You will play 'Vinnie Cannoli' who was payed big bucks to rescue 'Frankie' a very important acquaintance of a mob boss call Mr. Bellucio! At the start of each level, you will receive a clear mission that drives the storyline. Try to find your way through the levels, overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. You will run into a various number of zombies, rival gangsters or soldiers with ichy trigger fingers. Guns, Gore & Cannoli is a side-scrolling platform game where the player moves his character horizontally and vertically to advance in the levels. You will find weapons, ammo and Cannoli (Health packs). During a level a player can reach spawn points. when the player dies, he automatically respawns at that point. When Vinnie's health drops to 0, he dies, and respawns at the nearest point. The player can use the environment to conquer enemies or lure them into a trap. The storyline is told by short animations in between the levels.
Buttons Description:
Previous Weapon
Next Weapon
Throw Molotov
Throw Grenade
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