■ Storyline
A man returns to his world to reclaim all he has lost
without knowing that everything has changed since he left...

■ About the game
Color Symphony 2 is a puzzle action platformer that utilizes the ambiguity of color.
Try to eliminate obstacles or find new paths by using color!
This simple rule allows you to solve various problems.

■ Combo Mode
You can use the Combo Mode with the / button if the Combo Bar at the lower left corner becomes MAX.
Combo Mode is system for continuously applying the colors.
It is possible to eliminate obstacles/enemies of different colors.
Combo Mode has a time limit.
So, the eliminated obstacles/enemies comes back except the currently applied color after the end of Combo Mode.

■ About Color sets and color-blindness/weakness mode
Our game supports various color sets, and we prepare the color sets for color-blindness/weakness.
You can change it in options.
Color #1
Color #2
Color #3
/Combo Mode
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