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The game TurnOn tells a spellbinding tale of a small alive spark and its striking journey through blackout world, where electricity has suddenly disappeared.


There's no light in the buildings, appliances don't work, and an accident on the one city's power station became the reason of that the whole city was plunged into darkness.


And now Turnon, an alien electric creature arrived somewhere from the space, flew through the atmosphere and accidently hit in the city’s power station, have to return electricity to the city and bring citizens their usual and carefree life.


TurnOn is the game designed for all ages, inspired by the world event "Earth Hour" and desire to make an amazing story as in a great book or in an incredible movie.


Featuring charming art style, cute character personality, and soothing and magical soundtrack, TurnOn makes the world the way it was before, but a little better and kinder.

Game TurnOn is very easy in controls:

In-Game Controls:
/- Move
//- Jump Up
//- Jump Down
- Pause
- Navigation in Menu
In-Menu Controls:
- Previous Element
- Next Element
- Submit
- Back

There are some useful hints for the best score:


1) Be far from the ground. TurnOn appears in the nearest activated transformer box after falling down from the power line.


2) Don't be afraid about experimenting and trying to jump down in case you see something interesting!


3) Use blue power lines, poles, antennes, and a professor's minibus equipped with electric generator to move through the level.


4) Try to restore electricity everywhere it's possible and you'll be awarded by 3 lamps and achievements!


5) Be careful fighting with bosses. All of them has it's own weakness, which you can find in the definite moment!

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