Lifeless Planet is a third-person action-adventure. The player must explore the planet for clues to the story, avoid hazards and solve puzzles to solve the mystery of the planet.

Starting the Game & Saving Progress

To start a New Game, choose “New Game” from the main menu and then choose the first chapter (level), “Landing Site.” Once you unlock chapters, you can re-start from that chapter at any time.

Lifeless Planet will automatically save your progress as you proceed through the game. You game will always be saved at the beginning of a chapter, and also at key moments in chapters.

If you die during a chapter, your character will respawn just a short distance back from the location of your death. If you get stuck, choosing Last Checkpoint will reset your character to the most recent checkpoint. Remember, you can also re-start from any chapter once you've unlocked it.

Choose Resume Game when you restart the game to continue from the most recent save location.


Holo-Tab : This mobile computer can be used to collect and store documents discovered on the planet and is also capable of translating audio recordings. You can find documents under the "Docs" tab. The astronaut can also record mission logs ("Logs" tab). Finally, the Holo-Tab device is used to store scientific data about geologic specimens collected by the astronaut ("Sci" tab).

Oxygen: The Player requires bottled oxygen to breathe. This oxygen is stored in his backpack. The HUD will display a visual/audible warning when oxygen is low. Most of the time, you won’t need to monitor oxygen, but if your supply does run low, you will need to quickly locate an Oxygen Supply Vehicle. These small cargo spacecraft have been sent to the surface of the planet in advance of your arrival to extend the exploration range of your crew while on the surface.

Jet-Pack: The jet-pack is a great tool for long-distance leaps. However, it was primarily intended for use in zero-g, so the player will have to be careful when executing longer jumps across dangerous areas! Without supplemental fuel, the jetpack must rely on backup power and is only good for a single burst . When supplemental fuel is found, the jet-pack allows for a kind of multi-jump for a short period of time. After jumping, pressing the jump button fires the jet pack, but the height achieved diminishes with each boost as the pack is unable to lift the player indefinitely. Long-distance jetpacking is all about timing. Space your bursts with a little time in between each burst to gain the most distance. NOTE: The astronaut can’t jetpack or jump as far with an object in his arms.

Robotic Arm: In the course of the game, the astronaut will acquire a mobile robotic arm attachment that can be extended to manipulate certain out-of-reach objects. The arm draws power from a series of unusual objects found on the planet. When the player is near one of these objects, a prompt will appear indicating the robotic arm can be deployed. The Robotic arm includes a set of mechanical grippers (“the claw”) and a close-range camera aimed at the grippers.

Puzzle Solving & Navigation

Puzzles: The astronaut may have to move rocks or other objects out of the way or into position to reach certain locations. In addition, he will need to power up devices to activate elevator platforms, etc. Watch for on-screen prompts which will indicate when these special interactions are possible. Then press to interact.

Following Aelita: During the first few levels of the game, the astronaut is on his own. However, he soon finds green footprints that seem to lead the way past the planet’s many hazards. These tracks are left behind by a Russian woman named Aelita who is somehow able to survive the inhospitable environment. On rocky or man-made surfaces, her prints do not appear. Where there are no footprints, the player will have to use experience and wit to seek out a safe route, so tread carefully! When the player is in sight of Aelita, she may use motions to guide you to one side or another, or to stop when there is danger.

Basic Controls

Tablet (PDA):
Zoom Camera:

Mobile Robotic Arm:
Move Arm:
Extend Arm:
Retract Arm:

Camera Modes

Standard 3rd Person Camera View:
The primary camera view is a third person “overview” camera. Moving with will orient the camera angle around the player. By default, the camera will move around behind the player, but this can be disabled in the Options menu.

Robotic Arm Views:
When in robotic arm mode, the camera switches to a first-person view which follows the robotic arm claw. The player can also enter a “Claw Cam” mode that shows a close-up view of the claw from a monochrome camera fixed to the robot arm.

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