“I am you from the future, No Time To Explain, follow me to-ARGHAWAWAA”

No Time To Explain is a game about time travel, jetpack guns and giant enemy crabs. Seemingly random things happen when you from the future interrupts your dance session and gets dragged away by a giant crab, only to leave a futuristic jetpack gun behind. You follow yourself through time and alternate universes to discover the true nature of why this is happening.

The Mighty Features!

  • Use the powerful future cannon as a gun AND a jetpack!
  • Play as new characters to blast, beam, slingshot and catapult yourself through fire, acid and fairy-cakes!
  • Test your gun-gliding mastery: 60 wearable hats hidden around these levels, but where are they?
  • Face off against giant monsters from alternate timelines, including the most horrific of all: your evil alternate self!
  • Kill giant alien crabs!
  • Fight sharks!
  • Eat cake!

Main controls:

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Game controls:

Restart level
Menu / Pause
Xbox Home Menu

In this game you will get to play as several unique heroes, each with their own set of controls. These controls will only vary slightly from the main controls though, so usually it's pretty straightforward from the start.

Remember that you can always press and holdto let the game show the controls for the current hero(es).

Q: We couldn't get your latest saved data

A: Depending on your internet connection, this might happen occasionally. Simple try again or play offline.

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