Lies of Astaroth (LoA) is a free-to-play and highly addictive epic fantasy MMORPG card-battle hybrid! With its simple yet deep battle design, the game has long been championed as the combination of best of both worlds, satisfying both hardcore card game fans for strategy depth and causal players for fantasy RPG gameplay.


1. Stunning Graphics and hundreds of collectable beautifully drawn cards, collect, upgrade and evolve your card with additional skill.
2. Rich and Engrossing Storyline, follow our hero (or heroine) and Maddisy to an epic adventure of abundant stages with humor and suspense!
3. Fluid & deep battle mechanics, with the combination of different cards, runes faction and skills, every battle will be unique and satisfying!
4. Rich features and events to keep you occupied for months, and PVP system in the future.
5. Reward System for active players, including daily log-in card, level bonus, event reward and frequent free goodies!

Lies of Astaroth is a growing experience with new content added frequently, including new cards, new stages, new feature and new rewards! Remember to check back regularly to see what's new!

Thank you for playing!

** This game requires a minimum bandwidth of 192Kbps.


Once the battle begins players will start a turn-based battle. Each round represents 1 players set of actions. Each round consists of 3 sets of actions: Drawing cards, placing cards and fighting.

Players Deck

Once combat begins all of the players cards will be in his deck. At the beginning of each round a random card will be drawn from the players deck and placed into the preparation zone.

Preparation Zone

Preparation zone are the cards in the players hand. You can see all the cards in Preparation zone. There will be a waiting time for each card in the preparation zone. The waiting time reduces by 1 each round. When the waiting time reaches 0 the card can be placed into the battlefield.


The Battlefield is the area for combat. Only the cards placed on the Battlefield will be able to attack and initiate certain Skills. Cards always attack the opponents card laying directly across from it. If there is no card directly across from the attacking card the opponent's Hero will receive the damage.


A card will be moved to the Cemetery when its HP is reduced to 0.

Drawing Cards

Drawing Cards: A random card shall be drawn from the deck and be moved into the Preparation Zone.

Rules of the Game

When all the cards from one side are in the Cemetery, or a Hero's HP becomes 0, the battle is over.

HP & Attack

Attack refers to the cards Attacking Strength. HP refers to the cards health. When HP hits 0 the card will be sent to the cemetery.


Each card has 2-3 spells. A new spell will be unlocked when the card reaches Level 5 and again at Level 10. Some cards start with no spells. Different spells come with different initiating conditions. Generally speaking there are 2 types, active spells(which are activated during combat) and passive spells (which are activated under certain conditions). There are two types of passive spells: Desperation and Quick Strike. Desperation spells are activated when the cards HP reaches 0, just before it is sent to the cemetery; Quick Strike are activated when the card first enters the battlefield.

Wait Time

Wait Time refers to number of rounds needed before the card can be taken out of the preparation zone and placed into the battlefield.


All Cards are divided into 5 levels represented by stars. The more stars the card has, the higher the quality of the card.


There are 4 races of cards: Kingdom, Forest, Wilderness and Hell. Certain levels in the game will have special requirements for the different races. The activation of certain runes is also associated with the card classes.


Each card has a COST. The total COST of all the cards in one deck shall not exceed the Hero's total available COST. The Hero's total available COST will increase with each level up.

Enchanted level

All cards start with level0 and can be strengthened up to a Max of Level 10 through enchanting. Their Attack and HP will also be increased while the cards level up. One additional spell will be unlocked when the card reaches level 5, and again at level 10.


Each rune has one Skill. The skill will be activated at the beginning of the players turn assuming all conditions are met.

Activation Conditions

Runes can only be initiated under certain conditions. Pay attention to the conditions because they may play an important role in how you should organize your deck.


Runes are divided into 5 levels, represented by stars. The more stars the Rune has, the higher the quality the card is. Surprise! 5 stars are better than 1.


There are 4 types of Runes: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.


Each rune starts at level 0, and can be upgraded up to level 4 through Enchanting. The higher the level the more powerful the skills become.


You may enter the world by selecting Campaign in the main page . There are several Areas within the game and a fair number of stages within each Area.


Each stage is divided into three levels of difficulty. You must pass the Easy before you can challenge for the next level. To defeat Easy you simply must defeat your opponent. To pass on Medium or Hard you must meet the specified criteria while battling a more formidable opponent.


You will receive 1 star for each level of difficulty you complete. If you pass all 3 levels of difficulty you will see 3 Stars. The amount of Stars shown on your map will determine your Map earnings for the next day.


You can explore to get Gold, Experience and cards, but exploring will also consume Energy. The further you explore in the game, the higher the rewards will be.


You will get Gold and Experience when you defeat enemies. You may also get extra rewards, such as Cards or the unlocking of hidden levels after passing through selected levels.

Hidden Levels

Some areas may contain Hidden Levels. Though they won't affect your progress through the game if you cannot beat them. You will be handsomely rewarded if you can.

Map earnings

Each time you obtain a star on the map, your Map earnings will increase. The more stars you have, the higher your income will be. So long as no monsters counter attack you, your Map earnings for each day will be counted and given to you on the following day.

Formation of the Deck

There is at least 1 card (Max. of 10 cards) and several Runes (Min. 0, Max. 4) in each deck.


Each card has a COST value. The total COST value of all the cards in one deck shall not exceed the COST value of the current Hero. The COST value of the Hero increases along with his/her level.

Card Slots

The number of Card Slots determines the number of cards in a deck. Every player starts with just 3 Card Slots. The higher the level your Hero is the more Card Slots that will be made available. There is a max. of 10 Card Slots.

Rune Slot

The number of Rune Slots determines the number of Runes in a deck. Rune slots are unlocked along with the Hero's Level. Max. 4.

Multi Deck

When you start you will only be able to save one deck. However as your Hero levels up you will be able to save more decks. You can save a Max. of 10 decks. You may change your deck in the Temple.

Winning Runes

You'll win some runes while you play through the game. You can also win runes through Meditation in the Temple. You may just receive rune scraps through Meditation, however you can Exchange Scraps for Runes within the Temple.

Grey Rune

Through Meditation, you may get a Grey Rune. They are unusable. But you can still sell them for Gold.

Rune Scraps

Through Meditation, you may get Rune Scraps. There are 3 types of Rune Scraps: Blue Scrap, Purple Scrap and Golden Scrap, which directly correspond to Three-star Runes, Four-star Runes and Five-star Runes. You can exchange scraps for certain corresponding runes.

Starter Pack

You may use Gold Coins to purchase a Starter Pack in the store. Each Starter Pack comes with 5 cards, ranging from 1 to 3 stars.

Magic Ticket

It will ensure you one card range from Three star to Five star and can be obtained from daily login reward and other ways.

Magic Pack

You may use Crystals to purchase a Magic Pack in the store. Each Pack contains 5 cards ranging from 2 to 5 stars.


When you've run out of Crystals, players may Recharge Crystals.

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