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Enter Boat
Exit Boat
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Change Rod
Cast bait
Start casting
Reel In
Casting Type
Gear Menu
Switch to manual
Control casting strength
Control bait casting strength
Switch to auto
Release the line
Move the rod
Toggle walking stealthily
Start casting
Start shooting
Take rod back
Landing net
Adjust drag
Switch aiming mode
Fishing mode
Drive boat
Position boat
Place rod pod
Take from rod pod
Place on rod pod
Swap with rod pod
Single player

In this mode, you can travel around the world and complete all of the fishing challenges. By completing challenges, you unlock new locations, boats, accessories and equipment. There are 9 locations in Pro Fishing Simulator, scattered across Europe, America and Asia. Each location has different native species of fish. You can use 6 different fishing techniques: float, lure, fly, waggler, feeder and bottom fishing. See if you can become a pro angler!


In Multiplayer mode, you join or create a room where you can fish with other players. A room can have a maximum of 6 players. The room creator must choose a location and a goal. You can compete with your friends or random players if you set the room to 'Open'. Show them who the best angler is!


In Events mode, you compete against a lot more players than in Multiplayer mode. An event is a competition in which you have a limited amount of time to achieve a goal. At the end of each event, which can last multiple days, the participants receive rewards. Show the world who the best player is!


The shop is accessible from the main menu. You can buy equipment, accessories and vehicles there. Not all items in the shop are available from the beginning. They can be unlocked by completing challenges in Single player mode. To get a good start, try one of the equipment bundles available in the shop for each technique. Select a technique you want to try then start with a basic set of equipment for it.


You use your backpack to set up your fishing gear. You can have up to 3 rigs at the same time. When creating a rig, first you select all of the parts that go into it. You can create any kind of rig as long as you have the necessary parts.

Fish Wiki

The Fish Wiki is an in-game encyclopedia of fish. It contains lots of information about fish. The pictures are grayed out at first, but become uncovered as you catch the fish. So try to complete your Fish Wiki by catching every type of fish in the game!

Fish log

When you catch a fish, a picture of your catch is taken and you are given the option of saving it in the Fish log. You can then share this picture with your friends to show them your catch!