Surreal Arcade Tower Defense with unique art style. Control cute robots, plant trees to heal the world, wield giant weapons, deploy turrets, solo story campaign.

McDroid is a combination of a tower defense and shooter genres. The player controls a robot that shipwrecked on an unknown planet and has to find his way out, while fighting the local fauna and flora. While containing all the traditional ingredients of the tower defense genre, the player actually controls a character in the environment and can contribute to the outcome of the battle via direct engagement with the enemies, as well as managing and collecting resources.

Crash landing on their home planet, McDROID the robot and her brother Shuttle find everything too quiet,

their sentient Planet is now mute, lobotomized by something evil.

As they venture on a quest to heal her hearts, they encounter various strange critters and must use creative strategies.

Defend your shuttle against a variety of alien species as they mutate, corrupt the ground or even turn your crops against you.

Will you able to cure and save your planet?

The table below lists the controls:

Move your character
Aim / Camera
Drop Barrel
Fire at target
Back / Interaction
Interaction / Plant seed
Options Menu
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Developed and published by

Grip Games


McDroid game