• Tap to Push
  • 2 Pushes = Full Speed
  • Use to Launch Tricks
  • Press to LAND your Trick
  • 1) LAUNCH Trick
  • 2) HOLD down over Ledge
  • Keep / HELD DOWN while in the air
  • You CANNOT Land or Grind while Spinning
  • LET GO of / = Stop Spinning
  • Tap & at the same time when rolling to pull your next trick Nollie / Fakie
  • + Gamercard

OlliOlli mixes addictive one-life gameplay with over 120 tricks and grinds across 50 deviously crafted levels, 250 Challenges, Spots Mode and Daily Grind. Not enough for you? Complete all challenges to unlock the super skilful RAD Mode!

Rack up the biggest and coolest combos along the way then time your landing to perfection to rule the leader-boards. Just don’t slam on your face (you will slam on your face).

Compete across the world in all modes to get the highest scores on every Level and Spot.

Daily Grind gives you 24 hours to challenge the world at a randomly selected Spot. You can practice as many times as you like, but you only get one chance to set your score. Just don't slam on your face...

Email support@curve-digital.com for any queries. Please mention the name of the game and the Xbox One platform in the subject of your email.