Fortified is an exciting new take on the action-strategy genre. It combines shooter, real-time strategy, and base defense mechanics in a way that will challenge you like never before.

In Fortified, your goal is to work as a team to defend your base against an unrelenting Martian invasion.

During the course of the game, each character will acquire many different weapons and structures that are capable of extraordinary firepower. As each character levels up, more options and modifiers will become available.
Buttons Description:
Sell Structure
Rotate Structure / Reload Weapon
Toggle Weapons
Place Structure / Primary Fire
Secondary Fire
Toggle Structures
Toggle Structures
Move / Sprint

Start Wave
Move Units To Location
Return Units To Posts
Units Follow You
Units Defend Base - Press to Cycle Bases
Xbox Home Menu

Activate Heroic Power
By default, Normal, and Hard difficulty settings are available for both Campaign and Invasion modes. Insane difficulty will be unlocked when you complete the game on Normal or Hard.

Standard difficulty level.
Invasion mode will have 3 mutators.

Enemies are stronger, waves will automatically start in 15 seconds, and players will take longer to respawn.
Invasion mode will have 3 mutators.

Enemies are even stronger than Hard, waves will start in 5 seconds, and players will only respawn when the wave ends.
Invasion mode will have 4 mutators.

Battle against several waves of Martian robots.
Every five waves, the difficulty increases as enemies will grow stronger and more resilient. Each wave will apply unique mutators which will either benefit the player or the enemy.
Your Base will take less damage.
Your Heroic Power will recharge faster.
Your weapons will deal more damage.
Enemy attacks will deal more damage.
Asteroids will fall from the sky, damaging the player.
Some Invaders will be larger, and cannot be thrown.
Enemies will explode upon death.
Some enemies are heavier and cannot be thrown.
Enemy Drones will explode once they reach the base.
All enemies will move faster.
Some enemies will have shields.

1) Weapons
2) Heroic Power Bar
3) Money
4) Loadout
5) Weapon Reticle
6) Minimap
7) Wave Counter


Your currently equipped weapons.

Heroic Power:

How much Heroic Power you have. Heroic Power is gathered over time, and by killing enemies.

When the bar is full you will be able to use your Heroic power.


Your available funds. Money is used to purchase structures and repair your base in Invasion mode.


Your structure loadout. You can hold up to 6 structures in solo, and 4 in multiplayer games.

Weapon Reticle and Ammo:

This is your targeting reticle as well as your ammunition count.


This map will display useful information.

Player Icon:

This indicates where your player character is on the minimap.

Ally Icon:

This indicates where your allies are on the minimap.

Infantry Icon:

This indicates where your infantry units are on the minimap.

Base Health Icon:

This indicates each base's remaining health.

Spawn Icon:

This indicates an open spawn point. A flashing icon indicates that enemies will spawn from this point during the wave.
Ground Enemies:

This indicates all ground robots.

Air enemies:

This indicates all flying enemies.

Wave Counter:

This indicates what wave you currently are on and the total number of waves.
High impact damage that throws enemies.

Rapid fire damage that deals low damage per hit.

Area of effect damage that will throw enemies.

Damage over time and bypasses Martian shields.

Freezes enemies.

Slows enemies down.

Chains damage to nearby enemies.

A small spider-like martian robot. Not terribly strong, but moves very fast to attack you and the base.


The standard trooper of the martian army. It can fire powerfull bolts of energy from it's eye.


Small and fast aerial suicide bombers. Raiders will fly quickly towards the base and detonate upon death.

Flying Saucer:

A slow but large aerial flying Martian that will hunt down players and try to abduct them.


This heavy Martian has an impenetrable front facing shield. They cannot be thrown, but are vulnerable from behind.


A specialized Martian unit that emits an electromagnetic pulse, disabling nearby player structures.


This aggressive flying Martian will fire a devastating laser beam that is very hard to avoid.


This large Martian rolls at high speed towards it's destination before deploying. Once deployed, the Annihilator is extremely destructive.


Although slow, the Juggernaut is protected by an impenetrable shield, and earth shattering attacks.


This skyscraping Martian will call down asteroid storms, fire homing lasers and spawn other enemies to hunt down the player.
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