Thank you for choosing the F90 Walker Control Terminal. We hope you will find that the installation and operation of this system easy and satisfying.

This document is presented in order to alleviate any issues you may have with this process.

A correctly installed F90 Walker Control Terminal should remain operational for more than 600 standard years even in conditions of critical system or power failure. Please enjoy the enhanced productivity and peace of mind provided by your new F90 Walker Control Terminal.
Walker Control Terminal:
The F90 Walker Control Terminal allows the user to access and manipulate up to two F90-class Walker units at a time.

The terminal has many physical controls that allow walker selection, movement and use of the walker's own capabilities.

Activate Scan Terminals.
Reset the current walker.
Pick up or drop items.
Switch to another walker
Walker Speed Up
Walker Slow Down
Walker Move
Walker Move
Walker Camera Position
Access Walker Terminal Menu
Xbox Home Menu

Main Menu Terminal:
The latest feature of the F90 Walker Control Terminal is the job management function. From the main terminal menu you will be able to start a new game, continue an existing game or select missions as you see fit.

Select Menu Option
Select highlighted option.
Return to title.
Access Walker Terminal Menu
Xbox Home Menu

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