It is the future. The ever-war is a distant memory and humanity now lives in perfect robotic bodies. They are immortal, free from worry, free from disease, but they are not free at all. This fantastic future world is ruled by an advanced artificial intelligence known as Methuselah. No one knows what it wants or why it has enslaved humanity. You are the last flesh-and-blood person left in the galaxy, but you're just a head living in a special helmet that lets you thrust through the air, remove the heads of the enemy and dock into their bodies and take control. But Methuselah wants you at any cost and with an army of robotic soldiers, what chance do you have?


Getting Around –

Your mini-scan system provides a detailed map of areas that you've explored. You can use it to find your next objective, connections to secret areas, mid-range zappers for fast travel and body-repair stations.

Heads Up -

Your head is vulnerable when not docked into a body so keep an eye on your head health meter. Head health will recharge over time, but take too much damage in a short enough time and it's lights out.

Helmet Upgrades -

You can upgrade your helmet's abilities as the game progresses. Earn upgrade points by completing objectives and collecting energy. You can also increase your helmet health, power and thrust by finding hidden terminals and head-landing into them!

Do it All -

You can review your progress towards 100% game completion on your Objectives tab which will display statistics like number of rooms found, upgrades installed and objectives completed. You can pursue these goals at any time during the game even after the primary playthrough is done.

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