Peggle is a game in which you must hit 25 magical pegs with 10 metal balls. Each Peggle board contains around 100 pegs, 25 of which are orange. Players control a cannon at the top of the screen. They line up a shot, consider it, and then fire. The ball bounces around all the pegs, lighting up each peg it hits before dropping off the bottom of the screen. After each shot the lit pegs disappear and players may take the next shot. Hit all 25 orange pegs to achieve Extreme Fever and WIN!!!
Aim with the left stick.
Press the A button to fire.
Hold left or right triggers for slow aiming with the left stick
Use LB/RB or the D-pad to aim in tiny steps.
Press and hold the X button to speed up the bucket and moving pegs
Press the Menu button to bring up the pause menu
In Menus
Move hand over button and press forward to select.
Close hand to grab and move left or right to scroll Adventure screen.

In Game
Close hand to grab and move left or right to aim cannon
Put first two fingers up and move left or right to aim cannon precisely.
Say "Shoot ball" or "Take shot" to fire a ball.
Say "Xbox pause" to bring up pause menu.
Hit all orange pegs to get EXTREME FEVER and win!
You start with 10 balls. If you run out of balls, you lose.
As you hit orange pegs, your score multiplier increases.
Each level has three bonus objectives. Beat the objectives to earn more rainbows!
There are 4 types of pegs in Peggle. Pegs can be round or rectangular.

Blue pegs are your basic, hard-working, everyday pegs. Clear them for points!

Orange pegs are worth 10x the value of blue pegs. Clear all the orange pegs to beat the level.

The purple peg is worth 50x the value of the blue pegs. The purple peg changes location on every shot.

The green peg activates your Magic Power. There are 2 green pegs per level.
There are a few different ways to get a free ball.

You get a free ball if your ball lands in the free ball bucket.

Score 25,000 points on a shot to earn a free ball. You get another ball at 75,000 points, and a third at 125,000 points.

If you don't hit any pegs on a shot, you may be awarded a free ball by winning a coin flip.
The shot score is derived from the points from every hit peg, muliplied by the number of pegs hit.

The point value of the pegs goes up as you eliminate orange pegs. The Multiplizer on the right shows the current peg value multiplier.

Certain special shots give you extra style points. These points add directly to your score and don't factor into getting a 25,000-point free ball.

After beating a level you earn extra points from the Fever buckets. You also earn 10,000 points for each extra ball left over.
Long Shot: Hit a non-blue peg, travel 1/3 the width of the screen and hit another non-blue peg.

Double Long Shot: Get a Long Shot, then travel 1/3 the width of the screen and hit a third non-blue peg.

Super Long Shot: Hit a non-blue peg, travel 2/3 the width of the screen and hit another non-blue peg.

Free Ball Skillz: Bounce the ball off one peg and into the bucket.

Mad Skillz: Have 5 balls in a row fall in the bucket after hitting at least one peg.

Crazy Mad Skillz: Have 10 balls in a row fall in the bucket after hitting at least one peg.

Double Power: Hit both green pegs in one shot.
Extreme Slide: Hit 12 consecutive pegs in a slide.

Off the Wall: Bounce off the wall, travel 1/5 the width of the screen and hit a non-blue peg.

Kick the Bucket: Bounce the ball off the bucket to hit the final orange peg for Fever.

Lucky Bounce: Bounce the ball off the bucket, then catch it again.

Orange Attack: Hit a large percentage of remaining orange pegs in a shot.

Cool Clear: Hit the final orange peg for Fever, then hit all remaining pegs to all clear the level.
Certain Masters have special style shots of their own!

Wrecking Ball: get 15 or more pegs with the Bowlder.
Spare Pickup: get the Bowlder into the bucket.

Frostbite: chain seven pegs with Deep Freeze.
Cool Catch: knock a peg into the bucket with Deep Freeze.

Major Discharge: trigger 10 Uber Volt discharges in one shot.

Ghost Touch: hit 18 ghostly blue pegs with a Nightshade shot.

Big Purps: Hit 3 fairy pegs in a single shot.
Fairy Fiesta: Hit all 8 fairy pegs in a level.

Free Ball Frenzy: Get 2 or more balls in the bucket in one shot.
Multiball Madness: Have Multiball active during your Fever shot.
Each level has three bonus objectives in addition to clearing the orange pegs. Complete objectives to earn more rainbows and unlock costumes and other goodies!

All Clear: clear all the pegs, not just the orange ones.

Ace Score: beat a particular target score.

Chef's Choice: The third objective varies for each level. Get more specific information about objectives in the Pause menu while in-game.
Trials are unique Peggle challenges, and are often used to highlight different Master powers and specific style shots.

Trials have special rules. For instance, there may be more orange pegs than normal, or the Master power may be on for every shot. Expect the unexpected!

Each Master has 10 trials.

Up to 4 players may play in a Peg party match. Each player plays on a separate board. Once the game starts, each player is represented by a Peggle Pod on the left side of the board.

Once you've taken your shot, you can hold down the Y button and move up or down on the left stick to see other players' boards.

After every round, the round results screen displays each player's current score and calculates the score for the round. Be sure to watch the shot clock!

You can't earn free balls in Peg Party. Once all balls have been fired, the player with the highest score wins.
Peggle 2 Duel mode allows two players to compete on the same board. You may play online in a Smart Match or Private Duel, or locally in a Local Duel.

In Peggle 2 Duel mode, two players take turns shooting the ball. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

You must hit at least one orange peg in each shot. If you don't, then you are penalized 25% of your total score.

There are no Free Balls in Duel mode. Instead, you get a Bucket Bonus every time the ball goes in the bucket.

The game ends when either the last orange peg is hit or when both players have run out of balls.
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You can access the Peggle 2 Store from the Main Menu. Visit the store to purchase new downloadable content!
You can access the Options from the Main Menu or from the Pause menu.

Adjust the sound volume and the music volume by moving the sliders.

Enable Colorblind mode by checking the Colorblind checkbox.
The active player has changed. Please sign in.
This message occurs when a different player comes back to a suspended game. The profile selector is then brought up; if the profile is different than the one loaded, the player is brought to the title screen.

Please reconnect the Xbox One Wireless Controller.
This message occurs when the Xbox One Wireless Controller is disconnected or the wireless controller battery has died. Press the Xbox button to reconnect or plug in the wireless controller to recharge the battery.

Are you sure you want to quit and lose unsaved level progress?
This message occurs when a player selects "Quit" from the pause menu while in the middle of a single player or multiplayer game. It warns players that they will lose unsaved progress if they proceed.

Can't connect to Xbox Live.
This message occurs when the player has lost the connection to Xbox Live while in multiplayer or while attempting to access a Smart Match or Private multiplayer game. Check internet connection to restore.

Your party is playing but the game is currently full.
This message occurs when the player tries to enter a multiplayer session but the session already has the maximum number of players in it.

Only one profile per Xbox One console can access Peggle 2 Multiplayer modes. Please sign-out of all other profiles to play.
This message appears when there are too many profiles signed into the same Xbox One console and attempt to access Multiplayer. Only one profile per Xbox One console can access Peggle 2 Multiplayer modes.
Please visit our customer support website if you have any questions or need additional assistance.