The war among Land of God, Free Federation and Ancient Empire has lasted for hundreds of years. Even though no one can really recall the reason of the war now, its flames have never ceased to burn.
Being exhausted from the war, the three countries are even made weaker by interior struggles. The only great thing left about the three countries is their names. In the midst of all the chaos, a new type of organization named “Guild” is born. A Guild gathers warriors and even resurrects heroes from ancient times with black magic and hires them to work for the guild. New Guilds keep appearing and being active in all areas.
Hunter’s Guild: Hunting all kinds of rare monsters, selling their parts to get huge profits. With the help of ancient heroes, they can even travel the dead swamp.
Merchant’s Guild: It is created out of the growing needs on resource exchanging of the guilds. The merchants have got great brains as well as powerful armies.
Mercenary’s Guild: The top of all guilds with a military force that outnumbers the country’s army and wealth that far surpasses the treasury. If they like, they can control the country anytime including taking that throne.

* Are you tired of fighting small monsters over and over?
* Are you bored of the long and difficult maze?
* Are you willing to fight for the peace of the world?


* We are the bounty hunters!!
* We only challenge giant monsters!!
* We don't have any puzzles!!
* We only fight for honor and coins!!
Mission Screen:
Battle Screen
Battle Screen
Select Hero
Select Hero
Start interface
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Select Hero
Delete Files

Battle Screen:
Move Main Hero
Move Main Hero
Physical Attack
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Exit From Game

Switch Camera
Battle System
All battles are set in scenes. Each player can dispatch 3 heroes to fight for him in every battle (including team missions and solo). Stuff in the in the scenes are destructible, like buildings and walls.
Clear targets, no hidden treasure to dig.
(Face the Boss directly after entering the scene, without fighting previous troops or finding treasure.)
Violet (Uncrowned Queen)
This noble knight "Violet" carries out justice when she meets demons.
Skill: Chill Moon
Specialty: A good shield with excellent defense.

Dorrit (Girl of Weapon)
A small yet powerful weapon expert who is really difficult to defeat.
Skill: Convolution Dance
Specialty: A violent girl with high physical defense and attack.

Sean (Slaughtering Blade)
A trouble lover with a chivalrous heart lying under a cold face.
Skill: Against Wind
Specialty: A well balanced Berserker.

Achievement System
There're 22 achievements to complete altogether. The last one won't be unlocked until the previous 21 ones are finished.
Each achievement has rewards to claim. When all the achievements are done, you'll make a very good hunter.
Sina weibo: @谷得-世界2