Basic Gameplay
Move to the beat of the music through the dungeon, defeating monsters and collecting gold and treasure.
Each monster has its own pattern. Learn the patterns so Cadence doesn't take damage.
Pick up Diamonds in the Zones to unlock more health, more treasure, and more items in the Lobby.
Each floor has a miniboss to defeat before you can advance to the next floor.
Each Zone has a boss to defeat before moving on to the next Zone.
Rescue the NPCs to unlock more rooms in the Lobby!

Single-Zones (1-4): Start each zone with a basic build. Complete the Zone to unlock characters, unlock the next Zone, and earn lots of Diamonds! Lobby upgrades can be used here.
All-Zones Mode: Start in Zone 1 and play through all the Zones in one attempt. Lobby upgrades do not apply to this mode, but items can be carried from one Zone to the next. Complete All-Zones mode with each character to earn Achievements!
Daily Challenge: A special All-Zones dungeon that changes daily. Everyone plays the same dungeon each day and tries to get the best coin score on the Leaderboard. Be careful- this mode only allows one try per day!
Default Controls:
Throw/Reload weapon.
Cast first spell.
Use first item.
Use second item.
Drop bomb.
Cast second spell.
Quick restart.
Open pause menu.
Xbox Home Menu.

You can change these in the options menu.