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Set in the fantasy land of Notthatmuchfurther, Talent Not Included tells the story of three monsters: Zordok, Derp, and Kevin, all three huge fans of slaughter, bloodbaths, and Shakespeare.

One night, as they were bored out of their minds, they decided to put on their own play. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned…

That’s mostly because Zot, a demonic critic hired for the occasion, chose three mediocre actors with strong personalities, hoping to sow hell on stage for his own and the public’s amusement.

Break a leg! As you will be playing these actors in hopes of making a nice profit out of your marvelous performance! Come on! Show's this way!
IMG_Cecile Description:
Cécile is a strong warrior who wants to find a new helmet to replace his old rusty one.
IMG_Bonnie Description:
Bonnie is a cunning rogue who wants to level up to get muscles and be stronger.
IMG_Gundelf Description:
Gundelf is an old wise mage who wants to find a worthy adversary for a verbal sparring.
IMG_Zordok Description:
Zordok is a bullied sorcerer who wants to protect his most valuable item: his tin foil hat!
IMG_Kevin Description:
Kevin is an ogre bodybuilder who wants to show the world that he’s the buffest one!
IMG_Derp Description:
Derp is an orc (and also the lighting guy) who wants to prove that he’s the meanest troll of all!
IMG_Zot Description:
Zot is a three-headed demon and an art critique that wants to take over the theatre… and soon the world!
IMG_TutorialSign_DoubleJump Description:
Jump a second time while in mid-air.
IMG_TutorialSign_DropDown Description:
Drop down through a plateform.
IMG_TutorialSign_WallStick Description:
Jump on a wall to stick to it.
IMG_TutorialSign_WallSlide Description:
Slide down to a wall that you're stuck on.
IMG_TutorialSign_WarriorAbilityAttack Description:
Quick horizontal attack that damages enemies and allows you to move across gaps.
IMG_TutorialSign_WarriorAbilityMobility Description:
You can dash while in the air.
IMG_TutorialSign_JumpBullet Description:
Jump on a bullet to reach high places. But beware the burning ones...
IMG_TutorialSign_RogueAbilityRoll Description:
Roll to avoid taking damage from obstacles and enemies.
IMG_TutorialSign_RogueAbilityAirRoll Description:
Roll while in mid-air to become invulnerable!
IMG_TutorialSign_RogueAbilityLandingRoll Description:
Roll before landing to perform a roll as soon as you hit the ground.
IMG_TutorialSign_MageAbilityTeleport Description:
Use this ability to blink through obstacles and evade enemies.
IMG_TutorialSign_MageGliding Description:
While in the air, glide across longer distances.
IMG_TutorialSign_JumpAndTeleport Description:
Blink while in the air to reach further distances.
IMG_TutorialSign_MageTeleportAndGlide Description:
While in the air, glide and blink to increase navigation control.
IMG_TutorialSign_TeleportWithFriend Description:
In trouble? Instantly teleport next to your friend!