Level Description:
/Switch Hero
/Switch Ally
Use 1st hero skill
Use 2nd hero skill
Use item
Call monsters
Pause game

Button layout:
/Up/down to switch
/Left/right to switch
"Monkey King Saga" is an innovative action tower defense game set in the world of 'Journey to the West'.

Take control of your favorite heroes Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy and protect Tripitaka the Monk on his sacred quest to Vultures Peak.

Over 40 unique 3D characters and 30 beautiful hand painted maps.
Game Goal
Use Heroes and Allies to protect Tripitaka from waves of monsters.

Game Rules
Allies have unlimited use
Upgrade your weapon and armor to improve your Heroes' power
Use your Heroes and Allies wisely to win battles!
Play the special modes to earn higher rewards
T-Rex Games is a highly innovative and creative game developer based in Shanghai, led by game veterans EA, THQ, Ubisoft, and Konami.

- Website: http://www.t-rexgames.com/
- Email: support@t-rexdigital.net