Tomb Raider is the first chapter in the story of Lara Croft.

As the game begins, Lara is a young college graduate, eager to find adventure and make her mark on the archaeological world. With her best friend Sam, Lara joins an expedition aboard the research vessel Endurance in search of the lost kingdom of Yamatai.

Thought to have existed on an island somewhere off the coast of Japan, Yamatai’s true location has remained a mystery for centuries. Trusting in Lara’s research, Conrad Roth, captain of the Endurance, takes the expedition into a dangerous area of the sea known as the Dragon’s Triangle.

It is here that everything goes horribly wrong and Lara discovers the true price of adventure.

Rotate Camera
Aim Weapon
Fire Weapon
Survival Instincts
Alt Fire
Action / Reload
Melee / Finisher
Dodge / Roll
Weapon Select
Shoulder Swap
Weapon Zoom
Pause / Options
Player Status / Objective / Map
"Pause" Bring up the pause menu
"Show Map" Open the map screen
"Bow" Equip the bow
"Handgun/Pistol" Equip the handgun
"Rifle" Equip the rifle
"Shotgun" Equip the shotgun
"Stealth" Attach a silencer to the current weapon. If unavailable, use bow and arrow
"Cycle" Cycle to the next type of ammunition for the current weapon
"Regular" Cycle to regular arrows
"Fire" Cycle to fire arrows
"Explosive" Cycle to explosive arrows
Handgun / Rifle
"Silencer" Toggle the silencer
"Regular" Cycle to regular shells
"Fire/Incendiary" Cycle to incendiary shells
"Map" Jump to the map screen
"Skills" Jump to the skills screen
"Gear" Jump to the gear screen
"Relics" Jump to the relics screen
"Documents" Jump to the documents screen
"Close" Leave the map or any other status screen
"Resume" Leave the pause screen and go back into gameplay

Personal View
During some gameplay sequences you will notice an icon in the top-left of the screen indicating that the Personal View is active. During this time you can move your body to adjust your gameplay perspective. Simply lean to the left or right while seated or standing to get a better view of Lara’s surroundings. For best results please ensure you are sitting in front of the Kinect for Xbox One at an appropriate distance.
Relic Inspection
While viewing the relics you will find across Yamatai, you can use your hands to directly inspect the artifacts for clues and secrets. Simply raise your hand, make a fist, and move your hand laterally to rotate the relic. Zoom in by extending your arm towards the screen while keeping your hand closed. To release your hold on the relic, open your hand. For best results, please ensure you are sitting in front of the Kinect for Xbox One at an appropriate distance. If the sensor loses track of your hand, open it in front of you and close it to grab the relic again.

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