Welcome to the world of Pixel Piracy, where you can explore, plunder, fight and drink to your heart’s content while trying to keep you crew in line (and alive)! Sail to tons of islands to plunder or fight other pirate ships on the open seas by controlling your crew as captain.

Use the LS to move the captain around. When standing near objects and Non Playable Characters, available actions will be displayed above them.

Use the RS to move the Crew Cursor around to explore the island. Each crew member that is in the group that has the same color as the cursor, will be highlighted as well and can be controlled as indicated by the available actions displayed above the crew cursor.

Pressing the LB/RB will change the color of the crew cursor in order to cycle through and control the various groups.

Move Captain
Cancel Order
Issue Order
Crew Menu
Crew Cursor
World Map
+ Switch Command Group
Edit Ship

You can open the crew menu by pressing the Y Button while playing the game. In this menu you’ll be able to manage each member in your crew.

  • Crew Overview: Here you can select the member you’d like to manage, such as paying their salary to increase morale, open the Consumables Inventory to use items that restore health, hunger or morale or change the current group the member is in.
  • Inventory: This is where you can provide your crew member with new melee weapons, ranged weapons and accessories to boost their stats.
  • Attributes: When leveling or using consumable items you can gain Character Points which you can spend in various stats displayed on this page.
  • Skills: On this page you can see an overview of the skills a crew member has and add more by using Skill Books, which can be bought in shops or found when plundering.

When you’re on an island with a town you can open the Ship Edit Menu by pressing the X Button. In this menu you can customize your ship by using a wide variety of Ship Blocks that you can get from plundering enemy ships, destroying enemy ships or buying them in shops.

When the captain is on the ship you can press the View Button to open the World Map. Here you can select a destination where you wish to travel to. Your crew will automatically join you on your ship when you start sailing.

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