EA SPORTS™ Madden NFL 15 brings you the most exciting simulated football experience to date. Its biggest new emphasis is on defense. Everything from tackling to rushing the passer has been greatly improved, so you can feel the control you have over taking down the ball carrier and preventing big offensive plays.

Along with other enhancements to game modes such as Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), these put Madden NFL 15 a cut above.

Game Prep in Connected Franchise

Connected Franchise is back with the brand new feature Game Prep. As the owner of a franchise, you’re in charge of making sure your team is performing well. Now, Game Prep lets you earn Confidence or XP that will maximize your team’s ability for the upcoming game.

Major Defensive Improvements

Everything from tackling the ball carrier to improved pre-play controls and rushing the pass has been overhauled, providing the defense with all the tools needed for success.

Improved Hurry Up System

When Hurry Up is called, you’ll now have access to your playbook while the teams are running to the LOS. Select from any formations that match your on-field personnel when selecting plays during Hurry Up.

Global Coverage Adjustments

Choose from four different types of coverage techniques to make sure your defenders are ready to shut down the offense.

QB Contain

The new QB contain system mimics real-life QB contain behavior in the NFL, making play more realistic than ever.

Max Protect Blocking

Want to build a defense that’s almost unstoppable? This new piece of the slide protection system sets all TEs and players in the backfield to block.

New Mid-Play Player Switching Logic

Who do you want to control when the ball is snapped? For the first time in Madden NFL, you can scroll to which defender you want to control at that time—just hold and move in the direction of the defender you want to control.

New AI Chew Clock Feature

AI teams will now be able to activate a chew clock mode. This lets the AI teams on offense run the play clock down to 10 as soon as they break the huddle, preventing you from having to sit idle at the LOS for 30 seconds or more while the AI waits to run down the clock.

New Defensive Play Types

Playbooks now have defensive play types new to Madden NFL this year, designed to give you even more flexibility and logic when you’re making plays on the gridiron.

Coach Stick

Want to know at a glance how two teams match up? The new feature Coach Stick quickly shows you the strengths and weaknesses on both sides of the ball and where the best matchups are on the field. Position your players and prepare your strategy accordingly!

Madden Ultimate Team

A massive user interface overhaul has made Madden Ultimate Team more exciting than ever. Tasks such as collecting items and managing your team have been streamlined, leaving you with more time to get in and out of games.


CoachGlass is a second-screen experience that truly enhances the way you call your defensive plays. You’ll have access to real-time data on how your opponent is attacking you, while suggested plays based on community feedback provide insight on how best to stop them.

Skills Trainer

Practice is important if you’re going to dominate on the football field. That’s why Madden NFL 15 has added new drills to Skills Trainer that will help you improve your skills on the sticks. And make sure you check out the Gauntlet to put your newfound skills to the test!

Madden Messenger

The Madden Messenger is a new feature in Madden NFL 15 that will keep you in the loop, with Notifications about things that are important to you and a Social Feed that keeps your finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on with your Madden friends. Whether it’s your online franchise commissioner advancing the week, you getting outbid in an Ultimate Team auction, or seeing your friend start a hot winning streak, you’ll be able to jump right from the Messenger and straight into those modes.

Social Sharing

New to Madden this year is the concept of Social Sharing. When you sign in to the game for the first time, we’ll ask you if you’d like to participate in sharing your Madden experience with your friends.

Play Calling

The play calling experience has been dramatically overhauled in Madden NFL 15. While you can still call plays by Formation, Play Type, and Personnel, you’ll now have a new option: Coach Suggestions. Coach Suggestions is broken down into a few main areas:

Situation Produces a play that works well in that exact situation, whether it’s a 1st down, 2nd and long, 3rd and short, or any other.
Strategy Factors in what your opponent likes to run and recommends a good play to defeat that coverage!
Community Takes into account what the entire Madden community likes to run in that situation, providing you with successful plays from your playbook.
Frequent Gives you a list of the plays you’ve run the most and shows you how successful each of them has been.

You also have two options when deciding what play call method works best for you. Quick gives you one play onscreen at a time, while Enhanced gives you three.

You can also change the Tempo setting for the first time in Madden NFL. You’ll have three options here:

Normal The default option.
No Huddle Your offense automatically goes into the No Huddle offense every time it gets tackled in bounds and the clock is running.
Chew Clock This runs the play clock down to 10 seconds—a great option late in the game, when you’re looking to deplete the game clock!


Pre-play Offense

Snap ball (hurry to line)
Switch player
Motion player + /
Flip play +
Hot route
Pass protection +
Fake snap
Show Play Art
Player Lock
Show/Hide pre-play menu
Quiet crowd
Zoom in gameplay camera
Zoom out gameplay camera


Throw to receiver (1)
Lob to receiver (1) (tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (1) (hold)
Throw to receiver (2)
Lob to receiver (2) (tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (2) (hold)
Throw to receiver (3)
Lob to receiver (3) (tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (3) (hold)
Throw to receiver (4)
Lob to receiver (4) (tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (4) (hold)
Throw to receiver (5)
Lob to receiver (5) (tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (5) (hold)
Pump fake
Pump fake to specific receiver + / / / /
Check out of play action/scramble
Throw ball away
QB avoidance + direction
Total control passing + direction when throwing

Ball Carrier

Stiff arm punch (tap)
Stiff arm hold (near defender) (hold)
Celebrate (in open field) + (hold)
Spin / (half circle)
Dive/Slide (QB)
Pitch ball
Switch ball hand (tap)
Protect ball (hold)
Precision modifier (decelerate)
Stutter Step (tap)
Precision spin + / + (half circle)
Precision dive +
Precision high dive (behind blocker) +
Precision hurdle +
Acceleration burst
Speed change +
Juke /
Precision juke + /
Precision jump cut (behind line of scrimmage) + /
Back juke (back)
Precision back juke + (back)
Precision truck +
Lunge for yards (with stumble recovery icon active)
Stumble recovery (with stumble recovery icon active) (back)
Truck spin combo , , , ,
Precision truck spin combo + , , , ,
Juke left, spin left combo , , , ,
Precision juke left, spin left combo + , , , ,
Juke left, spin right combo , , , ,
Precision juke left, spin right combo + , , , ,
Juke right, spin left combo , , , , ,
Precision juke right, spin left combo + , , , , ,
Juke right, spin right combo , , , , ,
Precision juke right, spin right combo + , , , , ,
Back juke, spin left combo , , , ,
Precision back juke, spin left combo + , , , ,
Back juke, spin right combo , , , ,
Precision back juke, spin right combo + , , , ,
Juke left, juke right combo ,
Precision juke left, juke right combo + ,
Juke right, juke left combo ,
Precision juke right, juke left combo + ,

Ball in Air/Loose Ball

Auto play/Defensive assist
Switch player
Ball hawk (hold)
Acceleration burst


Pre-Play Defense

Individual adjustment
Switch player
Select player (hold) +
Audible menu
Coverage audible
Defensive line audible
Linebacker audible
Defensive keys
Off the line (tap)
Show Play Art (hold)
Zoom in gameplay camera
Zoom out gameplay camera
Defensive player lock camera
Defensive camera
Show/Hide pre-play menu
Pump up crowd

Defensive (Engaged)

Pass rush finesse move
Switch player
Pass rush power move
Hands up/Bat ball
Auto play/Defensive assist

Defensive (Pursuit)

Conservative tackle
Precision breakdown tackle +
Switch player
Aggressive tackle (close)/Dive tackle (far)
Auto play/Defensive assist
Strip ball
Acceleration burst
Hit Stick


Use your Kinect to give voice commands to your team at the line of scrimmage. You can say "Audible" to call audibles, speak the name of a receiver to select them, say "Line" to see line protection options, and more. Use this complete list of Kinect commands in Madden NFL 15 as a reference.


Offense - General
Hike Quiet Down Flip Play
Hurry Up Show Play Timeout
Challenge Spike Fake Spike
Offense - Audibles
Flip Play Quick Pass Run
PA Pass Deep Pass Custom
Offense - Receivers
Smart Route Streak Out Left
Out Right Curl Fade
Drag Slant Left Slant Right
Slant Zig Route Out
In Block Right Block Left
Motion Left Motion Right Hike
Timeout Cancel
Offense - Protections
Aggressive Pinch Block Left
Block Right Max Protect Reset
Hike Timeout Cancel


Defense - General
Flip Play Timeout Let's Go
Show Play Challenge Cancel
Defense - Audible
Audible Man Blitz Play
Cover 2 Cover 3 Custom
Custom Play Name Timeout Cancel
Defense - D-Line Shifts
D-Line D-Line Spread D-Line Pinch
D-Line Shift Left D-Line Shift Right D-Line Edge Rush
D-Line Crash Middle D-Line Crash Left D-Line Crash Right
Timeout Cancel
Defense - Linebacker Shifts
Linebackers LB Pinch LB Shift Spread
LB Shift Right LB Shift Left Zones
Blitz Blitz Right Blitz Left
Timeout Cancel
Defense - Coverage Audibles
Coverage Zones to Left Zones to Right
Zones to Sideline Zones to Middle Show Blitz/Fake Blitz
Base Press Back Off
Individual Timeout Cancel
Defense - Individual Coverage
Shade Left Shade Right Back Off
Spotlight Timeout Cancel
Defense - Keys
Run Run Left Run Right
Pass Shift Left Shift Right
Pinch Spread
Defense - Hot Routes
Hot Routes Hook Zone Deep Zone
Blitz Man QB Contain/Quarterback Contain
Flat Zone Curl to Flats QB Spy
Timeout Cancel
Defense - Select Players
Free Safety Strong Safety Cornerback
Middle Linebacker Left Linebacker Right Linebacker
Tackle Left End Right End

New Defensive Pre-Play Mechanics

Global Coverage Adjustments

Dictate the type of coverage technique you want your defenders to play:

Shade Underneath Puts defenders in a trail type of coverage where they’ll try to stay underneath the receivers they’re guarding.
Shade Over Top Puts defenders into a coverage position where they’ll try to stay over top of their opponents. They might give up things underneath, but they won’t get beat deep.
Shade Outside Puts defenders in a better position to stop routes going toward the sideline while giving up space in the middle.
Shade Inside Puts defenders in a better position to stop routes going toward the middle of the field while giving up space toward the sideline.

Quick Tip: Using this functionality mixed in with individual coverage adjustments is a great way to throw off opponents who may be keen to your global coverage adjustments. You can learn individual coverage adjustments in Skills Trainer.

Protect the Sticks

This adjustment will force flat, hook, and buzz zone defenders to leverage any routes that are in front of the first down marker. Defenders in zone assignments affected by this functionality will also make their zone drop point the first down marker.

Bluff Blitz

This new defensive hot route can do several things based on the defenders’ locations on the field. When hot routed to bluff blitz, defenders on the LOS or in the tackle box will guard the HB (if he is not already manned up) or drop into hook zone (if the HB is manned up). Meanwhile, defenders not on the LOS or in the tackle box will make their initial moves like a blitzer before aborting to their previous assignments.

QB Contain

The contain defensive hot route has been removed and replaced with a much more realistic QB contain system. This new system mimics QB contain behavior in the NFL with the following changes:

  • QB contains are now called through the defensive keys menu.
  • You can select Contain Right, Contain Left, or Both.
  • The outside pass rusher will go into a contain assignment based off of the contain adjustment the user calls.
  • Defenders in contain assignment will now engage a blocker, allowing them to slowly collapse the pocket while protecting the running lanes outside. Defenders in contain assignment can also disengage from blocks quickly when a QB rolls out to their side.

New Offensive Pre-Play Mechanics

QB Cadence

To further enhance authenticity, you’ll notice that it now takes longer to make pre-play hot routes in Madden NFL 15. This is to simulate the time it would take the quarterback to communicate the signals with each player, so you can get into the same rhythm as a real game.

Gone are the days of making several hot routes before your team has reached the LOS. Now, you’ll wait until your QB completes a Peyton Manning-like cadence animation before selecting your next hot route, smart route, or audible.

Quick Tip: When playing competitive Head to Head games, the QB cadence feature helps balance the effectiveness of quick hiking to improve it. The defense will now have a more reasonable amount of time to react to the offense’s adjustments.

Max Protect Blocking

Using this functionality allows you to set multiple people on your offense to hot route to a blocking assignment in one command. This is a nice complement to the new and improved QB cadence change, because it lets you avoid the QB’s delay in between hot routes whenever you want max protection!

New User Defensive Mechanics

Conservative Tackle Mechanic

When you’re on defense, you’ll have a vision cone size based on the rating of the player you are controlling. Press while the BC is in your vision cone to engage the BC in a non-big tackle animation. You can turn on/off the visual aspect of your vision cone in the settings menu.

Quick Tip: Make sure to time your hits carefully! If you attempt a conservative or aggressive tackle before the BC is in the defender’s vision cone, you’ll trigger a whiff animation that takes time to recover from.

Aggressive Tackle Mechanic

When you’re playing as a defender, press while the BC is in your vision cone to engage the BC in a big hit tackle animation—but this time, the vision cone will be smaller than the one for the conservative tackle mechanic!

Quick Tip: When chasing a BC make sure to press rather than to trigger a diving tackle. This is the opposite of how it worked in previous Madden NFL games but is more intuitive to our new system.

New Assisted Strafe Mechanic

This new mechanic lets you align your defender with the BC. While you’re near the BC and in front of him, hold to automatically align with him and set yourself up to tackle. While in assisted strafe, you can only move left or right so that you stay in front of the BC.

New Pass Rush Disengage

As a pass rusher, you can now press to disengage from a blocker while moving away from him. This makes it easier than ever to get away from a blocker and make quick plays when the situation calls for it.

New Finesse Pass Rush Move Mechanic

While engaged with a blocker, press to trigger finesse pass rush moves. If the move is successful, you’ll also trigger a finesse win animation that disengages in the direction you move . This makes these maneuvers more responsive than ever.

New Pass Rush Mechanics

No longer do you move to rush the quarterback. Now, you can press to perform power rush moves or to perform finesse moves.

New Pass Rush Initial Move Mechanic

Now you can press at the snap to perform pass rush initial moves. If you press right as the ball is snapped, you’ll see a successful fast pass rush initial move that increases your odds of playing a successful win animation. If you press at the wrong time, you’ll see a slow initial move—and you probably won’t see the win animation this time, either.

New Block Steering

When engaged with a blocker, you can now steer the defender and blocker by moving in the direction you want to steer the block toward. Depending on your goals for the play, you might use this mechanic to clog run lanes or collapse the pocket.

AI and Playbooks

New Defensive Play Types

Two new defensive plays are available in Madden NFL 15 :

Contain Plays These plays will have pass rushers on contain assignments already built into them, so you won’t have to make the adjustments at the LOS.
Disguised Coverage Shell Plays These play types will have defenders align in a way that disguises their coverage type. For example, you might have Cover 4 type plays where the defense aligns as if they are in Cover 1, or Cover 1 type play where the defense aligns like they are in 2 deep man or zone. There will be multiple new plays that use this new disguise coverage logic—so get ready to strategize.


Kicking Game Adjustments

Kicking in Madden NFL 15 is more realistic than it ever has been in the series so far. These adjustments will help capture the significance of the kicking game in the NFL.

Accuracy Matters To get an accurate kick, simply flick in the direction you want to kick to fly.
Kick Accuracy UI Check the UI on the kick meter to see where you should aim for a successful kick, and then follow it through. This UI updates as the user moves the kick arrow with .
Kick Accuracy Rating For the first time, the kick accuracy rating will play a major impact as it affects a kicker’s aiming sensitivity when moving to the desired position.
Kick Power The kick power rating has been adjusted across the board, so distance kickers can now kick based on their kick power rating. For example: players with a 99 kick power rating can now kick as far as a 64 yard FG, while a player with a 83 kick power rating can only kick as far as a 45 yard FG.
Authentic Wind Wind has been tuned to alter kicks in a more authentic manner.
Kicking UI New Kick Meter, kick distance, and landing spot visual lines have been added to help you assess where your kick is projected to go.


New Inaccurate Passes

Quarterbacks will now throw a number of inaccurate passes at a frequency that is based on their accuracy ratings. This means they’ll throw either very inaccurate, slightly inaccurate, accurate, or perfect passes. This game changer should increase the value of QBs like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning in Madden NFL 15.

Quick Tip: Check your QB’s three accuracy ratings to ensure you are throwing passes that play towards his strengths (short, medium, and deep).

ID the “Mike”

Purple Routes

When the running back has a purple route, he will stay in to block if his man blitzes or release out into a pass route if he doesn’t.

Bluffing Play Art

To bluff your play calling during multiplayer games, press and hold the button that corresponds to the play you wish to select. This secretly selects the appropriate play. Continue to hold the button while you scroll through other plays in order to bluff your opponent, and then release the button to exit the play calling screen.

Faded Receiver Icons

Your receiver's icon may be faded for the first few moments of the route before becoming more solid. This indicates your receiver's awareness. Your receiver won't be looking to catch the ball within the first five yards of a long streak pattern. A fully lit icon means that your receiver is ready for a pass, but make sure he's open before throwing the ball.

Mastering Pre-Play Adjustments

If you're looking to become a pro at making pre-play adjustments, visit the Skills Trainer. Here, you can take part in drills designed to make pre-play adjustments second nature for seasoned players.

Audible System

The improvements to audibles from Madden NFL 25 are back. No longer do you select five random plays that you have preset as audibles and can call at any time. Now, each formation has its own set of four audibles, and you can change these to whatever you like with a custom playbook (or within a game).

You can also change your formation to any other formation available in your playbook as long as it has the same personnel grouping that is currently on the field. For example, if you’re in a Normal I-Formation, the personnel grouping consists of two running backs, one tight end, and two wide receivers. At the line of scrimmage, you can now shift to any other formation that contains this grouping. This means you could shift to eligible formations such as Strong-I Normal, Weak-I Normal, or Pro-Set, each with its own four audibles you can select.

Precision Modified Moves

Madden NFL 15 brings back the success of Precision Modified Moves. While pulling and holding , press a corresponding button to feel ball carrier controls like you’ve never felt before in Madden NFL. Some of these Precision Modified Moves produce an entirely new animation (like Precision Spin and Hurdle), and all of them boost the ball carrier’s chance of faking out the defender!

Combo Moves

It doesn’t always take the press of a button to get past a defender in the open field. You now have the ability to pull off some serious maneuvers when you move . For example, moving , , will perform a Juke Left, Spin Right Combo Move. Pull and hold while performing these moves to add an even greater chance of faking out the defender.

Game Screen

  1. Away team
  2. Home team
  3. Possession
  4. Score
  5. Timeouts remaining
  6. Play art
  1. Quarter
  2. Time remaining
  3. Down and distance
  4. Starting line
  5. Play clock
  6. Receiver icons

Pause Menu


Pick up where you last paused the game.

Instant Replay

Check out the previous play from various replay angles.

Game Options

Settings Change a number of game settings including difficulty, gameplay sliders, and volume control.
Custom Audibles Set specific audibles for each formation in your playbook.
Call Timeout Stop the game clock and give your team time to rest.
Depth Chart Manage your roster and move any player to the starting role.
Medical Center View all the injuries that have occurred during the game.
Manual Open up the in-game manual where you can quickly find answers to any questions about Madden NFL 15.


Basic Controls View the Basic Controls section of the in-game manual.
Complete Controls View the Complete Controls section of the in-game manual.
Controller Select Bring another player into the game or switch what team you’re controlling.


Statistics View all statistics that have accumulated in the game to that point.

Quit Game

Leave the game. All progress will be lost.

Main Menu

Home Panel

Select to jump right into a game, watch the latest On Demand videos, keep up with challenges, and access your Fantasy Football.

Play Panel

Access Connected Franchise, Online Head to Head, Madden Ultimate Team, Skills Trainer, Play Now, Practice, and GMC Never Say Never Moments.

Share Panel

Madden Share allows you to upload or download custom playbooks, gameplay sliders, or custom rosters with the entire Madden NFL community. Once you’ve downloaded a piece of content from Madden Share, you have the ability to view more content from the creator and even rate their work.

Download Community Files

The Community Files screen is where you can see all the different types of files that have been shared by the entire Madden NFL community. You can select a file to download or visit that creator’s personal screen and see their other shared files. You can also filter your list to view only Custom Roster, Offensive Playbook, Defensive Playbook, or Custom Sliders.

Share My Files

When you feel like you’ve created the supreme custom playbook, roster, or sliders, come here to share it amongst the entire Madden NFL community.

My Downloads

Keep track of all the files you’ve downloaded and rate the content. This is how the Madden NFL community knows which piece of content or creator reigns supreme.

Customize Panel

Manage Rosters

A bevy of options are at your disposal inside Manage Rosters. Edit any team’s players or roster, whether it’s via trade, signing free agents, or actually editing an individual’s appearance, jersey number, or even ratings. Saving whatever changes you make to the roster is how you create custom rosters. You can always share these creations with the Madden community via Madden Share or importing into your CFM.

Creation Center

Create new players and customize uniform options. If you’re always adjusting what pants, socks, or jersey your team is wearing by default, you can come here and customize until everything is the way you want it.

Customize Playbooks

Have you ever wished your favorite offensive playbook had more formations or plays that you’ve seen on other teams? Creating a custom playbook solves that problem. First, pick a base playbook that you are already familiar with, and then add any other play that is available in the game. You can also create a defensive custom playbook. You can even customize your set audibles as you are creating your custom playbook.

Assign Auto-Subs

Adjust the frequency of substitutions. To assign auto-subs, go to each position and set the fatigue threshold at which you want the player to automatically come out.


Adjust any and all gameplay settings such as play call style, difficulty level, sliders, and much more. You can also update your Origin account, check out the latest news, and look over a FAQ.

Manage Files

Here is where you can save, load, or delete any files in your possession.

Gridiron Club

View your loyalty awards for playing past EA SPORTS titles. Playing previous titles earns you loyalty and is rewarded with Madden Ultimate Team coins.


Here is where you go to redeem any preorder bonus or promotion that may be associated with Madden NFL 15. You can also check out the credits.

Connected Franchise

What is Connected Franchise?

Connected Franchise is where gridiron legends are made. Take control of an NFL Player, Coach, or Owner, or create your own as you aim for the Hall of Fame and experience the highs (and lows, if you’re not careful) along the way. All of the excitement and drama of the NFL can be found—and lived—in Connected Franchise.

What’s New in Connected Franchise?

This year, it’s all about preparation. Madden NFL 15 ’s Connected Franchise features Game Prep, a new and in-depth practice system that drastically affects every part of your team (or player). In addition, Connected Franchise now features all-new randomized draft classes with branching storylines, an improved relocation experience with all-new uniforms, new commissioner tools, a Confidence rating that changes how your player performs on the field, a brand new free agency experience, the ability to hire/fire staff during the season and more.

Game Prep

As Connected Franchise Mode’s all-new practice system, Game Prep allows control over every facet of your team’s preparation for future opponents through a variety of activities. For Game Prep, you are given a certain amount of hours to allocate to what you’d like to improve on and it’s up to you to decide what the focus is on each week. There are three primary types of activities and Drills you can choose from when deciding what to focus on each week:

Earn XP As an Owner or Coach, select an activity involving a specific position group or player to earn experience points that can be used to progress their attributes. As a Player, work on gaining experience points for your own character.
Confidence Drills As an Owner or Coach, you’ll have the opportunity to increase the Confidence rating of your players. Install Schemes for a small boost to each player, or focus more heavily on a certain group or player for a bigger Confidence boost. As a player, you’re only going to be worried about increasing your own Confidence rating.
In-Game Drills Similar to Madden NFL’s Skills Trainer, this is your chance to get some one-on-one time with your players. You’ll be able to demonstrate their abilities on the field and learn the intricacies and controls for specific techniques. For instance, as a Coach or Owner, you can take your quarterback through a lesson where he’ll learn how to recognize a Cover 3 defense, and passing the drill rewards them with XP. As a Player, you’ll find drills tailored to your position; for instance, as a cornerback, you might learn how to become a Ball Hawk.

Confidence Rating

As mentioned above, with Game Prep’s new Confidence Drills, each one of your players now has a Confidence rating that changes based on things like team performance, signing top free agents, or winning games at home. Confidence can also decrease when you lose home games or trade away a great player. This rating affects you on the field, as a more confident team is more likely to perform well and a less confident team is not. As a Player, your focus will be on building your own character’s Confidence rating to ensure you make the most of your on-field opportunities.

Randomized Draft Classes with Branching Storylines

You’ll never see the same player twice with Connected Franchise’s all-new random draft classes. Players are completely randomized from the ground up, including everything from player attributes and names to height and weight. Build your team knowing you’re the only player in the world with that exact roster!

The best part of these draft classes is that they retain a key immersive feature from previous years: Branching Storylines! Each year, your draft class will feature all the twists and turns that real NFL Draft prospects experience throughout their final year(s) of college. There’s even a chance that an underclassman you’ve been scouting decides to stay in school for his senior year and you’ll have to choose another prospect. All of the unpredictability that you expect, you can find in Madden NFL 15.

Improved Relocation Experience

Because relocation is a major aspect of Owner Mode, we improved it for Madden NFL 15. This year, the goal is to make your team feel as unique and realistic as possible in comparison to what an actual new NFL franchise would look like.

Multiple Advance Points

Have you ever wanted to be an armchair General Manager and only worry about the offseason with free agency and the NFL Draft? Maybe you’d like to go to the playoffs right after you clinch the top seed in your conference? Now you can, thanks to multiple advance points. But don’t worry if you’d like to play each week of the year like you’re used to, because the standard week-to-week method is still available in Madden NFL 15.

New Commissioner Tools

Madden NFL 15 features two new tools for Commissioners to use at their disposal, giving leagues more control than ever before over how they are run.

Designate Auto-Pilot Length If you know you’ll be out of town or unavailable for an extended amount of time, you can now set yourself or other users to auto-pilot for multiple weeks. This feature is also available for league members and not strictly limited to Commissioners.
Multiple Commissioners Running a multiple-user Online CFM can be extremely time-consuming—but life can happen at any moment. Connected Franchise understands that. Now, you’ll have the option to designate another user as a second Commissioner, making sure your league never has to worry if you’re not available to advance the week. This feature can be added and removed at will by the original Commissioner.

Short-Term Injured Reserve

The NFL recently introduced a new rule for injured reserve, allowing teams the opportunity to designate a player on short-term Injured Reserve. This means the injured player is eligible to return after eight weeks. You now have the same ability to do that, which is clutch for Coaches and Owners who want to hold onto a player without forcing him to miss the entire season. Percy Harvin’s return to the Seattle Seahawks from short-term IR helped the team take home the Lombardi Trophy in 2013. Will you have the same experience?

Improved Depth Chart

If you played Connected Franchise in Madden NFL 25, you might have encountered an issue where Overall Ratings for your players in depth chart in the main CFM hub would differ from what appeared in the game’s pause menu. In Madden NFL 15, the depth charts will be consistent throughout the mode, allowing you to put your team in the best possible position to win. Who sees the field is extremely important to the outcome of games, and now your personnel management will be without confusion.

SuperSim Overhaul

The SuperSim engine has been rebuilt and fine-tuned to produce results of simulated games that are more true to the NFL than ever seen before in Madden. Statistics are a major aspect of how players are viewed in terms of individual and team success, and throughout the course of your season you will notice players racking up numbers comparable to what you see in real life.

32-Player Control (Offline)

In an offline Connected Franchise mode, you can control one character from each of the 32 franchises. For example, you can be the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the head coach of the San Diego Chargers, and the starting QB for the St. Louis Rams.

Transaction Log

It’s no longer a guessing game when it comes to finding out all the roster movement in the league. The transaction log records every free agent signing, trade, injury, and contract extension.

Owner Mode

Select a backstory if you choose to start as a created owner. Backstories provide an identity to your character and also have an in-game impact. The three backstories for an owner are:

Former Player Gives you an advantage when it comes to team popularity and you’ll start with $5 million in available funds.
Lifelong Fan Gives you an advantage with fans and you’ll start with $5 million in available funds.
Financial Mogul Gives you an advantage financially as you’ll start with $10 million in funds, but you’ll start with no Legacy score and player happiness will be low.


Who doesn't want to be the owner making the most money in the league? Having a successful team that performs on game day while making all the right business decisions will help propel you up the revenue leaderboard.


It's easy to become overwhelmed as an owner, but that's why you have help. An advisor from every aspect of Owner mode will be there to help you out and keep you updated on everything that's going down.

Price Setting

Owners have the power to set the prices of tickets, concessions, and merchandise. Are you in a situation where you aren't selling out your home games? You might have to lower your tickets and lure the customer back through the doors. Or perhaps your stadium is at maximum capacity and you have the urge to hike up concessions. The options are endless, but you can be sure that your fans will let you know how you're treating them. You can begin altering prices by going to the Owner tab and navigating to the Finances advisor.

Team Value

Team Value is determined by how you rank in eight different categories. Having the highest Team Value is a distinction that every owner in the NFL would love to boast. The eight categories that affect your overall Team Value are Fan Happiness, Team Success, Popularity, Staff, Stadium, Concession, Merchandise, and Tickets. The owner who ranks first in Team Value needs to be well rounded in every facet of the game. It’s also important to note that the signing bonus you allocate to free agents or players from your own team you re-sign is pulled from the funds that help make up your Team Value.

Team Popularity

Team Popularity is a key component when it comes to understanding how you’re earning revenue. There are three different levels of popularity: National, Regional, and Local. The four factors that play the biggest role in determining your Team Popularity are Team Success, Fan Happiness, Primetime Wins, and Market Size. Having success on Monday or Sunday night as well as in the playoffs will pay huge rewards in your National popularity. Having a high National popularity equates to more jersey sales and you can start accumulating the extra dollars it takes to bring in that key free agent or renovate your stadium.

Staff Hiring

Having a solid staff not only benefits your team’s success but also affects your fan happiness. A great staff starts with a head coach. Should you happen to need a new head coach, look to make a big splash by signing one with a high coaching level. A high coaching level translates to more scouting points, which come in handy when it comes to scouting more thoroughly than the rest of the league. Next, you need a scout. One way to value different scouts is by utilizing their specialty. If you’re an owner that loves to find out a wide receiver’s speed, find a scout that specializes in WR Speed and you’ll be able to scout that attribute at a discount. And the last piece in a great staff is the trainer. The trainer can really help slow down regression and build players back up after coming off an injury.

Fan Happiness

Staying up to date with your fan base is crucial for your overall success as an owner. They'll make their voices heard when things are going well and be even more vocal if something isn't meeting their standards. You can quickly gauge your fan base by going to the Owner tab and meeting with the Fan Happiness advisor.


Knowing how popular your team and players are is a vital tool when it comes to earning more revenue. Checking in with the Marketing advisor will inform you on where your team stands compared to the rest of the league and even whose jersey is selling the most. Jersey sales are determined by a player’s personality rating, age, overall, and position.

Media Statements

Throughout the season, you are going to answer questions from the media. Your answers will set the tone for the entire fan base. If you guarantee a Super Bowl and miss the playoffs, your fans will be calling for your job! You’ll be notified when it’s time to address the media in the Actions tab.

Stadium Upgrades

Keeping your stadium up to date with the latest and greatest technology will keep your fans dying to come back to the stadium and pay top dollar. You can choose to renovate or upgrade various parts of the stadium. If things are really bad, you can even choose to rebuild the stadium from the ground up.


In case things just aren't working out or you feel the grass is greener on the other side, you can opt to relocate your entire franchise to a different city. There are a certain number of cities to choose from, and some might even help pay for you to pack up the moving trucks.

Choose a City
Relocating the franchise is a four-step process. Where you’ll be moving to is the first important decision. The 17 eligible cities to relocate to are:
  • London, England
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Toronto, Canada
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Sacramento, California
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Austin, Texas
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Houston, Texas
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Choose Name

The next week you’ll have to decide on a team name and logo. You’ll have the option to retain the current team name of the franchise you’re moving or pick from a list of three new names that cater to the city that you’re moving to. Be sure to take into account the Fan Interest of each name.

Choose Uniform

Next, choose what to wear from a Classic, Modern, or Traditional style uniform. Again, it’s important to also consider what the popular choice is as it will affect how excited your new fan base will be.

Choose Stadium

Finally, it’s time to select a stadium that you can call home. There are 16 stadiums ranging in both style and cost. You might be able to pay off the Basic Canopy Stadium the quickest, but you run the risk of not attracting as many fans to the field if you disregard the more luxurious options.

Roster Building

Scouting Players

During each week of the regular season, you have the ability to take a look at the upcoming draft class and begin to target who might be a good fit on your team. Each week, you earn Scouting Points that can be used to unlock ratings, traits, and even the player type of anyone in the draft.

Points are limited so it's important to have a good plan and know what position you are weak in or what player is in the final year of his contract. Having a firm grasp on the state of your team both in the present and future will steer you in the right direction when it comes to scouting.

Another reason why it is so important to scout during the season is that if you don’t, you’ll have no knowledge of any player once the draft comes along. Trying to blindly select a player will come back to bite you more than ever in Madden NFL 15. For example, if your team runs a 3-4 defensive scheme but you end up drafting a 4-3 defensive end, your team will strongly downgrade that defensive scheme.

Branching Storylines

Each year, there are a handful of players whose path to the draft may take several twists and turns. If you don’t keep up with the storylines, you may run the risk of banking on the can’t-miss running back only to find out later that he’s switched positions or even pulled out of the draft altogether.


Six ratings are an integral part of Connected Franchise and play a big role in how you shape your team. These ratings give each team an authentic identity to who they are and how they construct their football team. It is important to understand what these ratings do and how they are calculated. These ratings do not affect your player on the field but instead are used to help shape the personality of each NFL organization.

Personality Rating Helps determine how marketable the player is. The more marketable the player, the better chance he’ll have of becoming a top-10 selling jersey in the NFL, which of course means more money for the owner.
Physical Rating Calculated from a player’s physical ratings, player type and position. For example, a WR's physical rating would weigh heavier on speed, agility, jumping, and catching, whereas an offensive lineman is weighed on run, pass, and impact blocking.
Intangible Rating Calculated off of a player’s intangible ratings. Player type and position are also taken into consideration. For example, a QB’s intangible rating would be weighed heavier on short, medium, and deep accuracy while a defensive end is weighed on block shedding, power, and finesse moves.
Size Rating Calculated from the height and weight of a player while also factoring in the position and player type of that individual. For example, a Power RB who is 6'0" and 247 lbs would have a 99 size rating. But if he were a Speed HB, his size grade would be considerably lower.
Production Rating Calculated from the player’s season and career stats, position, and age. It is important to understand that a rookie will enter with a production rating of zero. That will increase as he begins to produce on the field.
Durability Rating Calculated from a player’s durability rating. Injury, stamina, and toughness are all factored in when determining the durability rating. The age and position of a player are taken into consideration as well.
Player Types & Schemes

It is important to understand the scheme your team runs and what player type they look for at a specific position.

Since each NFL team evaluates players differently, it's essential to know what piques their interest and in turn, value you even higher. For example, if you’re a receiving back looking to crack into the Arizona Cardinals starting lineup, you may find yourself buried on the depth chart. The Cardinals are a Power Run offense, looking for a Power HB. Your overall rating will be lower in that system than it will be in Philadelphia, who is looking for a Receiving HB.


Re-Signing Players

During the regular season, you’ll notice pending free agents want to start negotiations on a new deal. If you decide against negotiating in the middle of the season, you’ll have one last opportunity to re-sign your own free agents to-be at this stage of the offseason. But before you choose to re-sign a player, remember that during the offseason it’s important to understand how much money your team has available to spend because you’ll have to choose if it’s best to re-sign a player, use the franchise tag, or opt to replenish the roster in free agency or the draft.

If you do decide to enter into negotiations with one of your players at this stage, make sure it’s an offer that suits both you and the player. If the player declines to sign the deal he’ll be off to test the open free agent market, so make your first offer count!

Free Agency Bidding

After having a chance to re-sign your own free agents, you’ll then have your pick of the litter in free agency. This free-agency period is a time when teams can beef up their roster in a hurry, assuming your team has plenty of salary cap space and the right free agents are on the market.

You’ll first notice that each player has a current market value, which is essentially telling you what you can expect to pay for the services of that player. You’ll also notice the logos from other teams in the NFL. These are all the teams that have an interest in that player.

Contract Offers

After offering your initial contract to the free agents that you’ve targeted, you’ll have to advance the week to get an update on the player. Go back into the free agency screen and sort by My Negotiations for a quick view of all the players you are attempting to sign.

At this point, you’ll see whether or not the player has decided to sign with you, accepted another team's offer, or not made a decision just yet. If the player has not made a decision, you have the option to increase your offer, pull your offer, or keep it as is. Free agency lasts four weeks so make sure you keep an eye on everything.


After the free agency period has ended, it’s off to the NFL Draft!

From this hub you’ll see the draft order plus a list of actions you can take. While another team is on the clock, you have the option to offer a trade to that team and move up in the draft order, take a look at the overall draft board, or advance the draft. Sticking around and watching the action unfold has never felt as alive as it does in Madden NFL 15.

You’ll see messages start flying in as sports personalities react to the most recent selection. Also, as previously mentioned, certain players have branching storylines and their path to the draft will be told by the voices of Trey Wingo and Adam Schefter once that player has been selected. However, if you are looking to speed the process up, you can advance to the next user pick to bypass all draft selections by the AI.

Signing Rookies

Madden NFL 15 no longer includes the option for you to negotiate with the rookies you have drafted. This task is automatically completed for you as a way to replicate the new way rookie contracts are constructed in the NFL.

Playing as a Coach

Coach Progression

Each coach in Madden NFL 15 has a Coach Level. It begins at Level 1 and can reach up to Level 30. If you create a coach, you’ll enter the league as a Level 1. This gives you easier team goals, but you’ll be paying full price for packages. As you begin to have success, you start to level up. A Level 30 coach will have extremely high team goals, but can purchase packages at a discounted price.

Spending XP

Spending XP as a coach is much different than spending it as a player. As a coach, you’ll have the option to spend your XP on packages that decrease the odds of a player retiring, make it easier for you to re-sign a player, boost the amount of XP a particular position earns, or even increase the amount of Scouting Points you earn every week.

Progressing Players

As a coach, not only can you accrue XP and Scouting Points to use for yourself, but your players will also be earning XP based on their in-game performance and own set of personal goals. You can choose to apply that XP yourself or allow the AI to do it for you.

The benefits of applying XP on your own is that you can start to shape your players based on how you want them to fit into your system. If you want the smartest team in the league, use all of your XP on Awareness and Play Recognition. However, if you just want to beef up the weaknesses of players on your squad to make them well-rounded contributors, you can go that route as well. The choice is yours to make.

Of course, applying XP to every player on your roster can be time consuming. So maybe after you get through spending the XP of key players, you can back out and delegate the AI to apply everyone else’s XP. This will not only save time, but also ensure that everyone is using the XP they have earned.

Playing as a Player

Creating Player

You have the option to play as an active player, NFL Legend, or create a new character altogether. New in Madden NFL 15 is the ability to see where you’ll place on the depth chart of each team as you are choosing which franchise to be a part of.


The three options for a player backstory are: Early Draft Pick, Late Round Pick, and Undrafted. Playing as an early draft pick will give you the highest possible ratings for a rookie, but you’ll also have much higher on-field expectations than an undrafted rookie.


Season, Weekly, and Milestone are the three types of goals you have as a player. Reaching your goals will earn you XP, which you use to improve your player attributes.


During the season, you’ll have the opportunity to practice as your player or with the team. You’ll have the option to select from various scenarios based on difficulty. Utilize this time to rack up some much-needed XP and secure your spot on the depth chart!

Spending XP

You begin to accumulate XP throughout the season based on your on-field performance. Once you have enough XP, buy packages that will boost any of the player’s ratings.


At any point, you have the option to retire your player. By doing this, you’ll also have the option to select a new player, coach, or owner and pick up at the same exact point in the season or year in which you left.

Legacy Score

All awards from MVP to Super Bowl championships count toward your Legacy score. The Legacy score is ultimately how you’re judged against the greats that have ever played the game. You need a high enough Legacy score to end up in the Hall of Fame!

Madden Ultimate Team

What is Madden Ultimate Team?

Welcome to the fantasy football mode where you play the games. You’ll receive a squad of starter players and can then choose one of eight team styles to be your initial focus.


Collect players and other items with Auctions and packs purchased in the Store or earned in specific game modes. Play games to earn coins, the in-game currency. Spend real cash to get points to redeem for packs and bundles.


Upgrade your team with the new players you’ve acquired, and don’t forget the Trade Block where you can exchange your extra items with other players to get what you need.


Dominate on the gridiron in Solo Challenges and 10-game, head to head Seasons tournaments featuring playoffs, multiple levels, and even Super Bowls.

What’s New in Madden Ultimate Team?

If you’re a returning Madden Ultimate Team player, here’s what’s new for you this year.

Objectives Take a tour of the mode and complete simple tasks to earn rewards.
Lineup A powerful new lineup screen lets you choose your starters and manage your depth chart.
Item Binder Replacing the old reserves, the Item Binder features useful filters, sorts, and item actions.
Sets Collections are now called Sets and are easier to complete—so no more “pending collection.”
Points Purchase Points with real cash to buy bundles and other special items.

Diving Into Madden Ultimate Team

To get started, select M15 ULTIMATE TEAM from the Play panel and choose your team uniform and a free style pack. Select a style that matches the strategy you use in Madden. Do you like to throw the bomb? Take the Long Pass Style Pack. Do you want to control the clock and grind the yards? Take Ground and Pound. You can change your team style later.

What is Style?

Individual players and coaches bring their own style bonuses to your squad, and those are combined into an overall Team Style rating that boosts key attributes for your players. There are four Team Styles on offense and four on defense.

Offensive Styles
  • Short Pass
  • Long Pass
  • Ground and Pound
  • Speed Run
Defensive Styles
  • Pass Rush
  • Run Stuff
  • Man Coverage
  • Zone Coverage

Each style boosts your team in one particular play strategy. For example, Pass Rush helps your defenders shed blocks and pursue the ball carrier. Your team is limited to one style choice until you achieve a team overall rating (OVR) of 85. This unlocks a second Team Style, letting you customize your squad even more.

How Do I Upgrade My Team?

Play Solo Challenge games against the CPU to get coins you can spend on items and packs in the Store. You can also get coins by selling items in the Auction House, or using the quicksell value on any item from your Item Binder.

What’s a Pack?

A pack contains several random items that you can collect to upgrade your team. Most packs include several player items and also a few non-player items such as playbooks, uniforms, coaches, collectibles, or stadiums. You may earn packs as loyalty rewards or rewards for Sets, Seasons, or Solo Challenges. You can also buy individual packs or bundles of packs in the Store.

What’s a Tier?

Tier is the measure of the quality of an item. Items of higher tiers are typically more powerful or useful than those of lower tiers. Items are color coded by tier so you can easily judge their quality.

Elite items aren’t found in every pack, but sometimes an elite item replaces a gold item. A few packs or bundles may include guaranteed elite tier items, as their descriptions will explain in the Store.

What’s a Program?

You’ll also find items that are part of a program. There are many programs offered throughout the year, such as Draft, Fantasy, or Playoff. Each program has a special group of items tied to a central theme, and special events like Solo Challenges or Sets are often based on a program. You can filter your item searches by program in the Item Binder, Auctions, and Trades.

Now, let’s examine each tab in the mode and see what’s available to help upgrade your team!


On the Live tab seen when you enter MUT, you’ll find special announcements about the many content updates for the mode. You’ll see new Solo Challenges to play and new Sets to collect appearing several times a week. Make sure you check out the new events, because that’s where you’ll find the best players to upgrade your team.


Also on the Live tab is the Objectives list. If you ever need a tip about what to do next, just refer to your Objectives. These constitute a helpful group of tasks that will teach you about Ultimate Team while you complete them. You’ll receive a reward for doing all the tasks, so keep going until you finish them all!


The Play tab gives you access to the games you can play with your Ultimate Team. Solo Challenges are single-player games against teams controlled by the CPU. Head to Head Seasons is an ongoing tournament format where you can play against other random MUT players. You can also play a friend in a head to head game from the Play tab.

Solo Challenges

There are many categories of Solo Challenges to play, with four levels of difficulty and varying quarter lengths. Select a Solo Challenge to see all the details about it. Some Solo Challenges have entry requirements based on collectibles or team style ratings. Start with the Preseason games, and progress into the Regular Season challenges to begin earning coins and item rewards. New Solo Challenges are added all the time, so check the Live hub often to find them.

Head to Head Seasons

Head to Head Seasons provides a tournament experience with a series of 10-game seasons against other random MUT players. If you win enough games in a season, you’ll make the playoffs and qualify for advancement to the next level. There are eight levels in all, and each one has its own playoffs and Super Bowl. You’ll earn coins and item rewards along the way. Start a Seasons tournament today, and complete the games at your own pace. There’s no time limit. Play a little or a lot, and you’ll always match up with a player who has similar skills.


On the Marketplace tab, you’ll find a featured offer along with access to the Store, Auction House, and Trade Block.


The Store has items you can purchase with the coins you’ve earned from Solo Challenges and Auctions, or the points you’ve bought. You’ll find several different kinds of packs at various prices. Each pack includes a number of random items with the chance to find a high-quality elite player.

You’ll also find pack bundles that provide a bulk purchase discount. Some large pack bundles come with a guaranteed elite player as a special bonus. Visit the Store often to find special limited-time promotions and sales.

What Are Points?

You can purchase points with real cash and redeem them for bundles and other special items.

Auction House

You can access Auctions & Trades from the Marketplace tab. In the Auction House, you can buy and sell items with other players. This is a great way to find the items you need, or turn unused items into coins. You can search Auctions by type, tier, position, team, and overall player rating. See how much time is remaining in the Auction to plan your strategy accordingly. When someone places a bid and there’s less than a minute left, a few seconds are added to the Auction.

To place one of your items in the Auction House, bring up the Item Viewer and choose Auction. You can determine the duration, starting price, and buy it now price for your item Auction. Some items may be assessed an auction fee.

You can examine your posted auctions and active bids from the Auctions & Trades hub as well.

Trade Block

The Trade Block lets you exchange items with other players. You may get a great deal by trading an item that’s not in your lineup but might be useful to another player, while receiving something valuable to you in return. You can search the Trade Block in the same way you searched the Auction House. To post an item, select TRADE from the Item Viewer. Describe what you want with duration, type, tier, position, team, style, or rating. Once an offer is made, decide whether to accept it and complete the trade or decline. Some items may be assessed a trade fee.

Manage the trades you’ve posted and the offers you’ve made from the Auctions & Trades hub.


The Team tab helps you manage all aspects of your team. You can visit your Lineup, adjust your Coaching and Equipment, and manage contracts and styles with Team Management.


Take a moment to examine your Lineup. Choose a stack and move up and down between depth chart positions. Select a player to see possible substitutions. Choose Team Options to change your team style, or use Best Lineup to have the CPU automatically build your team based on overall rating or style. Scroll left and right to see the parts of your team, such as Offense, Defense, and Specialist.


Your players and coaches need contracts to play games. Each game played uses up one contract for that player or coach. In the Item Viewer on the key attributes page, you can see how many contracts a player or coach has remaining. You can extend contracts from there, or extend the contracts of your head coach and all the players in your lineup on the Team Management screen you can find in the Team tab.


On the Items tab, you can view and manage all the items you own. You can flip through your Item Binder and manage your collection with powerful filters and sort tools. Check out your unopened packs on the Items tab, and you can examine all the Sets available as well.

Item Binder

Use the filters to limit the items you’re looking for, and sort with the drop-down list in the upper right. Select an item to view with the Item Viewer, which provides many actions such as Compare, Promote to Starter, Extend Contracts, Add to Set, Auction, Trade, or Quicksell. Scroll through the pages of details on each item including key attributes, style bonus, and description.


Accessed from the Items tab, Sets (formerly known as “collections”) are a great way to earn coins and item rewards for any of the items in your collection. Browse through the different Sets to examine their requirements and rewards. The Item Viewer has an Add to Set option, or you can examine the Set to see what items you own that can be added. You can also search the Auction House to fill out that Set. You’ll receive your reward automatically when you add the last required item. Check here often, since new Sets are added every week.

How to Succeed in MUT

Coins are the in-game currency of MUT, and you earn these throughout the mode for winning games and completing Sets. You can use coins to purchase packs in the Store or bid in the Auction House. Points are new this year, and you can purchase them with real cash and then redeem them for special items like bundles.

Earn more coins by completing Solo Challenges, finishing Sets, or selling items in the Auction House. You can also quicksell many of the items you’re not currently using to earn a few coins. Every day there are new events added to the mode, and you can find out about all the most recent news on the Live hub when you enter MUT.

Now that you have a feel for the mode, it’s time to learn about the items you can collect to build your team. There are a few basic categories.


Players make up the lineup of your Ultimate Team. Over 1,400 players from all 32 NFL teams are available for you to collect, even including some legendary players from the past. Players have an overall rating (OVR), a preferred position, contracts, style bonus, and many other attributes that directly affect their play on the field.

When you’re viewing a single item, you can page through several views to see key attributes, that item’s style bonus, and other important information.

Team Items

You’ll also find head coach, uniform, stadium, and playbook items in most packs. These allow you to customize your team in many ways, although only head coaches and playbooks affect gameplay. When you change your home uniform, your favorite team is also changed to match throughout the Ultimate Team mode.


Collectibles are special items you’ll find in packs that represent key plays, important victories, and all kinds of football-related items and events. You can’t add them to your lineup, but you can view them in the Item Binder. Collectibles are often used to complete Sets for coin and item rewards. Sometimes you’ll find a collectible that you can quicksell for 500 coins or more.

Head Coach

You’ll need a Head Coach before your team can take the field. In addition to his overall rating, the primary function of your head coach is to add his style bonus to your Team Style total. Of course, you’ll also see him on the sideline during games. Make sure that the Team Style of your head coach matches a style you’ve chosen in case you make a change.

Online Head to Head

If you like the thrill of competing against another person, then Online Head to Head is the place for you. Jump into the mix with Quick Match games and a new matchmaking system that will keep you competing against people that play just like you do.

Quick Match

By default, Quick Match games search for another person to compete with you in a ranked game. Winning ranked games will earn you Skill Points, which are used to determine your ranking on the Leaderboard.

If you want to play a more friendly game but none of your Madden NFL 15 friends are online, press on the Online Head to Head panel and switch your Game Type to an “Unranked” game.

Play a Friend

When your friends are online, send them an invite and challenge them to a friendly game of Madden NFL 15. Friend games allow you to customize your game settings so that you can play the game the way you want to play it.


Want to see how your record stacks up against the rest of the online Madden Community? Check out the leaderboards and see who’s dominating the online gridiron. There are four different leaderboards to choose from:

Top 100 Shows the top 100 ranked Online Head to Head players.
My Leaderboard If you’ve achieved a ranking (only the top 100,000 players do), this leaderboard will show where you’re ranked with the 50 people ranked ahead of you and behind you.
Friends The Friends leaderboard allows you to compete with your friends by ranking you based on the number of Skill Points each of you has earned.
Stats Leaders Compare how you’re ranked against other Madden players in a wide variety of offensive and defensive stat categories.


If you’re looking for a place where your friends can meet and chat online before starting some games or just want to create a room where other similar Madden players can congregate, check out the Lobbies area.

Compare Stats

The Compare Stats screen allows you to not only compare a variety of stats between you and another person, but also scout the playing tendencies of that person and view the results of your last 20 games.

Depth Chart

If you’re not happy with your starters and want to change things up on the team, make sure to visit the Depth Chart screen before you start playing games. Depth chart changes made on this screen will automatically save to your “Official” roster file, so you won't have to pause and update your Depth Chart at the beginning of each online game. Just be sure to readdress this after each roster update!


The Customize sub-menu contains options for updating your roster, changing your online settings and editing your quick messages used while chatting in lobby rooms.

Skills Trainer

Skills Trainer is designed to make you a better Madden gamer. This is where you learn key gameplay mechanics and real-world football concepts so you know what to expect on gamedays. Perform well during drills and complete categories at the Bronze medal level to unlock MUT reward packs.

Once you have mastered everything, make sure you run the Gauntlet! This will test your skills in every area of Skills Trainer while also throwing some special boss levels to keep you on your toes.

Play Now

Play Now starts an exhibition one-on-one game between you and a friend or the CPU. It's the traditional way of playing Madden NFL. You have the ability to change settings like quarter length, difficulty, and play calling style.


Practice provides an open field where you can work on mastering the three phases of football: offense, defense, and special teams. Practice is great for working on new plays and techniques before they count on gameday.

Origin Accounts

At home and on the go, Origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. Use your Origin Account to access EA games, apps, and sites. Don’t have an Origin Account? Sign up now for free in Madden NFL 15.

Note: To unlink your Xbox Live profile from your Origin Account, go to https://account.origin.com/cp-ui/aboutme/index.

Madden Messenger

Messenger Inbox

The Inbox icon is your gateway into the Messenger itself. You can find it on the main menu as well as the main menus for Connected Franchise, Online Head to Head, and Madden Ultimate Team modes.

When you have new items waiting to be viewed inside of the Messenger, the Inbox icon will display the number of new items next to it. Press to open the Messenger and start browsing the Notification and Social Feed lists for your new items.

Messenger Previews

Whenever you receive a new Notification or Social Feed item, a preview of that item will animate out onto the screen to let you know. Previews can appear anywhere in the game—including while you’re playing—so you’ll always be getting the latest information when you need it.


Notification items inform you about events that are important to your Madden experience and can be viewed from the Notification list inside of the Messenger. Each Notification will display an icon associated with the type of event it pertains to, a title, and a description of the event when you highlight the item.

Selecting any Notification will link you directly from the Messenger straight to the screen mentioned in the description.

Social Feed

The Social Feed list is where you can browse all of the cool things that your friends are doing in Madden NFL 15. Social Feed items show the gamerpic of the friend that they belong to and allow you to link directly into the same experience that they’re sharing with you.


If at any point you feel like you’re being overwhelmed with Notifications or Social Feed items from a particular mode, visit the Settings list in the Messenger. Here, you can control which modes you’re receiving updates from and turn off those particular settings as desired.

Social Sharing

Madden Friends

When you enable sharing with your Madden Friends, they’ll receive updates on all the cool things you’re doing in Madden through their Social Feed in the Madden Messenger. They might see when you post a new Madden Ultimate Team auction, when you achieve an Online Head to Head ranking greater than 50 percent of all ranked players, or that you’ve just created a new online Connected Franchise league, among other things.


CoachGlass is a second-screen experience that gives you the most useful information about both you and your opponent, tracking both offensive and defensive tendencies. These will help you select better plays and counter what your opponent is doing on the other side of the ball.

While you’re on offense during the play call state, you’ll see how much time your opponent plays man or zone, or blitzes you for personnel grouping. Having this data is important if you’re going to anticipate what might be coming!

After selecting a play, you can see even more information, including situational data. This data is historical, meaning it’s based on stats that your opponent has accumulated from every game they’ve played.

You’ll also notice features such as Play History and Suggestions. These tools can give you a deeper understanding of your opponent and even provide play call suggestions for you to select from your device, which will go straight to your console.

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