Welcome to Slice Zombies for Kinect!

Slice Zombies for Kinect is the ultimate Kinect experience for your Xbox One.

Well, so the zombie apocalypse is long over and there are still thousands of zombies left. So what do we do with them now? It's easy!

Step in front of your Kinect and use your hands to cut, grab and shoot zombies into little pieces. Unlock funny zombie types like exploding zombies or time travelling zombies or Evil Zevel, a zombie equipped with a rocket pack flying across your TV. Slice coins to unlock new items, backgrounds and walking hands that come with powerful special abilities.

Starting the game

Before launching the game make sure that your Kinect is connected to your Xbox One and properly setup. You can find more help in the Xbox Settings menu.

Menu Navigation

Wave with either your left or your right arm until a hand cursor appears on the screen. Move your hand to move the cursor on the screen.

To press a button position the cursor on the button until the blue ring is filled completely.

Playing the game

Start the game by pressing the play button located at the bottom of the main menu.

The play button
Position yourself in front of your Kinect camera until the game starts automatically.


The goal in Slice Zombies is to collect as many experience points and coins as possible in a single round. By collecting experience points you can reach a new player level that will unlock new zombies and new shop items. Use your coins to buy items in the shop.

If you miss a zombie or hit a bomb you will lose a life. If you lost all your lives the round will end. If the round ends and you still have lives left you will get a bonus for each life and you will have the chance to slice hundreds of additional coins!


Slice coins and zombies by moving your arms.
Move your hand through a zombie or coins to slice it.
We encourage you to use both of your arms at the same time for maximum fun!
The game is fast, so be prepared to make big body movements.


Grab zombies with your hand by making a grabbing (closed hand/fist) gesture first and then move your hand over a zombie. The zombie is now attached to your hand. Open your hand to let go of the zombie.


To shoot the weapon, perform a "lasso gesture" that means, point with your index finger to the camera and straighten your thumb.

Unlocking items

Items are unlocked by gaining experience points and reaching a new player level. Once an item is unlocked you can buy it in the shop.

Buying items

You can access the shop by pressing the shop button in the main menu or after winning or losing a game.

The shop button
Grab the item list and move up or down to see all available items.

To buy or activate a new item select it by hovering over the item with the hand cursor. Wait until the blue ring is filled completely.

Press the activate or buy button in the bottom right of the screen.
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