A mysterious phenomenon occurred on the plane you're flying in. The plane vanished, and it is feared there are no survivors.

Before you realize what's going on, you appear under an unfamiliar night sky. Glowing butterflies fly overhead in this strange place known as the city of swords, Escario. A place of creatures of unknown races, fierce monsters, and various mystical labyrinths.

And you are known as the...

— Stranger of Sword City —

Flow of the Game

  1. In Stranger of Sword City, a party of 6 (including the main character) will investigate labyrinths. First, prepare for an investigation at the Strangers Guild. You can register members, edit your party, and purchase items here.
  2. When you are prepared, challenge the labyrinths, where monsters and traps await you. If you defeat the Lineage Types there, you can get a Blood Crystals.
  3. You can progress the story by giving the Blood Crystals to a Vessel.


A person who possesses a special power, and also a faction leader in Sword City.
The story changes depending on which Vessel you give your Blood Crystals to: the priest of light Marilith, the merchant Alm, or Strangers Guild co-leader Riu.
Lineage Types and Blood Crystals
Lineage Types are vicious monsters that cannot be defeated until you take their source of life, their Blood Crystals.
Only Chosen Ones, like the main character, can perform this feat.
Game Over
When all the members of your party drop to 0 HP, it's game over and you will return to the title screen.

Save / Load

You can save and load games from Strangers Guild: [System] here. You need at least 1000KB of free space in your storage in order to save.


Change settings for the game. You can change options from the following locations:

  • Title Screen
  • Strangers Guild: [System]
  • Party Menu
Change the volume of BGM, SE, Environment SE, and Voice
Play Voice
Set Voices
Controls / Display
Set controls in labyrinths and Mini Map
Change Mode
Change language and graphics. However, character voices will only be in Japanese.


Buttons Description: Labyrinth
Display Map
Display Party Menu
Display Member Status
Display Help Dialogue

Buttons Description: Battle
Select Command
Start Action / Repeat
Change Members
Change Tab
Display Help Dialogue
Display Battle Log

Buttons Description: Normal
Select Command
Return to Guild / Sort Item
Change Item Information
Change Members
Change Tab
Display Help Dialogue
Change Storage / Item Bag and Weapon Sets

Character Making

In Stranger of Sword City, you can create your own party members. You can progress the story using the preset characters as well.

How to register members

You can register members at Strangers Guild: Leaders Room, with [Register member]. You can register a maximum of 16 members, and the first 5 will be given complimentary equipment.

You will choose the character's information, but portrait, name, and nicknames can be changed freely at any time. To change these, go to the Leaders Room and select [Manage].

Portrait / Sex
Portrait and sex does not affect stats.
The higher the age, the lower the maximum Life Points, but Bonus Points will be higher. The younger the members are, the less time it takes to revive and recover.
You can select from 5 different races. The skill points will differ depending on the race.
You can select from 5 different talents.
You can distribute the Bonus Points to any stat you like. The amount of points you get can be changed if you select [Re-roll].
You can select from 8 different classes. The skills and spells you learn and items you can equip differ according to class. You can change the class from the Leaders Room: [Job Change], but there is a limit.
Select a voice for attacking, damage, and death.
Name / Nickname
Enter name and nickname. Members will mainly be addressed by their nickname. Furthermore, characters that are able to be inputted are dictated by the Xbox One System Language Settings.

Add Member to Party

Registered members can be added to the party from the following locations:

  • Strangers Guild: [Edit] at Base
  • Strangers Guild: [Manage] at Leaders Room

Basic Information

Current Level
Current Class
Death occurs at 0 HP
Needed for using spells
L Point
Life Points
A member will lose a Life Point every time they die. If it hits 0, the member will never revive. Life Points can be [Revive / Recover] at Strangers Guild: Base.


Defense against enemy special attacks
Spell Resistance (JA: Spell Defense)
Magic Defense Enhancement
Spell Enhance
Magic Attack Enhancement

Investigation Ability(JA: Adventuring ability)

Item and Enemy Identification Ability
Open Lock
For investigating treasure boxes and evading traps when activated
Talent (JA: Feat)
Member's Talent

Equipment Information

Set A / B
Current Weapon Set
Main Hand
Main Hand Equipment
Off Hand
Off Hand Equipment
Head Equipment
Body Equipment
Underwear Equipment
Accessory Equipment

Skill Point

Strength. Affects attack.
Intelligence. Affects Wizard spells.
Piety. Affects Cleric spells.
Vitality. Affects maximum HP.
Agility. Affects accuracy, evasion, and turn order.
Luck. Affects everything.

Fighting Efficiency

Main Hand
Main Hand Equipment's attack x number of attacks
Off Hand
Off Hand Equipment's attack x number of attacks
Attack of Off Hand Equipment will decrease accordingly (%)
Accuracy. Higher number means more accuracy. Displayed as HT in battle.
Evasion. Higher number increases the chance of evading. Displayed as AV in battle.
Defense. Higher number reduces damage.
Absorb (JA: Damage Reduce)
Damage reduction rate. Damage will be cut (%).

Member Conditions

Member conditions may be affected during battle. They will put you at a disadvantage, so heal as soon as possible.

Attack allies and enemies. Heals in a certain number of turns.
Unable to use spells. Heals after the battle.
Unable to take actions and incoming damage increases. Heals in a certain number of turns.
HP decreases steadily, even outside of battle. Heals with items or spells.
Defense greatly reduced and unable to take actions for 1 turn. Heals after a turn.
Unable to use skills. Heals with items or spells.
Attacks allies. Heals with items or spells.
HP is 0 and unable to take actions. Revived with items.

Status Command

Change member equipment.
Check a member's skills, spells, talents, and Divinities. Can manage skills after a Class Change.
Check Class Change history.
Level Up
Manage member's levels.
About Level Up

By leveling up, members will grow.

  • Enhance Skill Points. Enhance 1 point per level.
  • Learn new skill/spell
  • Increase HP/MP

Item Information

You can check the item information while the item is selected.

Item Ranks (E, D, C, B, A, S)
Equipment Type
Weapon's Range
A Main Hand weapon uses one hand. Off Hand is for Shields/Support Weapons. 2 Hand weapons use both hands.
Attack Strength x number of attacks.
Absorb (JA: D.Reduce)
Damage reduction rate. Damage will be cut (%).
Higher number means more accuracy.
Higher number means more accuracy.
Higher number means more accuracy.
Prerequisite for equipment.

You can change information data by pressing the Y button for equipped items. You can check the bonus for member stats, HP changes for each step, and other information.

Enhancement Point

Enhancement Points are the "+10" that is displayed after the item. The greater the points, the better stats the item will have. Items with more points will be ranked higher.

Unique Item

The item ranks that are displayed in yellow are unique items. Unique items are rare items that are one-of-a-kind. You will not get it back if you sell it or throw it away, excluding special occasions.

Unidentified Item

Items that are found are unidentified. You cannot use unidentified items. You can identify items in the labyrinth from [Party]. If you leave the labyrinth, the item will automatically be identified.

Cursed Item

When using certain items or failing to identify an item, it might become cursed. Cursed items cannot be identified and cannot be used. If you leave the labyrinth, the curse will automatically be lifted.

Sword City, Escario

An introduction to where the story takes place, Escario. You can register members or buy items at the Base, Strangers Guild. Also, give Blood Crystals to any of the factions you desire to progress the story here.

Strangers Guild

You can prepare to go into labyrinths at the Strangers Guild.

Strangers Guild: Corridor

The entrance of the Strangers Guild. You can save, load, and explore facilities inside the Guild.

Strangers Guild: Base

You can edit party, revive, and recover members.

Revive and Recover

You can heal death by reviving, and recover Life Points from recovery. They both have free and paid options. It will take time, and members cannot join the party if you choose the free option. Time will pass by battling enemies.

Death and Revival of the Main Character

The main character has the talent "Chosen One," which provides infinite Life Points. But, if the main character is dead, you cannot enter labyrinths and some events will not progress. You have to pay to revive the main character. The main character will revive even if you do not have enough money.

Strangers Guild: Leaders Room

You can register new members, manage, and Class change. You can give Riu, the Vessel, your Blood Crystals.

Class Change

Change the current class to a different class for a fee. Each member can change classes up to 5 times. Skills that were learned before the Class change can be set to the new class from [Mastery] in the member status menu.

Strangers Guild: Shop

You can buy and sell items. You cannot buy back the items you sold. You can store items in your Storage here as well.

The Vessel and Blood Crystals

You can give Blood Crystals to the Vessels: Riu from the Strangers Guild, Marilith from the Kingdom, and Alm from Medell Co. You can learn Divinities through them.

Divinity Tree

The transfer of Blood Crystals and learning Divinities can be done at the Divinity Tree. The type of Divinities you learn differ depending on who you give the Blood Crystals to. Also, only one Divinity can be learned from each column.

About Labyrinths

You can enter labyrinths from various locations in Escario. Your objective in the labyrinth is to defeat Lineage Types.

I. Morale Gauge and Divinity Icon
The number represents the Morale Gauge. You use Morale when using Divinities or Hiding. The surrounding Divinity Icons will light up if you use a Divinity.
II. Mini Map
Displays a map of the labyrinth.
III. Member HP and MP
The blue bar is the current HP, the green bar is the current MP.
IV. Ailment Zone
Displays current area conditions.
V. Permanent Effects
Will light up if there is an item or spell in effect. The permanent effect affects all party members and will continue until lifted.

Labyrinth Features

Entrance / Exit
Go to a different labyrinth or outside
Move to upper or lower level
Teleporting Device
Move to different location
Magic Stone
Able to escape out of the labyrinth when activated. You can also enter a labyrinth from this point. If a Lineage Type reappears, the magic stone cannot be used until it's defeated
Event Occurrs
Interaction with NPC
Get item(s)
Get many items
Restriction Device
Unlock nearby restricted door
Enemy Point
Encounter Enemy
Boss Point
Encounter strong enemy
Butterfly Nest
Encounter Butterflies. You can return home with the power of  butterflies or get an item by defeating them
Damage Floor
Damaged when stepping on it
Damaged when steeping on it. Can remove it by pressing A button
Fall to the floor beneath and take damage
Water Way / Ice Floor
Forced to move in the direction of the arrow
Waver Hall
Lose your sense of direction
Hiding Point (after being revealed)
Able to perform Hiding in Party Menu: [Hide]. Get a treasure by defeating the enemy transporter
Dark Mist
Your vision will be covered by darkness
Ailment Zone
Inflicts a condition like paralysis, silence, and poison
Forced to transfer to a set location
Lock Zone
Cannot use warping items
Hidden Door
A hidden door. Press A button in front of the door to discover it
Restricted Door (locked)
Can be opened by a switch or an event

Party Menu

The Party Menu will be displayed if you press the Y button when inside a labyrinth. You can check the party levels, EXP, and Blood Gems. You can open the Party Menu in Escario at the Strangers Guild.

Display members status, use skills, spells, and items, and identify unidentified items.
Hide (JA: Hiding)
You will hide by using the Morale Gauge. If you are successful, the battle will engage.
Display Map. Check the sector name, location, and the block selected by the cursor.
The basic structure of labyrinth
In the labyrinth, each step you take is considered a block. 20 x 20 blocks are called "Sectors." Labyrinths are usually constructed with many sectors.
Blocks that have already been traveled can be auto-piloted. Select the destination with the cursor and select "Yes" to begin Auto-Move. If you push a button during the Auto-Move, it will stop.
Display information about Blood Crystals, Lineage Types, and other quests. You can also check your records and items you've received. It's quite useful.
Lineage Type Information

Check the Wanted Lineages for Lineage Type hints and conditions.

Undefeated Lineage Types
Slain (JA: Slayed)
Lineage Types that have already been defeated
Respawned (JA: Respawn)
The last Lineage Type that reappeared by a Magic Stone
Change certain features of the game.
Edit the party formation.

About Battle

Battle will begin after encountering an enemy. You can select an action for your members every turn. If you defeat all of the enemies, you will win and get Blood Gems (money) and EXP (experience points). You may find a treasure box with an item in it.

Battle Command

Attack enemies with your weapons. You cannot select an enemy that is out of range.
By defending, your Avoid rate will increase for 1 turn.
Use a skill. Some skills require you to use "Concentration," or "Hide," before using it.
Use MP and cast a spell.
Use item. Able to change weapon set.
Escape from battle. If failed, you cannot move for 1 turn.
Use Morale and unleash a Divinity.
Recover Morale Gauge

To recover Morale, damage or get damaged by an enemy. You can also be healed by a skill effect.

Formation and Range

Depending on the formation or range of a weapon, some enemies cannot be reached.


A party is constructed with a front row and a back row. The left 3 portraits represent the front row and the right 3 portraits represent the back row. The front row can attack with any type of weapon, but they are easily targeted by enemies. The back row is not targeted often but can only use ranged weapons.


There are S / M / L ranges for weapons. Depending on the range, you may be able to attack enemies that are far from you.

Front Row
Able to attack first row
Able to attack first and second row
Able to attack all rows
Back Row
Unable to attack
Able to attack first row
Able to attack all rows

Element and Enemy Type

Depending on the element and the enemy type, the damage will differ.


Some items, spells, and enemies have elements. There are 4 elements, and some are effective against others. You can check enemy elements in the Party Menu: [Info] with the Monster Encyclopedia.

No Element
Not effected by other elements
Earth Element
Weak against fire
Fire Element
Strong against earth, weak against water
Water Element
Strong against fire, weak against lightning
Thunder Element
Strong against water

Enemy Type

There are human, creature, immortal, spirit, demon, and god types for monsters. Some weapons and armors have special effects that are advantageous against some types of monsters. This will be listed in the description.

Immortal and Spirit

Immortals and spirits cannot be damaged by normal weapons. Use magic or spells that change your weapon types against them.

Preemptive Attack and Ambush

When the battle starts, a Preemptive Attack or ambush may occur. When it occurs to the enemy, your party will not be able to move for 1 turn. Also, when it occurs, attacks of any range can be performed.

Counter with Divinity

You can counter ambushes with a certain Divinity.

Hiding Battle and Treasure Box

Hiding Battle

If you successfully perform Party Menu: [Hide], then a battle will start. If you win, you will receive a treasure box.

How to Hide

Hiding can only be performed at "Hiding Point." There are several points in the labyrinth, and a Lineage Type may appear too. If you perform Hiding in the same location, then the required Morale will increase.

Pass on a Transporter

You can predict what's inside the treasure box from how it looks. If you don't like it, you can pass, but the more you pass, the more likely you will be ambushed.

Enemy Leader

There will be an enemy leader in an hiding battle. If the leader escapes, you will not get any treasure. The leader has a crown by the cursor when you select them.

Treasure Box

If you defeat the enemy leader, you will get a treasure box. There may be a trap on the treasure box, so you will need to lift the trap first to open it.

Select a Trap

A list of potential traps will be displayed. You can select one to disarm the trap. If you select the wrong one, the trap will activate.

Use Butterfly Arm

If you use the item "Butterfly Arm," you can safely disarm a trap.

Skill Point Limits
The Skill Point limit from leveling up is +20 from the default race Skill Points.
Penalty for dual wielding
The higher the AGI, the lower the penalty for the Off Hand weapon's attack.
Weapons and Armors that change performance
When checking equipment in the Item Encyclopedia, some say "+??." The "+??" will change every time you get a weapon with that description.
Regaining Unique Item
You cannot regain a Unique item if you sell it or throw it away. But, if you feed it to "Mumic," you can regain it.
Newly-Registered Member Level
Newly-registered members level will differ according to the main character's level.
Ability Differences from Class Change
The member's level and abilities will change from Class Change.
  • The level after Class changing is half the original class's.
  • The HP and MP after Class changing is half the original class's, then added on to the new class.
  • The Skill Points will remain the same after a Class change. Skill Points will grow once you exceed the maximum level you reached in the previous class.
Pros of registering extra members
Members that are not in the party are still useful in the following ways:
  • Collect Blood Gems (money).
  • Gains EXP (experience points). Does not level up automatically.
Speed Up Identification
Pushing A button during Identification can speed up the process.
Identifying Member
When performing Identify from the [Party] in the party menu, the member with the highest Identify will automatically perform the identification.
Enemy Level Rising While Hiding
If you perform Hide multiple times at the same location, the enemy level will increase.
Type of Lineage Type that appears
There are a few patterns of appearance for Lineage Types.
  • Fixed: Only appears at a set location
  • Roaming: Appears anywhere besides the Hiding Points
  • Hiding: Appears after Hiding
  • Interrupt: Enters battle while fighting a different monster
  • Dominate: Appears after you defeat a certain amount of specific monsters
  • Special Item: Appears when you have a certain item
View Monster Illustration
If you select a monster name in the Monster Encyclopedia, you can view the illustrations.
Move Illustration
Expand Illustration
Minimize Illustration
Divinity Effect during Ambush
If you use certain Divinity Skills during an ambush, a special effect will be triggered.
  • Sky Dragon: Nullifies an ambush. Stages II and III will let you do a Preemptive Attack.
  • Charge / X Charge: Counterattack and increase damage.
Evade Treasure Box Traps
When a trap on a treasure box triggers, members with high Open Lock will be able to evade it.
What to Do When Lost
Check the quest
You can check the quest information in Party Menu: [Info]. If there are some in progress, you should prioritize them.
Check Wanted Lineages
You can check the Wanted Lineages at Party Menu: [Info]. If there are any Lineage Types you haven't annihilated, get their Blood Crystals and give it to the Vessels.
Check thoroughly inside the labyrinth
There may be some locations you have not yet set foot in. Be aware of hidden doors.
When you can't win in a battle
Collect strong weapons and armors.
Get powerful weapons and armor from Hiding Battles.
Utilize support spells
If you use the spell "Hit," or "Slow," you will have a higher chance of attacking an enemy. The spell "Avoid," will help you evade enemy attacks.
Think about the enemy specialties
If you can't win against a Lineage Type, think about the enemy type and elements before you attack.
Lower Difficulty at Grand Magic Stone
If your difficulty is "Normal," then go to Strangers Guild: [Corridor] and use the item "Butterfly Stone," at the Grand Magic Stone to lower the difficulty to "Beginner."

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