STARWHAL is all out mayhem with 1-4 players. Challenge mode also pits you in new situations to try and finish obstacle courses as fast as possible! Try all the different modes to build your skills and be the best space narwhal combatant ever!
Join Screen:
Join, Confirm
Remove Computer Player
Add Computer Player

During a match:
Propel forward


Allow Pause - Toggle players’ ability to pause the match.
Allow Slow-mo - Toggle preference of matches going into slow-motion when heart hits are near.
Allow Camera Shake - Toggle the camera shaking on impacts.


Music Volume - Changes game soundtrack volume.
Sound Effect Volume - Changes in-game sound effect volume.


Allow Post FX - Enables/disables special effects.
GUI Position - Can change the position of player status from Corner, Bottom, or Top.
Ghost Visibility - Change the transparency of your ghost in challenge mode.

Classic Mode

Fight for survival in 1-4 player matches in a battle to the finish. Each player must attempt to tag others in the heart with the tip of their tusk. Tag opponents by touching their hearts with the tip of your STARWHAL tusk. Every time a player is tagged, they will lose one health. When a player is out of health, they are out of the match. The last player with health wins the match! If the timer runs out, the player the most remaining health and the most tags during a match will be awarded first place.

Going after your enemy will also put your heart within reach of your opponent. Approach carefully while on the attack to keep your foes from getting the upper hand.

Score Mode

Players are awarded points for tagging opponents’ hearts with the tip of their tusk. Unlike Classic Mode, you can not be eliminated outright. At the end of the match, the players are ranked by the number of scored during the match.

Zones Mode

Players battle for control of bubble-like “zones” which earn points over time. Tagging the center of the zone will change the entire zone to your color to show that you are in control. You will earn one point per second for each zone under your control. The player with the most points wins.

Tagging a zone also slightly pushes players away from the center, giving you a small window of defense.

Heart Throb Mode

Players try to hold on to the heart. Only one heart appears, initially at the center of the arena. Whoever has the heart gains points the longer they hold the heart. Other players may steal the heart by tagging it with the tip of their tusk.

Sometimes if you work together it helps everyone - coordinate attacks with your fellow players to trap a leader and steal their heart!


Challenge mode tasks you with completing courses as fast as possible in order to gain the coveted STARWHAL medals. The four different medals that can be awarded are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

During challenge mode you will be given a chance to beat your current best score by racing against a ghost of yourself. Once you have completed a challenge, retrying the race will show a ghost replay of your best time on that course. Go STARWHAL, go!

On the level select menu, you can also open a leaderboard to see how you fare against your competition.

Choose your mode!


Race around obstacles and hazards to get the best finish time you can.


Tag all the targets in the arena as fast as possible. Once all targets are tagged you have completed the challenge.

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