who choose to access and use the Service, and such usage is and will be limited in scope to what is necessary for the provision of such third-party services. For example, we may contract with Third-Party Providers to undertake particular services in our behalf, including, but not limited to, responding to requests, fulfilling orders, processing payments, data analysis, e-mail services, hosting services, data storage, customer service, marketing and promotional assistance, and to augment your activities and experiences in connection with the Service and/or any particular content materials that are offered by Digital Dreams. If any Third-Party Provider needs to have access to any personally identifiable information that you provide to us or that is otherwise collected by or for Digital Dreams, we will provide the applicable Third-Party Provider with only the information that is needed to perform the corresponding services. Each Third-Party Provider is obliged to comply with our Privacy Policy and to maintain the confidentiality of the information that it receives from Digital Dreams by using reasonable security procedures and practices that are suitable (according to the nature of the information involved) and that are capable of protecting such information from unauthorized access, reproduction, alteration, use or disclosure. Third-Party Providers are prohibited from using personally identifiable information for any purpose other than providing contracted services on our behalf and/or as otherwise expressly authorized by you. Promotional Communications and Opt-out We may contact you using your personal information in connection with the dissemination of newsletters, promotions, marketing, and other information you may be interested in. You can choose to opt-out of receiving any further promotional emails from Digital Dreams by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link that appears at the bottom of any promotional email message that you may receive from Digital Dreams or from a Third-Party Provider. Please be advised that, in light of the number of requests that we may receive from interested users during any particular timeframe, it may take up to ten (10) business days (after the date on which we receive any such request) for your opt-out request to become effective. Safety, Security and Compliance with Law Please be advised that Digital Dreams cooperates with government and law enforcement officials and private parties seeking to enforce compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Accordingly, if so requested, we may disclose to relevant governmental agencies and civil authorities personally identifiable information that you have provided to us and/or that we may have otherwise obtained as a result of your access and use of the Service. Such information will be disclosed to law enforcement officials or appropriate civil authorities to comply with legal processes and as otherwise required by applicable law. We will also disclose information if, in our sole discretion, we believe that such disclosure is necessary or appropriate in order to respond to legal requests, to avoid potential liability, to prevent potential or actual injury, loss or damage, to prevent or stop any illegal or otherwise actionable activity, and/or to comply with any applicable laws, statutes, treaties, directives, ordinances, rules or regulations, and/or to protect the rights and interests of Digital Dreams or any of our users or business partners, including, without limitation, enforcement of any of the terms or conditions applicable to the Service and/or any of the particular content offered by Digital Dreams. You acknowledge and agree that Digital Dreams is not required to provide you with prior notice of any such disclosure request or to challenge the validity or scope of any subpoena, search warrant or other request of a similar nature that may be received from any governmental agency, court of competent jurisdiction or other civil authority. Information Security Digital Dreams is committed to protecting our users’ privacy and safeguarding their personally identifiable information. In order to protect the integrity and security of the information that you elect to provide to us, or that we otherwise obtain about you, your computing device, and/or your activities and experiences when accessing and using the Service and/or any of the particular content offered by Digital Dreams, we have adopted security measures that we believe are reasonable and appropriate to safeguard your personally identifiable information. We strive to enable the secure transmission of information of or concerning you (whether submitted by you or collected by us or in our behalf), and we employ industry-standard techniques that are designed and intended to protect such information from unauthorized access, reproduction, use or disclosure. Only employees or contractors of Digital Dreams or our affiliates or business partners, who have a bona fide need to have access to your information, are permitted to have access to such information. In addition, any employee or contractor of Digital Dreams or our affiliates or business partners who violates any of the material terms or conditions of this Privacy Policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of the agreement between Digital Dreams and any such person or entity. However, notwithstanding our best intentions and commitments (as expressly set forth in this Privacy Policy) to safeguard your information and to prevent unauthorized access, reproduction, damage, loss, modification, alteration, misappropriation, use or disclosure by third parties, please be advised that there are always risks involved in transmitting information over the Internet and/or by means of mobile or non-mobile computing devices (e.g., smartphones, tablet computers, personal digital assistants, or other computing or communications devices). No method of transmission over the Internet is or is ever likely to be completely safe, and there can be no guarantee that any information that is submitted by you, or that concerns you and that is collected or otherwise obtained by or for Digital Dreams, will be completely safe from any human or machine processing error, damage, loss, misappropriation, or unauthorized access, reproduction, modification, alteration, misappropriation, use or disclosure. There is always a risk that an unauthorized third party may find a way to bypass or otherwise defeat Digital Dreams’ security systems and related technologies. As a result, despite the security measures and practices that have been adopted by Digital Dreams for preventing possible breaches of our systems and for safeguarding our records and books of accounts, and our users’ personally identifiable information, we cannot provide any guarantee of absolute security or guarantee that we will never experience any act of unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other form of security breach, nor can be warrant the ongoing security, integrity and continuing privacy of any information that you choose to provide to Digital Dreams or any of our affiliates or business partners via the Internet, and you do so at your own risk and sole expense. We strongly advise you, along with all other individual users who choose to access and use the Service and/or any of the particular content offered by Digital Dreams, to take advantage of any and all precautionary measures that are designed and intended to protect his or her personally identifiable information (e.g., protect all passwords, log out of an account when ending a session, etc.). The unauthorized use of any account that you elect to establish with Digital Dreams may occur as a result of your account being hacked or otherwise compromised. If you have questions regarding any of the security measures that have been adopted and implemented by Digital Dreams, please feel free to contact us. Transfers of Information Please be advised that your information (including personal information and related communications) may be transferred and stored by server networks and as part of computer databases that are outside the state, county, region, or country in which you reside. Furthermore, please take note that data protection legislation and regulations that are in effect in the United States may be different and may not be as protective of your privacy and the privacy of your personal information as the laws and regulations that are in effect for the country in which you reside. The Service is managed by Digital Dreams in the United States and is only intended to be utilized by users who are located in the United States. In the event that you reside outside of the United States, or otherwise access or use the Service from a location outside of the United States, you acknowledge and agree that any and all information that we may collect and/or that you elect to provide to us (including your personal information) will be collected, retained, stored, used, shared, disclosed, transferred, distributed, maintained, and processed in the United States. By accepting this Privacy Policy, accessing and using the Service, and/or otherwise by providing information to Digital Dreams, you acknowledge, accept, agree and provide your consent to the collection, retention, storage, use, sharing, disclosure, transfer, distribution, maintenance, and processing of your information (including, without limitation, your personal information and related communications and activities in which you choose to participate) in the United States and will be governed by and subject to the governing laws and applicable rules and regulations set forth in this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that your submission of any such informationl indicates and shall constitute your consent for Digital Dreams to undertake and/or perform the foregoing activities with respect to any and all information of or concerning you that you elect to provide to us and/or that we may otherwise obtain as a result of your access and use of the Service. You acknowledge and agree that Digital Dreams has the right to disclose information about you in the event Digital Dreams determines, in its sole discretion, that such disclosure is reasonably necessary in order to protect the rights and interests of Digital Dreams or any of its users or business partners, including, without limitation, enforcement of any of the terms or conditions applicable to the Service and/or any of the particular content offered by Digital Dreams. You further acknowledge and agree that Digital Dreams is and shall be freely entitled to sell, assign, transfer, convey and/or otherwise distribute any or all of its assets, including, without limitation, your personally identifiable information, as part of a transfer of ownership, merger, consolidation or other form of acquisition or reorganization, or the sale of assets relating to the Service, or in connection with any voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceeding. If any such event occurs, we will notify you when your personally identifiable information is assigned and transferred and thereby becomes subject to the privacy policy of the applicable successor-in-interest or other such assignee. You will be provided with the opportunity to elect to opt-out of any such assignment and transfer if, in our reasonable judgment, the successor entity discloses to us its intentions to collect, store, handle, process, distribute and/or otherwise use your personally identifiable information in a manner that materially and adversely differs from the provisions of our Privacy Policy and/or as otherwise required by applicable law. Third-Party Privacy Policies The Service may include links to third-party websites and/or advertisements regarding products or services of third parties that are not owned, operated or otherwise controlled by Digital Dreams. Such third-party companies may collect personally identifiable information regarding you when you visit their websites or in the event you elect to participate in a transaction offered by any such third party, and they may place their own cookies or other files on your mobile or non-mobile device. In addition, please be advised that Digital Dreams’ respective business partners (e.g., third-party licensors) may require that you provide them with certain personally identifiable information in order to access and/or use their particular content materials and/or other contributions to the Service and/or any of the particular content offered by Digital Dreams. The fact that Digital Dreams links to a website or application, or presents a banner ad or any other type of advertisement, does not mean that Digital Dreams endorses that third party, nor is it a representation of any sponsorship or other affiliation with any such third party. Please be advised that Digital Dreams does not and shall not have any obligation or liability for the privacy policies, terms of service (or terms of use), content standards, codes of conduct or other guidelines, or for any other matter, including, without limitation, any dispute, arising in connection with any such activities, policies or practices of any such third-party, third-party websites, or third-party products or services. If you have any questions concerning the policies, practices, procedures, guidelines or standards of any such third party regarding its collection, retention, processing, use and/or distribution of any information that may be collected by any such third party, we strongly encourage that you carefully read and evaluate the policies and other applicable agreements adopted by the person or entity that owns, controls or otherwise operates any such third-party website, product and/or service. Our Policies Regarding Children The Service is intended for adults only. If you are under 18 years old, you are not permitted or otherwise authorized to use the Service. Please be further advised that we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children who are under 13 years of age. If we learn that we have unintentionally collected any personal information from a child under the age of 13, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete such information from our records; provided, however, there are no assurance that we will be able to delete all instances of such information (e.g., information posted to an online public forum). California Privacy Rights California Civil Code §1798.83 permits users who are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Our policy is not to share a user’s personal information that is collected online or disclose such information to any third parties for direct marketing purposes without the user’s consent. This can be done by “opting in” to receive such marketing or advertising information from a third party at the time that the user chooses to participate in a particular marketing event or promotional activity through Digital Dreams in connection with the Service (e.g., a sweepstakes or contest). Furthermore, should a user request and/or indicate consent for us to share his or her information in connection with a third party’s direct marketing activities, we will take appropriate steps that are intended to make sure that we only share such information in connection with the direct marketing purpose and related promotional activities approved by the relevant user, as we do not have a policy of sharing information with any third party (other than our Third Party Providers, as noted above) on an ongoing and recurring basis. Please do not elect to opt-in if you want to avoid the disclosure of your personal information to a third party for its direct marketing efforts. As importantly, if you would like to opt-out of the disclosure of your personal information to any third party for its direct marketing efforts at any time after initially giving your approval, or have a question about our disclosure of your personal information, please contact us. Right to Access Under applicable laws, statutes, directives, rules and regulations of certain jurisdictions, certain users of the Service have the right to access and review the personal information about them that has been collected online and that is retained in our server networks and computer databases. If you would like to exercise your right to access and review your information in accordance with any applicable law, statute, directive, rule or regulation, and so that you may thereafter correct and/or request the deletion of any particular information, please submit a written request for such access. Digital Dreams expressly reserves the right to decline certain requests in the event that they require a disproportionate amount of effort, are unreasonably repetitive, and/or potentially endanger, injure or otherwise foreseeably cause damage to another user or other third-party’s privacy rights. Changes to this Privacy Policy Please be advised that Digital Dreams may elect to add to, delete from or otherwise change any of the terms or conditions of this Privacy Policy, and we hereby expressly reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy, at our sole discretion, at any time and from time to time, and in any way that we deem appropriate. If we decide to make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will use good faith efforts to provide you with notice by posting such changes within the Service or in conjunction with any affected content that is then being offered Digital Dreams (as applicable) and/or by sending a message informing you of the modified terms or conditions with a link to the updated version of Digital Dreams’ Privacy Policy. However, please understand that we must reserve the right to implement changes immediately, if deemed necessary, as determined in our sole discretion. You acknowledge and agree to periodically check Digital Dreams’ official website (which can be found at: in order to read and familiarize yourself with any future revisions to our Privacy Policy. Any applicable changes will go into effect on the corresponding “Last Updated” date displayed at the beginning of the modified and updated version of our Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the Service and/or of any of the particular content then offered by Digital Dreams will be deemed to indicate your acceptance and to have confirmed that you expressly agree and consent to our revised Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy or to any future amendments or other modifications to this Privacy Policy, you shall no longer be authorized to use the Service and/or any of the content offered by Digital Dreams, and you must immediately discontinue accessing and cease making any further use of the Service and/or any such content. Contact Us Should you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or any aspect of our Service, please feel free to contact us at: Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC 9040 Parkside Drive Morton Grove, IL 60053 Attn: Legal Department When contacting us, please describe the matter that you would like to discuss in reasonable detail. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH AND/OR DO NOT ACCEPT ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THAT ARE EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN OUR PRIVACY POLICY, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED, AND YOU MUST NOT ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE SERVICE AND/OR ANY OF THE CONTENT THAT IS BEING OFFERED BY DIGITAL DREAMS.