Blood Bowl 2 is a surprising cocktail of turn based strategy, humor and brutality. The basics are extremely simple: two teams, one ball. The team who reaches the end zone with the ball scores a point (touchdown)

A Blood Bowl match is composed of two halves of 8 turns per coach. During his turn, the coach plays each of his players. Every action is influenced by Dice Rolls and if the action fails, the turn will end prematurely (Turnover). It is then recommended to start with the less risky actions! When a coach ends his turn, the opposing coach plays.

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[Press] Coach View
Move Camera
[Press] Change Camera
Validate / Select
Cancel / Deselect
Open Player action menu
End Turn
[Right] Wizard
[Up] Weather info / Staff cards
[Down] Log
[Player Selected] Skill info
Show Controls
+Switch Player
/Zoom In / Zoom Out

Having an internet connection and an Xbox Live Gold subscription allows you to play online, for the most complete Blood Bowl 2 experience.

Each time you start the game, it will connect to the Blood Bowl 2 servers. Your team and league data is saved on these servers.

If you do not have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, online multiplayer access is limited. You cannot play online with other players in friendly matched or online leagues. You can however still save your teams and solo leagues.

NB: teams and leagues created online are accessible only when connected.

Teams and leagues created offline are not usable when connected to the Blood Bowl 2 servers.

If your internet connection is slow or if your home network is configured with a "strict NAT", it will degrade your gameplay experience. To get some practical advices about the settings of your network, please visit :
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Technical assistance

If you experience difficulties installing or operating Blood Bowl 2, please contact our technical support department by email (French/English service):

Please provide our technical support service with as much information as possible on the type of problem you encountered and the circumstances in which it took place.

To get some practical advices about the settings of your network, please visit :

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