To win the game

You must remove all Mahjong tiles from the board.

On the board

Mahjong starts with all tiles arranged in different formations. There are a total 144 tiles, divided into basic and special tiles. Basic tiles include Characters, Stones, and Bamboos. Each type of basic tile consists of nine tiles numbered from one to nine. Special tiles include Seasons, Dragons, Winds, and Flowers. Some special tiles are marked with letters.

How to play

• To remove tiles from the board, they must be matched.
• Most tiles must be matched by pairs. An exception to this is flowers and seasons: you can match any two flowers or any two seasons.
• A tile can only be selected and matched if it is neither covered by another tile nor located in between two tiles on its left and right.
• When tiles are matched, they fly off the board and points are earned.


• Try starting from the top tiles first.
• There are bonus points when you match identical pairs in a row and also when you clear flowers or seasons tiles in a row.
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