Main Actions:
or Move Batter

During Pitcher Windup:
or + Steal 2nd
or + Steal 3rd
or + Steal Home

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Pinch Hitter
Main Actions:
or + Fast Pitch
Medium Pitch
or + Slow Pitch
or + Pickoff
or Move Pitcher

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There are two different fielding control options, which can be toggled in the Settings menu. The two modes are "Classic" and "Modern".

Both Control Schemes:
or Move Fielder
Find Fielder Closest to Ball
Throw to Cutoff/Fake Throw

Classic Controls:
or + Throw to Base

Modern Controls:
Throw to First
Throw to Second
Throw to Third
Throw to Home
or + Advance to 2nd
or + Advance to 3rd
or + Advance to Home

or + Return to 1st
or + Return to 2nd
or + Return to 3rd

Advance all runners
Return all runners
Thank you for playing R.B.I. Baseball 16! We hope you enjoy this year's improvements to the classic R.B.I. Baseball action!

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