CastleStorm is an artillery defense - action game. You can use your versatile ballista and different troops to repel enemy attack waves and destroy the enemy castle. There are two ways to win a battle: taking the enemy flag home or destroying the enemy castle.

Battles are fought in various landscapes, like forests, green fields, snowlands, mountains. The gameplay is two dimensional, with two castles taking place at the two ends of the battlefield. The player can use his ballista mounted on his castle to shoot the enemy castle and the troops coming at him. He can also send out his own troops, who will try to seize the enemy flag. By using magic spells like heal or lightning bolt can aid his own soldiers or attack the enemy.

Gold can be acquired by killing enemy troops, and destroying enemy castles. Headshot kills give more gold, and gold bonus can be acquired also by killing streaks and multikills. Gold can be used for upgrading the castle, projectiles, troops and heroes.
Buttons Description:
Hold to wield the shield
Move the hero
Pause game
Hold to return from hero mode
Hold to draw the bow
Jump / Shoot your bow
Hold to charge super attack
Buttons Description:
Hold to view your castle
Previous projectile
Aim ballista
Pause game
Cast spell
Hold to view enemy castle
Next projectile
Spawn troop
Pan & zoom view
Shoot your ballista
Warn your troops of incoming projectiles

The Ballista

The ballista is your main tool for keeping the enemy away from your castle. It can launch javelins, morningstars, homing eagles or even boostable sheep.

Your Castle

You have to protect your castle at all costs! Not just because the bonus rooms give you important gameplay advantages and the barracks let you spawn troops on the battlefield. What is even more important is that losing your castle or your flag causes you to lose the battle!


To send out troops from your castle, you need to have barracks and enough food. Your current food amount is shown next to the food icon on the screen, and it regenerates over time. Your soldiers have an important role in stopping the enemy attacks, and they can also capture the enemy flag.


Casting spells is a great way of aiding your army on the battlefield.
Heroes are mighty warriors who can turn the tide of battle by themselves. When the hero is defeated, he is returned to the castle.


Keep in mind the golden rules and you always be able to build an adequate castle. Choose your strongest gate! Defend the barracks and place them wisely! The more rooms you have, the better your castle is!

A battle is the basic gameplay session of CastleStorm campaign mode. Winning a battle in campaign mode comes with the following rewards:

• next battle is unlocked
• 1-5 star rating based on performance
• gold gained in the battle added to the player’s consumable gold amount
• score equal to the gold gained in the battle added to the players total score
• optional unlocks – troops, castle rooms, projectiles, heroes

Between the battles player can upgrade the troops, castle rooms, projectiles, heroes he has, and can build new castlest in the editor. Battles can be replayed anytime for higher star ranking – it can be much easier to get 5 stars with more advanced/upgraded troops, weapons.

Survival Mode

In Survival mode the goal is to hold off unlimited waves of enemies for as long as possible. The ranking is based on the time survived. To defend your castle and your flag you have to use wisely your troops, projectiles and spells supported by your heroes. You can only use the equipments as troops and projectiles unlocked in campaign mode in Survival mode.

Hero Survival Mode

Try to stay alive with your hero character as long as possible against an endless, increasingly strong wave of enemies. You also have to prevent the enemies stealing your flag from the battlefields. Longer time gets you higher on the scoreboard.
Multiplayer modes

CastleStorm features multiple modes of multiplayer action for both local and online play:
• 1 vs. 1 split-screen mode, simply try and beat your opponent or fight together against the AI
• Competitive multiplayer: rank up, battle for gold, and upgrade your army, castle and gears to become the ruler of online battlefields.
• Co-op survival: team up with a friend and fight off endless waves of enemies together!

Split-Screen game

Split-screen game allows two players to play competitively or cooperative at the same time on one system.

Online Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer mode allows two players to play at the same time on their own system via online connection. The player can try the competitive Versus or the cooperative Survive or Hero Survive game modes.

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