GunWorld 2 is the sequel no one asked for, to the game that nobody liked.

Using the GunSeed mechanic, players are able to collect and plant different seeds to grow 7 different types of guns. The game takes place in a non-linear overworld map that you can explore to discover new locations and rewards.

Explore the overworld map, defeat monsters to level up, and spend gold on new gear! Check every nook and cranny to find hidden treasures.
The Exaction Faction, an intergalactic troupe of super heroes, has come to GunWorld to arrest President Eagle.

GunWorld's greatest GunMan, Dwayne, must come out of retirement to stop the Exaction Faction, save President Eagle, and protect his planet.
Buttons Description:
Plant Seed/Harvest Gun
Fire Gun
Swing Knife
Change GunSeed
Change GunSeed
Climb Wall
Dodge Slide
Move/Navigate Menu
Move/Navigate Menu
Xbox Home Menu
Pause Menu
Save Progress (In New Gun City)
Players must manually save their progress in GunWorld 2. While playing the Campaign Mode, go to New Gun City. If you press the View Button while in New Gun City, all game progress will be saved.

If you want to continue your game from where you left off, make sure you select Continue after selecting Campaign Mode on the Main Menu. Starting a new game on Campaign Mode will erase your previous progress.

On Old-School Mode and Level Rush Mode, you can not save your progress.
The only way to survive on GunWorld is to use guns. The only way to get guns is to plant GunSeeds. Use to cycle through your GunSeeds on the HUD. Pressing will plant the appropriate seed.

Be mindful of your inventory! The Revolver is the only gun with an infinite supply of GunSeeds. The rest of the guns you unlock will are consumable items that you must replenish at a GunSeed Store.

Old-School Mode is an alternate way of playing GunWorld 2. Three lives, no Continues. If you kick the bucket it's back to the Main Menu to start all over again. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the game before attempting Old-School Mode.

The main Campaign Mode of GunWorld 2 features a non-linear overworld, and many light RPG elements. Old-School Mode strips those away and gives you a more traditional retro gameplay challenge. Each of the game's main levels are presented in a linear fashion, and you must complete them all without getting a Game Over.

Embrace the challenges of yester-year. Be the best GunMan you can be and conquer Old-School Mode!
Level Rush Mode is a new addition to GunWorld 2. Like Old-School Mode, it strips the non-linear and RPG elements from the game, giving you a straight-forward retro experience.

In Level Rush Mode, a randomly ordered campaign will be created for you by selecting a series of levels from the main Campaign Mode, and shuffling them around. You will have one life and no continues. It's a randomly shuffled challenge that's different every time you play!
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