What's Happy Wars?

Happy Wars is a large-scale, multiplayer, online, battle action game. Fight in large 8 vs 8 brawls in a fantastic world that has exciting siege and wonderful magic battles! Also enjoy getting various items used to customize your character.


-Xbox Live members can download and play this title for free.

-Characters can be customized using items earned while playing. Additionally, you combine items to make them more powerful.

-New items and customization parts will be regularly made available online.


  • :Skill A
  • :Skill B
  • :Attack
  • :Team Skill
  • :Switch Skills
  • :Talk/Order
  • :Build
  • :Guard/Shot
  • :Movement
  • :Camera Angle
  • :Default Angle
  • :Map
  • :Pause Menu
  • :Home

Quick Match

Easy to start online battle mode.

Co-Op Mode

Join others to fight against strong AI enemies.

Player Match

Share battle fun with party members or friends-only.

Special Games

Battles with Special rules. It is only held for a limited time.

Skirmish Mode

Offline practice versus AI foes.

Story Campaign

Story-based battles for your enjoyment.

Equip Items

Change your character's equipment.

Item Level-UP

Increase an equipment item's level to make it more powerful. Some items can be evolved once they reach a certain level.

Item Remodeling

Attach or remove item buffs.

Sell Items

Sell your unwanted items.

Charactor Customization

Switch the gender and appearance of the character.

Class Change

Change your character's class.

Happy Cards

Open the card pack to get powerful premium items. 'Limited Edition' is a special pack that includes select items.

Happy Tickets

Get Happy Tickets to buy items or get useful services in game.

Item Shop

Use Happy Tickets to buy support items or character customization parts.

Mission Mode

List the missions in-game. Complete missions and receive reward items!

Item Encyclopedia

A list of equipment available in the game.

Buff Encyclopedia

List of buffs. You can see all the buff's effects.

Treasure Map

Receive an item once per day. Reach the end and get a "statue" which can increase an item's max level!


Items that exceed your maximum capacity will be sent to your Inbox.

Contact Info

Visit happywars.net/ if you need further assistance about the game. You can also follow us on Twitter at @HappyWars. If you need assistance about Xbox Live and the Xbox One console, please visit xbox.com/support.