Alright, listen up! I got the Mayor on my ass about this like a hernia, and he wants you guys on the case.

Why he wants you guys, I don’t know.

You’ve cost this department more than all the Precincts in the rest of the state combined!

Anyways. You’ll be headin’ up a team of cops in LA, and you’ll be goin’ up against all manner of bad guys, packing some serious heat! Not ta mention The BIG Boss, Hawaiian Mo.

Sure, it’ll be dangerous, but heck, it’s nothin’ you ain’t done before.

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How to Play

Take out the criminals and achieve the objectives in each level.


Pick Up Weapon: Ammo is in short supply so make sure you pick weapons up.

Call Cop: Use your cops to cover each other tactically by calling a cop to a strategic position.

Switch Cop: Leap frog up through the level to ensure your cops cover each other.

Lock on: Use lock on to target specific criminals and make it easier to take them out.

Arrest: Arrest criminals for extra points.

Health: Pick up donuts to recover health.

Medi-packs: Pick up medi-packs to revive your partner.

Upgrades: After each mission level up your Cop on the upgrades screen.

Move Cop
Fire Weapon
Melee Attack/Arrest
Rotate View Right
Rotate View Left
Lock On
Pick Up Weapon
Call Cop
Switch Cop
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Toggle Minimap