Any geek worth his geek-salt knows of Schrödinger’s Cat as the ultimate quantum cornerstone, a dead-alive fluctuating feline sealed inside a radioactive box until curiosity cracks the lid and seals his fate.

What’s never talked about is: what does he get up to while nobody’s looking?

He solves crimes, of course.

In Raiders of the Lost Quark, Schrödinger’s Cat is saddled with disentangling the anthropomorphic chaos of the Particle Zoo sorting the sticky-fingered gluons from the quarkniverous leptons and cantankerous bosons in this puzzler/platformer/punch-up of subatomic proportions.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Well, maybe a bit.

Common Errors

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How to Play

Save the day at the Particle Zoo! Collect quarks, sort out the Standard Model menagerie, and figure out how everything got muddled up in the first place.


Quark Combos: Mush your quark groupies together in a combination of three and see what happens. Ups, Downs, Tops and Bottoms each have their own properties, and the combos reflect those properties. Collect all 14! (Use your guide in the Pause Menu for inspiration.)

Fists of Feynman: Violent and satisfying energy transfer, from me to you.

Collecting Charm: Keep your eyes open for these charming orange heebies. You’ll need them to crack open the Nucleus.

Rogue particles

Gluons: These guys don’t hurt but they’ll quaff your quarks faster than you can say quinquavigintillion. Bash them to get your quarks back.

Leptons: These critters are nasty but not clever. Protective barriers work a treat. They’re also pretty good dancers.

Bosons: Large and stubborn, docile unless provoked. Remember: Wosons love Zosons and Zosons love Wosons, but Wosons hate Wosons like Zosons hate Zosons. Easy.

Bottom Quark
Down Quark
Top Quark
Up Quark
Fists of Feynman
Cancel Quark Combo
Quick reset to last checkpoint