What's Happy Dungeons?

Happy Dungeons is a Happily multiplayer, online, hack and slash Action-RPG that filled with lots of fun. Unique and hilarious story and comical character liven fantasy world. Various elements such as a full-fledged action, gimmicks in dungeon, collecting items, will give you a Happy Time!

Game Features

- Microsoft account holders can download the game for free.

- As well as a single-player story mode, you can play split-screen multiplayer on Xbox One with up to four people.

- With three different classes to choose from, a wealth of skills and items, and even minions to help you,Happy Dungeons is packed with enough fun features to keep you playing...forever!

- New items and stages will be added as downloadable extras once the main game has been released.


  • :A Skill
  • :B Skill
  • :Attack
  • :Team Skill
  • :Switch Skills
  • :Talk/Order
  • :Dodge
  • :Guard/Shot
  • :Use Tools
  • :Movement
  • :Camera Angle
  • :Default Angle
  • :View Menu
  • :System Menu
  • :Home

Story Quest

You are a knight of the Order of the White Dragon, and as such it is your duty to take on quests with the ultimate aim of rescuing the kidnapped Princess Lily!

The Infinite Dungeon

A high-difficulty dungeon with over 100 floors. Unlocked after completing a certain Story Quest.

Event Quest

Special quests that are open for a limited time only.

Character Settings

Customize your character. Adjust their equipment, skills, and appearance to your heart's content!


Level up and remodel equipment, and assign special effects.

Minion Lab

Organize your lil' buddies into a minion party, or level them up to make them stronger.
NOTE: You cannot enter this menu without having obtained at least one minion.

Happy Cards

Open a card pack, and get your paws on some awesome items. There will be regular campaigns where certain items will be easier to acquire.

Happy Jewels

Get Happy Jewels to buy items or get useful services in game.

Item Shop

Purchase useful items and parts for customizing characters.

Rare Metal Shop

Buy rare items in exchange for Rare Metals which you can get by sell your items.


Gifts from the Happy Dungeons team and excess items will be stored here temporarily.
If the number of items exceeds 100, the oldest items will be deleted. Any items older than 30 days will be deleted.

Login Bonuses

View the bonuses you receive for logging in to play the game.


For inquiries and support regarding the Happy Dungeons game, please visit https://www.happydungeons.net/. For help with Xbox Live or Xbox One, head to xbox.com/support.