Are you ready for the Road Trip of your life? Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One takes you to stunning Europe where you'll experience a seductive open-world brimming with adventure and begging to be explored.


Forza Horizon 2 harnesses the power of Xbox One and Xbox Live enabling you to seamlessly and instantly connect to Horizon Online to co-operate and compete with the Forza Community.

Even when you're not in an online game, you can still compete against your friends' Drivatars whose behavior, powered by Xbox Live, mirrors their real life counterpart's.

The competition isn't restricted to just racing either; whether you're chasing other players in King or nailing your line through a speed zone, Forza Horizon 2 provides you with a Rivals update to let you know when you've beaten your friends or Clubmates.


Every event in Horizon 2 hangs off the Road Trip. Travel with your friends (or their Drivatars) across both France and Italy and go for gold in over 150 Championships.

If you win enough Championships you'll be invited to race in the Horizon Finale, for which the prize provides an extra twist and gives you even greater freedom.


Whether you're using an Xbox One Wireless Controller or one of the supported Racing Wheels, Forza's best-in-class physics engine means that every time rubber meets road, you're in for an incredible authentic experience.

Players who are new to the Forza experience might want to take advantage of the large range of driving assists offered including traction control to maintain stability and ABS to aid braking.


At every stage of the Horizon Road Trip you enter a Championship. Each Championship is restricted to a specific type of car and consists of multiple events.

After each Championship race you earn points based on your finishing position. Once every race in a Championship has been completed, the winner is awarded with a trophy.

You can change which Championship you're entered into by visiting a Destination Hub.


Showcases are special events set up by the Horizon Festival. Rather than racing competitors in other cars, you can expect to be pitted against vehicles such as Hot Air Balloons or a Train!


In Forza Horizon 2 there are many ways to earn Skills but the concepts you should try to master are drifting and dodging traffic. Try driving as stylishly as you can and chaining Skills together to earn a massive Skill score.


As you perform Skills you fill the Skill bar. Upon filling the bar in its entirety you're rewarded with a Skill Point.

You can spend Skill Points to unlock Perks which give you additional rewards and abilities. Unlocking a perk makes other adjacent Perks available to unlock. Perks on the outside of the Perk grid cost more Skill Points so plan your unlocks accordingly!


The Horizon Bucket List features 30 awesome things that you MUST do at Horizon this summer. To start a challenge you must discover a Bucket List car in the world and activate it.

The Bucket List includes challenges that fall into five broad categories:

  1. Race to a location
  2. Beat the Speed Trap speed
  3. Beat the Speed Zone speed
  4. Perform a specific Skill
  5. Achieve a Skill Score


The Horizon Bucket List is split into two parts. You can change which part is currently active by visiting the Bucket List tile on the Progress Tab of the Game Hub.

More Bucket List challenges will be added to Forza Horizon 2 in future, so check back often for new exciting challenges.


The Festival Organizers have hidden a huge number of Bonus Boards around Italy and France. Every time you smash one, you receive instant XP or a Fast Travel discount.


Whenever you see a Drivatar driving around Europe, you can challenge it to a Head-to-Head race. To start the race, drive closely behind the Drivatar and start the race when prompted.


The Horizon Festival has set up speed cameras around France and Italy to allow festival goers to record their best speed on specific sections of road.

There are two types of camera:

  1. Speed Trap - Records your speed as you race through it
  2. Speed Zone - Records your average speed between two points


If you're finding your car difficult to control then you might want to enable one of the many driving aids that Forza offers.

To access the Assists menu, select the Settings tile from the Home Tab of the Game Hub.


In Forza Horizon 2, you have access to multiple radio stations. Upon arriving at the Festival you gain access to the first three, and the rest will unlock as your progress through the Road Trip.


Online Freeroam allows you and a group of other players to freely compete in any Horizon events of your choosing.

To start an Event, drive to an event activation, choose your settings, and wait for other players to join.


Rivals Mode allows you to compete against your friends, Club, and the world to set the best times on every track in Europe.

Forza Horizon 2 introduces My Rivals, a quick and easy way to identify which tracks you've been beaten on. To access Rivals, head to the Rivals Tab in the Game Hub.


Please visit ForzaMotorsport.net for help and information about Forza Horizon 2 and other Forza games.

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