The Glade of Dreams is in trouble once again! During a 100-year nap, the nightmares multiplied, they spread, they created new monsters even more terrifying than before. These creatures are the stuff of legends... dragons, giant toads, sea monsters and even evil luchadores. They created elaborate worlds within the Glade of Dreams and wreaked havoc by capturing every Teensy in sight. Finally, with the help of Murfy, Rayman and Globox are awoken to help fight these nightmares and save the Teensies. When they awake, they see that their old friend Bubble Dreamer has filled his home with a series of magical paintings that reveal the worlds the nightmares have created. In fact, each painting is actually a portal to travel to these worlds, so the gang jumps in and the adventure begins. They must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day, discover new friends and unlock the secrets of each legendary painting.

Legendary Heroes


Our main character, both agile and carefree. This limbless hero from the Glade of Dreams is always raring for a fresh adventure to save the world!


This small barbarian princess is a strong and fierce warrior. No one wields an axe quite like her: she can even glide along on it!


Murfy is back! Bubble Dreamer's messenger will be very useful in your various quests in the Glade of Dreams. The world is full of trap, but Murfy is watching your back. He'll appear when you need him most to help you through all the difficult moments, just don't ignore him!


Globox is Rayman's best friend! He'll follow him anywhere as long as there's something to eat! Always in for a laugh, he remains a solid sidekick with a powerful arm to deliver strong slaps to baddies.

Grand Minimus

The Teensies are the tiny wizards who guard the secrets of the Glade of Dreams, this fellow is one of their kings (yeah, they have a lot of these).

Worlds to discover

Teensies in trouble

Where best to start an adventure than in the middle of a forest with magic all around? Of course whoever says adventure means princesses to rescue, powerful dragons and haunted castle to explore! Well, be ready because Teensies are in trouble and waiting for their knight in shining armor to rescue them, and guess who this knight is: you!

Toad Story

The fairy tales continue, but this time, we'll take you to the top of the Giant beanstalk. Play with the aerial currents to climb this giant beanstalk. Beware of the nasty toads that are ready to just about anything to stop you from climbing the beanstalk...

Fiesta de los muertos

Fiesta is the Spanish for Party... Welcome to a Hell of a Party! Close your eyes and listen to the marriachis, you can almost smell the spices all around you. But don't forget to open them again rapidly because traps are around every corners, Luchadors will hunt you down, and even if it looks yummy the salsa is burning hot!

20,000 Lums under the sea

Dive in the depth of the ocean, in this spy world. Enemies are not a joke and you'll need stealth and skill to infiltrate the Ocean base. Be careful, the detections systems are top of the lines with laser beams detecting motions and patrolling toads equipped with night goggles. Be quick, be smart, play with the lights and the shadows to infiltrate this enemy base.

Olympus Maximus

What would be the legends without the Greeks' tragedy? This world will expose you to various classical myths, but treated through a raymanesque perspective... The minotaurs almost lovable in their pocket size format, the amazing maze and the bubbling lava make it a Hell of a world...

Connect with your friends through a variety of challenges that will test your skills and speed. Check the leaderboards to see your world ranking. There are 4 different Challenge paintings, unlock them by increasing your Awesomeness Level:

Daily Challenge

Players have 24 hours to compete in this challenge.

Weekly Challenge

Players have 1 week to compete in this challenge.

Daily Extreme Challenge

Expert players have 24 hours to compete in this difficult challenge, local multiplayer (on the same console) is not allowed in this challenge.

Weekly Extreme Challenge

Expert players have 1 week to compete in this difficult challenge, local multiplayer (on the same console) is not allowed in this challenge.

Main Gallery

On the right side of Bubble Dreamer you'll find the different worlds of Rayman Legends.

On the left side of Bubble Dreamer, you'll find the Heroes gallery, the Challenges, the Kung Foot, Back to Origins worlds and your Creatures collection.

World Menu

In each world, you will find several paintings, a Boss to defeat, 2 princesses to rescue and special Invasion paintings.

Example given: “Teensies in Trouble”

Uplay Account

You can link your Xbox Live account to a new or existing Uplay Account after having launched the game or by going to the Uplay button in the main menu. To unlink your Xbox Live account from a Uplay account, please go to:

Xbox - Pause: Open the Pause menu

Xbox - Show Menu: Open the Xbox menu

Xbox - Go back: Go back, exit menu

Xbox - Play: Return to the game

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