FIGHTER WITHIN makes full use of Kinect for Xbox One to provide the excitement of real fighting competition. Now you can earn your bragging rights over your friends by proving your amazing brawling skills.

There are five game modes.

Initiation mode, a solo mode that introduces you to the core mechanics of the game through Matt's story. You don't have to complete the Initiation mode to access other game modes.

Arcade mode, where you select one of 12 available characters to take on opponents in a challenging series of one-on-one fights.

Training mode, where you get to sharpen your skills, let off some steam, and practice moves and timing with a sparring AI to improve accuracy and speed, to turn you into a better brawler.

Duel mode, where you can challenge an AI fighter.

And Local Multiplayer mode, where you invite and challenge your friends to a good fight right in your living room.

Solo modes use your current profile. This can be changed if the gamercard is selected (hand push or A button).

In Local Multiplayer mode, both players are automatically identified via the Kinect sensor. You can override automatic identification by selecting your gamercard on the fighter selection screen.

To get the best out of the game, you are recommended to perform clear, precise movements. Mimic the animated ghost to learn the actions.

To throw good punches extend your arm to the maximum and avoid vague and inaccurate punches when punching faster.

Punches and Kicks

To strike the opponent's face and push him backward, perform fast High Straight Punches.


High Hook Punches are slower to execute than straights but inflict more damage to your opponent.


Use fast Low Straight Punches to strike the opponent in the stomach, and rotate your opponent to the right or left.


Low Hook Punches are slower to execute than straights but inflict more damage to your opponent.


Round Kicks strike the opponent in the stomach and rotate your opponent 45 degrees to the left or to the right. If opponent ducks he will be struck hard in the head and be stunned.

Defense, Throws and Movement

High Straight Punches and High Hook Punches can be blocked with a High Guard.


Low Punches, Round Kicks and Counters can be blocked with Low Guard.


You can perform a Throw on your opponent but only when he is in High Guard or Low Guard.


Stay in Open Guard to prevent the opponent from executing a Throw on you.


Lean backward to make your fighter step back for Long Range brawling, and for dodging any Punches or Kicks.


Lean forward to make your fighter step forward for Close Range brawling and for attacking your opponent with Punches and Kicks.


Duck to dodge any High Punches. When you duck, your attack and defense options are limited and only Punches are available. You are also vulnerable to your opponent's Round Kicks and you will be stunned if struck in the head.

Combos and Counters

You can perform a Combo with your punches by hitting the same target (head or stomach) several times in a row. A Combo will trigger a strong attack and inflict heavier damage.

Block consecutive punches to trigger an Auto-Counter attack which will Stun your opponent and inflict high damage.


Duck to dodge a High Punch and then throw a Punch to your opponent's stomach to trigger a deadly High Counter attack.


Block a Low Punch with a Low Guard and then throw a Round Kick to trigger a deadly Low Counter attack.

Stunned state

When you are stunned by a heavy attack, the game screen becomes darker and you can only defend or perform Counter attacks.


The Ki is your fighter's inner strength and energy. Charge your Ki Meter displayed at the bottom of the screen in order to launch Ki-Strikes.

Close Range with 1 Ki Cell

At Close Range, the first Ki Cell enables you to do one of the following Ki-Strikes:


Push Kicks trigger an attack and push your opponent back. This can be useful to Ring Out your opponent or push him away from Poles and Sticks.


Back Moves launch a special attack and move your fighter backward. This can be useful if you want to reach a Stick or a Pole behind you.


High Round Kicks rotate your opponent 90 degrees to the left or to the right – handy if you want to drive your opponent to the edge of the arena.

Close Range Ki Strikes with 2 or 3 KI cells


If two Ki Cells are filled, you can perform a Swap attack to switch position with your opponent. This can be a good ploy to force or save yourself from a Ring Out.


If three Ki Cells are filled, you can throw your opponent violently backward by a triggering a Slam. If your opponent is not already Ring Out by the first attack a Summoning challenge will start. The winner will inflict even heavier damage or repel the opponent further away or parry the opponent's attack.


To win the Summoning Challenge, line up Push actions faster than your opponent. The fullest gauge indicates the winner and his portrait will be displayed at the end of the challenge.

Long Range Ki Strikes

At Long Range, you can use your Ki to trigger even more powerful attacks.


If one Ki Cell is available you can perform a Power Attack to inflict heavier damage.


If two Ki Cells are filled, you can perform a Power Swap to inflict heavier damage.


If three Ki Cells are filled, you can perform a Power Slam, which produces heavier damage and throws your opponent even further away.

Try performing Ki Strikes close to a Pole to trigger devastating special attacks.


When this action card is displayed, jump to perform a special Pole Jump attack.


When this Action Card is displayed, duck while stretching your arm side-wards to collect the Stick and trigger a special Stick attack to push your opponent backward.


This Action Card is displayed when your opponent is close to Ring Out or has a very low life bar and enables you to execute a Finishing Move.

Each fighter has some Specific Abilities out of three different categories: special strikes, revenge moves or special ability.


Burst Kick: Perform consecutive Round Kicks on the same side. It can be blocked by a Low Guard. Fighters: Vince, Vân and Maze


Headbutt: Lean forward at Close Range with at least one Ki Cell. Fighters: Færgas, Matt and J-Gun


Stick Dash: Triggers a more devastating dash attack when grabbing a Stick. Fighters: Mia, DJ João and Maze


Ki Blast Attack: Push both hands forward, with a vertical offset, to throw a magical long range attack. Requires 1 Ki Cell. Fighters: Loa, Yu Bei

Ki On Success: Earn Ki by performing successful Blocks, Combos, Auto-counters, Counters or Throws. Fighters: Chayan, Vân, Sabina, Yu Bei

Revenge Specific Abilities


All Revenge Specific Abilities share the same trigger conditions. A marker on the Life Bar indicates a low level energy threshold that will trigger a Revenge state for the fighter. The Revenge keyword will be blinking for a few seconds and the Action Card will be displayed. Performing an Uppercut will trigger the Revenge Strike.

Revenge Capoeira Kick

Fighter: DJ João

Revenge Swap Kick

Fighter: Matt

Revenge Dash

Fighters: Sabina, Loa

Revenge Throw

Fighter: Færgas

Revenge Uppercut

Fighter: Chayan

Revenge Triple Kick

Fighters: Vince, Mia


Totem Invocation: Stretch one arm upward to invoke your Totem spirit once per match. Totems are rewards in Arcade and Initiation modes and can be selected in the fighter selection menu.


Pause: Hold the shape to trigger the pause menu.


Punch to Skip: Stretch your arm forward to skip screens or videos.


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