Thank you very much for joining Commander Cherry on his adventure! Relax yourself and take a deep breath. Are you relaxed? Great! So let’s get started.

You can try to hold your Xbox One Wireless Controller in one hand when making shapes. While doing so, please don’t make any hectic gestures and make always sure that you have a good grip on the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Oh and cadet, while Commander Cherry greatly appreciates motivated cadets, he is also very concerned about the health of his cadets. So please take enough breaks, air your room and stop playing if you’re not feeling well!
You can play the game with another human cadet! Playing Co-op is easy, you can do it at any time during the game.

One cadet has to stand in front of the Kinect performing the poses, while the other cadet can sit in the background, controlling Commander Cherry with the Xbox One Wireless Controller.