Defend your burrow against an onslaught of evil bunnies!!

1) Shoot the bunnies

2) Shoot the coins

3) Spend the coins
(on new weapons and upgrades)

NOTE: completing missions rewards additional coins!
Buttons Description:

Accept (in Menus)
Cancel/Back (in Menus)

Xbox Home Menu
Carrot Rifle
A moderate firing weapon. It fires: Carrots, Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes & Daikon.

Turnip Mortar
A slow firing weapon. It fires: Turnips, Pumpkins, Swedes & Peppers.

Watermelon Machinegun
A fast firing weapon.It fires: Watermelon Seeds, Chili Seeds, Raspberries & Blackberries

Runnerbean Laser
A beam weapon.It fires Runner Beans, Corn Cobs, Cucumbers & Leeks.

Each weapon can be upgraded with multiple barrels and other perks.

You can also spend coins on utilties such as additional hearts to make your life easier.
Allows you to retry the tutorial.

Shoot bunnies, collect coins and survive as long as you can.

As you progress further you will open up more difficulty levels.

Changing difficulty allows you to jump straight to waves of that difficulty.

Last 2 minutes.

Normal: Invincibility On, Upgrades Maxed Out.

Super: Invincibility Off, Upgrades On.

Ultra: Invincibility Off, 3 Lives, No upgrades
DLC Skins
Visit the store to customise the evil bunnies!

The following skins are available for purchase: Clowns, Luchadors, Ninjas, Urban Army, Zombies

DLC Arenas
Visit the store to customise your Arena!

The following arenas are available for purchase: Clowns, Luchadors, Ninjas, Urban Army, Zombies
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