The Storm came without warning. 98% of the world's population vanished … then came the monsters. Lead the world's remaining Heroes in the fight to hold back the Storm. Explore the large, destructible world where no two games are ever the same. Build huge forts, craft exotic weapons, find loot and level up your Heroes. Take on the Storm with four player online co-op. Welcome to Epic Games’ new Action Building game, Fortnite.

Fortnite is a session based game, where the vast majority of the action takes place in Missions. These are selected via the mission selection on the Map menu. Selecting a mission brings you to a new screen where you may be joining other players to play with, or go on your own if you chose to. On the mission preparation screen, you'll have the opportunity to chose the hero you want to play with, along with your squad of choice (these may be support characters you chose to take with you in a mission to help).

Mission Types

  • Fight the Storm

    In this mission you will need to find the target location, deploy an ATLAS device on the target location (once you’ve found it on the map), power the ATLAS with BluGlo, then construct a defensible fort around the device! Once it's activated, get ready to defend it against waves of husks!

  • Retrieve the Data

    In this mission you will need to search the world for the location of the incoming data balloon. Before the balloon drops you will need to prepare a fort around the landing zone to prevent enemy husks from corrupting the files. Be careful, the balloon will drop after the timer hits zero so don’t lose track of time!

  • Ride the Lightning

    This mission type will have you search for Lars’ Van, as it represents your key to victory. Search the zone and complete secondary objectives to obtain enough BluGlo to power the van. Bring it and deposit it into the van then construct a fort around it! When you’re ready, start the objective and keep the van safe during each stage!

  • Destroy the Encampments

    This mission type will have you scour the map looking for husk encampments. There will be one active husk encampment at a time, but you can still explore to find all of their locations. Head to the active encampment and defeat all husks defending it to unlock the next one. Be careful, the difficulty of each encampment progressively increases!

  • Rescue the Survivors

    In this mission you will need to explore the zone for survivors to be evacuated. Be sure to reach the survivors before the husks do! While some survivors need no convincing that they need to evacuate, other survivors will ask you to gather some of their personal items before they're ready to leave.

  • Outpost Defense

    Once in a while, you might be have to go and defend your own outpost as it's ready to expand, these come in a mission type that will be using a persistant fort you've been building as you progress in the game. Make sure to ask your friends for help, the more you progress into the game the harder these defense missions will be!

Equipping your Hero & your Squad


Heroes come in a variety of rarities and classes. You can have heroes from 4 different classes: Commando, Constructor, Outlander and Ninja. The rarity will range from Uncommon (green) to Epic (orange). Each hero can equip items that you have acquired (through drops or blueprints crafts). 


  • Survivor Squads

    Survivors will increase your fortitude, offense, resistance, and tech. The more Survivors you have, the stronger you become. Just like blueprints and heroes, Survivors have increased rarity which makes them more powerful the higher their tier is. Unlock Survivors slots by progressing through the Skill Trees. Receive new Survivors by completing missions or smashing open pinata llamas!

  • Defender Squads

    Defenders can be deployed in your missions or in your Outpost to help you defeat husks. Each Defender requires a Defender Sentry Post (listed under traps), specific weapon in line with their class, and the ammo to go with it. Unlock Defender slots by progressing through the Skill Trees. Receive new Defenders by completing missions or smashing open pinata llamas!

  • Expedition Squads

    Expeditions have a chance to provide you with resources, items, and experience. These are completed by assigning Survivors to a vehicle and sending them out on a mission. The chance of completion is based on threat levels and the environment.


  • Blueprints

    Blueprints are the plans you use to craft specific types of items. Once you have a blueprint, you can build that item in-game as long as you have the crafting materials required. You can click on a specific blueprint to compare it to another item, recycle it to receive schematic XP (to level up other items), or inspect it to see more information.

  • Resources

    Resources like XP boosts (accelerate your XP gain), Hero XP (used to level heroes and defenders), and Schematic XP (used to level schematics) are found there.


Your commander and your hero will acquire skills (passive and active) as you progress through the skill tree. These will range from being able to heal your hero once every few minutes, to deploying a field mine that slows time around it, to an artillery airstike to help you valiantly defend your forts. 

Finding items & crafting components

As you explore the world and complete missions, you will be foraging for items and supplies that can be used to either defend yourself, or to craft more powerful items, as well as traps for your forts!  To find items, make sure you check every nook and cranny, open containers, tear down walls and floors to find secret passages, etc!

Combat controls:

Switch to build mode
Interact / Craft ammo
Cycle weapons / Harvest weapon
Ability 1
Ability 2
Ability 3
Aim down sights / Heavy melee
Fire / Melee
Move / sprint
Repair / Improve / Spot
Up: Toggle map
Left: Gadget 2
Right: Quick chat
Down: Gadget
Management menu
Game menu / Chat

Building controls:

Switch to combat mode
Interact / Jump to trap inventory
Cycle building piece
Change building material
Rotate building piece
Edit building
Place building or trap / Confirm
Move / Sprint
Repair / Improve / Spot / Edit Building reset
Up: Toggle map
Left: Equip building piece
Right: Quick chat
Management menu
Game menu / Chat
The possibilities in Fortnite are endless, the quality of your bases, your trap setup, your weapons... All of it has plenty of ways to be optimized! How about going over our official forums to chat with other like-minded Commanders!?

If you're having issues of any kind that aren't adressed in this small help guide, feel free to reach out to one of our player support team!