Thank you for purchasing Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition!

This definitive version of the game includes all the improvements and tweaks added since launch, in addition to brand new singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer content released through updates. To top that off, you’ve got a selection of the best downloadable content the store has to offer already included on the disc.

We recommend that you to go visit the store and check for new content frequently. Please pay special attention not to purchase again any of the items already included in the Ultimate Edition of Sniper Elite 3, as all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Extra Content
‘Save Churchill’ campaign missions (playable in singleplayer or co-op):

Save Churchill Part 1: In Shadows

Save Churchill Part 2: Belly Of The Beast

Save Churchill Part 3: Confrontation

6 Weapon Packs (18 new weapons in total)

Hunter Weapons

Camouflage Weapons

Patriot Weapons

Axis Weapons

Eastern Front Weapons

Sniper Rifles Weapons

Updated content:
6 new competitive multiplayer maps (Airstrip, Lost Valley, Outpost Canyon, Plantation, Night Watch, Fracture)

New competitive multiplayer mode (Capture The Flag)

New co-op Overwatch map (Twilight Strike)

New singleplayer mode (Shooting Range)

Where can you find the new content?
The ‘Save Churchill’ campaign missions can be found in the “Campaign -> Downloaded Missions” menu.

The new weapons can be directly equipped from the “Loadout”.

The new co-op Overwatch mission, Twilight Strike, can be accessed from “Challenges” in the main menu.

The new competitive multiplayer maps and modes can be accessed from the “Multiplayer” in the main menu.

The Shooting Range can be found directly on the main menu.

A yellow exclamation mark will indicate you have new content. All of these items are unlocked from the start.

Although you now own a large selection of downloadable content with this edition of the game, there are still additional items you can purchase from the Xbox Store.

Radial Menu

Objective/Map (Hold)

Scope (Hold)/Aim (Half Press)

Sprint (Press)


Previous Item/Zoom In

Select Sniper Rifle

Next Item/Zoom Out

Cycle Secondary Weapons



Use Inventory Item

Pick up body (hold)



Reload/Pick Up Items

Look/Toggle Binoculars (Press)

The year is 1942. Most of Europe has been crushed under the Axis boot. Allied supply lines for food and raw materials are crippled. The Suez Canal is a lifeline for the Allies, making the war for North Africa crucial. As the front line swings across the Western Desert, secret plans are being hatched in Berlin for wunderwaffe, wonder weapons, that could change the face of the war.

Step into the shoes of Karl Fairburne as he finds himself in the middle of the fight, with one chance to prevent total annihilation.

One bullet can change history.
The home of the story campaign, playable in single-player or co-op with a friend. When playing on your own, select New game to start from the beginning or Continue game to carry on from your last checkpoint. Alternatively, choose Load game to resume a saved game or Mission Select to return to a previously completed mission. Choose Co-op campaign to play through the story with a friend online or revisit a completed mission. Any additional campaign levels you purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace can be found in downloadable missions.
Play a series of co-op focused challenge missions with players online. Use the complementary skills of a Sniper and an Operative in Overwatch or team up with another Sniper in Survival to face the wrath of the Axis army. If you want a further test of your skills, try Solo Survival and square off against the Axis forces without a buddy.
For some real competition, take on the world alone or as part of a team. Choose Quick Match to play a mode of your choice or host a private game to set up fights just the way you like it.
Customize and save up to 4 loadouts with different weapons and items. As you play and earn XP, you’ll unlock new items, weapons and rifle parts to help you tweak and fine-tune your ideal sniping experience. Unlocked rifle parts include actions, barrels, stocks and scopes. Try different combinations to modify:

  • Damage - Damage done by each non-critical shot.
  • Muzzle velocity - The velocity of bullets fired. Higher velocities will be less affected by gravity and wind.
  • Recoil - The recoil following each shot.
  • Stability - The amount of sway while looking through the scope.
  • Maximum Zoom - The maximum zoom level of the attached scope. Some scopes may only offer one zoom level.
Compare your performance in the game with friends and players around the world.
Review your progression in the game; check statistics, preview collected items and inspect ribbons and medals earned in competitive multiplayer.
  • Game - Toggle display of subtitles & tutorials and modify the frequency of bulletcams.
  • Display - Change the brightness and adjust the horizontal and vertical margins to suit your display.
  • Audio - Adjust the balance for Music, Speech and SFX volumes.
  • Controls - Invert the Y axis, set controller sensitivity and review the controller layout.
Head here to test your rifle set-up or have a play with 4 shooting challenges to practice your skills. Complete special conditions to unlock all the DLC weapons to test free of charge.
Visit the Xbox Live Marketplace to purchase new levels and content packs for Sniper Elite 3.
This is a good starting point for inexperienced players unfamiliar with stealth and sniping. Enjoy the game with the lightest possible challenge. Enemies will pose the least threat and no bullet ballistics will be applied to your sniper shots. All tactical assistance features (Tagging, Awareness indicators, Relocation feedback, etc.) are active.

If you’re familiar with the basics, this is the next step up. You’ll have to contend with a formidable enemy force and gravity will affect your bullets. All tactical assistance features are active.

Sniper Elite
This is what you’ve been working towards. Test your skills against enemies who will hunt you down ruthlessly. When using your sniper rifle, you’ll have to contend with wind for distant targets and pay attention to your heart rate and stance when steadying your aim. Fewer tactical assistance features will be available.

Only sniping purists and masochists need apply. This is the ultimate Sniper Elite 3 challenge. Use limited ammunition and resources to conquer a brutal enemy force that will find you quickly and kill you even quicker. You’ll need to rely on health restoration items in the absence of any health regeneration and no tactical assistance features will be available. Keep your wits about you - only the best will survive.

Create your ideal challenge. Play with settings for Enemy Skill, Ballistic Realism & Tactical Assistance to try different combinations and find the one that’s perfect for you.


  • (1) Weapon: The currently equipped gun.
  • (2) Ammunition type: Indicates whether your rifle currently has standard bullets or armour-piercing rounds loaded.
  • (3) Ammunition: The amount of ammo in the clip and total bullets remaining for the equipped weapon.
  • (4) Inventory Item: The current inventory item and amount available. Hold to select from available items in the radial menu and use an equipped item with .
  • (5) Health bar: Your current health.
  • (6) Mini-map: A short-range indicator of nearby enemies and points of interest.
  • (7) Relocation bar: Displays how certain enemies are of your location.
  • (8) Relocation alert: Indicates when you can relocate to avoid combat.
  • (9) Visibility indicator: Shows how visible you are to enemies. This is affected by your stance and how brightly lit you are.
  • (10) Heart Rate: Your heart rate.
  • (11) Awareness indicator: This will appear when an enemy can see you. Get behind cover to prevent them from attacking.
  • (12) Objective text: Your current objective.
  • (13) Objective marker: Tap the to toggle displaying destination marker(s) for your current objective(s).

Scope HUD

  • (1) Heart rate: Your heart rate. At higher heart rates, your scope will be less steady and the recoil on shots will be greater. The lower your heart rate, the more you'll be able to steady your scope and use focus time.
  • (2) Stance: Indicates whether you are standing, crouched or prone while in scope view.
  • (3) Focus time bar: This bar fills up as your heart rate approaches its lowest state. Wait until the bar reaches its maximum size before you empty your lungs to maximize focus time.
  • (4) Wind: This indicates the direction and strength of the wind. Only shown on Elite & Authentic difficulties.
  • (5) Aim assistance reticle: If you empty your lungs when your heart rate is low enough, this will appear to show where the bullet will land after taking gravity and/or wind into account.
  • (6) Bullets: The number of bullets in your current clip.
Sniper Elite 3 takes place in a variety of locations in North Africa. It features realistic bullet ballistics, sniper tactics and an intelligent enemy force. Use this information to help you achieve success:

If they can't see you, your enemies will determine your position based on hearing your gunfire. On first hearing your shots, enemies will take cover. On hearing subsequent shots, they will investigate a presumed location and eventually attack when they feel confident about your location. The Relocation bar will fill up to represent their confidence.

Relocate to avoid being found by the enemy. If you relocate before they launch an attack and move far enough away from where they think they are, the Relocation bar will empty. Shooting at this time will confuse them and force them to re-evaluate your possible location. Keep doing this to take down entire squads without them ever finding you. However, if they ever become confident enough to launch an attack, you'll need to remain hidden after relocating until they've called off their search.

Look out for noises in the world that are loud enough to hide your shots. Any shots fired while in close proximity to the sources of these sounds will go unnoticed by the enemy and allow you to kill undetected without relocating.

Bullet Drop
Cadet = , Marksman = , Elite = , Authentic =
Shots fired at targets over greater distances will be affected by gravity. Compensate for this by aiming the centre of your scope above the target. You'll need to aim higher above them the further away they are.

Cadet = , Marksman = , Elite = , Authentic =
Sniper bullets are also affected by wind. Pay attention to its direction and strength through cues in the environment or by watching the indicator at the top of the scope. Take this into account before firing.

Heart Rate
As a sniper, you are skilled in applying techniques to make difficult shots a little easier. A low heart rate is key to these techniques and to ensure that your rifle is as steady as possible before firing. It will rise with rapid activity, such as running or climbing or if you're hit by enemy gunfire. Conversely, it will drop if you lower your stance and fall quicker if you are stationary.

Empty Lung
When your heart rate is 80 BPM or lower, pressing while looking through the scope will temporarily empty your lungs and steady your aim for a short period of time. During this time, an aim assistance reticle will be visible to indicate where the bullet will land after taking gravity and wind into account. (Note: The aim assistance reticle will not appear on Authentic difficulty.)

Focus Time
If your heart rate is below 65 BPM when you enter empty lung, time will appear to slow down. Use this edge to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Cadet = , Marksman = , Elite = , Authentic =
While looking through your binoculars, you can tag enemy soldiers and vehicles to track their movement and awareness of you even when they are hidden by the environment. Tag an enemy by moving the centre of the binoculars over them and pressing . To remove a tag from an enemy, press again while looking at them through the binoculars.

Looking at tagged enemies with your binoculars will reveal information about their equipped weapon, alert state and distance.

Note: Upgrade your binoculars to tag more enemies at a time and increase its maximum zoom.

Vehicular destruction
Use traps and your sniper rifle to destroy enemy vehicles. Land mines are perfect for immobilizing fast-moving threats as are remotely detonated sticks of dynamite.

Look out for grills on all vehicles that provide access to their fuel tanks or engines. Break these grills with sniper shots to reveal the interiors. Once broken, a single shot to either the fuel tank or engine will trigger the destruction of the vehicle. These vulnerable locations will be highlighted on tagged vehicles.

Armour-piercing rounds
You may find armour-piercing rounds for your sniper rifle in the world. Use these to break vehicle grills and destroy them in fewer shots.

Remote Detonation
Shoot explosive objects in the environment to trigger explosions from a distance. You can also place and shoot dynamite and mines or look for grenades on enemy belts.

Using flint & steel next to explosive objects or placed dynamite will allow you to detonate them on a delay without having to shoot.

Use rocks or flint & steel to distract nearby enemy patrols and pull them out of sight of their comrades.
Play through the story campaign with a friend or players online.

Combine separate sets of skills in these co-op missions. One of you will play as a Sniper and the other as an Operative. The former only has a Sniper Rifle and has to cover the Operative from a distance. The Operative has an SMG and binoculars, with which he can tag enemies for the Sniper to kill.

Waves of enemies are storming your position. Eliminate all the waves and stay alive to get the highest possible score.
A free-for-all competition - it's you against everyone else. Kill anything that breathes. It's not just about how many you kill, but how well you do it.

Team Deathmatch
Work as part of a team to annihilate the enemy. Kill as many as you can, but how you kill is just as important.

Distance King
A free-for-all mode where the only thing that counts is the distance of your kills. The player with the highest total kill distance wins.

Team Distance King
Team up and kill your enemies from as far away as possible. The team with the highest total kill distance wins.

No Cross
Team Deathmatch with a twist - both teams are separated with no risk of a close-quarter surprise.
  • Deathmatch
    A free-for-all competition - it’s you against everyone else. Kill anything that breathes. It’s not just about how many you kill, but how well you do it.
  • Team Deathmatch
    Work as part of a team to annihilate the enemy. Kill as many as you can, but how you kill is just as important.
  • Distance King
    A free-for-all mode where the only thing that counts is the distance of your kills. The player with the highest total kill distance wins.

  • Team Distance King
    Team up and kill your enemies from as far away as possible. The team with the highest total kill distance wins.
  • No Cross
    Team Deathmatch with a twist - both teams are separated with no risk of a close-quarter surprise.
  • Capture The Flag
    Capture and return the enemy flag to your base. Your team flag must be at your base to score.
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