Hopefully the in-game tutorials provide all the help you'll need, but you can explore the sections in this manual to gain further knowledge. After all, knowledge is POWER!

Single Player

The aim of the single player campaign is to collect all of the Mega Coins in the fastest time possible. You'll find a Mega Coin on the last level of each world. Complete the levels by collecting and banking the target amount of coins. For the final level of each world you'll have to clear the hoard of enemies in order for the Mega Coin to appear.

Earning gems along the way will enable you to upgrade your character and unlock new powerups. These upgrades will help you blast through the levels quicker resulting in a faster total run time.

Upgrade gems can be earned at the end of each 'Bank the Coins' levels by completing the following objectives:
• Complete the level within the target time.
• Only use the bank once to deposit the target amount of coins.
• Complete the level without losing a life.

If you don't earn all upgrade gems on your first attempt, you can retry the level. However the time spent retrying levels will count towards your overall run time.

Each time you earn gems, you'll visit the Upgrade Room before the next level begins. Here you can try your luck at the cycling upgrade brick. Time spent in the Upgrade Room does not count towards your overall run time, so so there's no need to rush spending your gems!


Challenging your friends and family around one screen is awesome fun, and we've packed in lots of game modes and worlds to keep gameplay frantic and fresh. Gather around the TV and get ready for battle!

At the end of each round, players are awarded 1, 2 or 3 upgrade gems depending on where they ranked.

Winning a round will earn you a star, the first player to fill all the star slots wins the match.

The following rules explain how to play each Multiplayer game mode.

Bank the Coins

Collect and bank coins as quick as possible. The first player to bank the target amount of coins wins the round. Attacking your opponents will cause them to drop all the coins they are carrying which you can then steal and bank for yourself!

Mega Coins

Find and bank one Mega Coin at a time. The first player to bank the target amount of Mega Coins wins the round. You can't dash or fire while carrying a Mega Coin so avoid your opponents attacks while making your way to the bank!

Hold the Rainbow

Grab the Mega Rainbow Coin and run for you life! When you've got the Rainbow you'll automatically earn coins as you move. Standing still will not help as you'll stop earning. The first player to earn the target amount of coins wins the round.

Death Match

Each player starts with 3 lives, and the last player standing wins the round. Grab a weapon or use dashes to take out your opponents!

/ / Shoot
/ / Dash
Bank (when at the bank)
/ Move
/ Pause Game
Xbox Home Menu

Press down when in the air to ground pound.

Press down when on a one-way platform to drop down.