Exploration :

= Accept
= Back/Cancel
= Open the Quickmap
[Press] = Go in stealth mode
[Up] = Map
[Down] = Inventory
[Left] = Skills
[Right] = Quest log
= Open the pause menu
= Open the game menu

Combat :

= Normal attack
= Secondary attack
= Special action
= Sprint
= Dodge
[Press] = Lock target
= Access to shortcuts
= Open the active pause
= Change Stance

If you experience difficulties installing or operating the game, please contact our technical support department by email or phone:

Email : support@focus-home.com

Phone : +33 (0) (Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 1.00pm GMT+1)

Please provide our technical support service with as much information as possible on the type of problem you encountered and the circumstances in which it took place.