The Main Menu

Begin Adventure: Starts a new game

Continue: Continues your last saved game

Options: Choose graphical settings, sound, and vibration options

What is this all about

The goal in the game is survival, so last as long as you can, explore the world as a deer, see how far you can make it!

You can eat food by pressing down (if you see an animated plant). You can also jump to eat apples on trees.

Your hunger is represented by green in the health bar.

Energy is blue (that's for powers and skills).

There are puzzles throughout the game. Completing a puzzle will give you a power. These powers are assigned inside the inventory, by selecting the icon of the power (from the Antlers), then placing it in the toolbar with numbers at the bottom. Meeting Elders in the game will give you skills. These are things like double jump, dash, razor hoof, etc. There are also plenty of items in the game to collect and use. Using items works the same way as powers, only they are consumable.

Look for Deer Treasure, breakable stumps and bushes. Bushes can be broken without acquiring the dash skill!

In order to create a save point, you need to mate with another deer. Once a baby is created, your job is to keep it alive. This is where you will reincarnate or respawn after you die. You can also press down next to a baby deer to force it to stay in that place.

Movement: Left Stick or D-Pad

Inventory: Y or View Button

Jump: A

Dash: X while moving

Special: B

Select item/power in main gameplay screen: Left and Right Bumper

Navigate in inventory: Left Stick or D-Pad

Select item/power in inventory: A

Pause: Menu Button

Dark Powers: These are offensive and destructive powers, but they are also very powerful.

Light Powers: Light powers are usually defensive, healing, or growing powers. Help animals and stay defensive to find these.

All powers and items can be assigned to the row of 6 slots at the bottom. The difference is that items get consumed, and powers do not. Powers do however spend some of your blue energy bar so be careful not to run out and get caught in a bad situation! Items do not consume the energy bar.

Take it slow - you don't need to be a speed demon to get far in this game. In fact, going at turtle's pace will actually help you get farther. You can plan out your moves this way. Just be sure to keep an eye out for food along the way!

Use items to help you! That's what they are there for.

Look for hidden areas. They usually will hold things like precious Deer Head Statues and treasures.

Enlist with help of fellow deer. Fellow deer will help you - and battle for you. Keep them with you.

Care for your babies! Make sure you stay with them, and guide them through perilous areas. If an area seems too difficult for them to traverse safely, have them stay there by pressing down next to them to keep them alive.

For puzzles, try moving blocks in different places, try different powers. If you get stumped, keep moving, and keep thinking about how to solve the puzzle! It will show up later.

Many animals have a pattern that they follow. Try to recognize how they attack, and you can outwit them easily. This also goes for the boss animals as well.

To grow up you must experience the world. Eat lots of food, solve puzzles, and encounter enemies to speed up your growth into an adult.

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